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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Yarmouth 2:31 Sat Jan 7
The shambles of our new ground
1st trip to the new ground last night and I can honestly say that I've never been so disappointed watching our club in my life before.

Fuck all to do with the result, we've been stuffed out of sight many times before in my lifetime, but everything to do with the ground and the set up.

It's like going to a pop concert without the buzz.

Inside the ground is fucking rubbish, sterile, no atmosphere, everybody is too spaced out from each other in the ground - I've never seen a football stadium with some much space between each supporter - it's like going to one of the new cinema centres, all plush seats and expensive bullshit but no 'feel'.

The fact that the game is live on two massive screens is the absolute reason why this stadium will never work as a football stadium - you can't see the game properly from the stands because its so far away, so you find yourself watching it on the screen opposite your end - fucking pathetic.

We have got this badly wrong, very badly wrong, and it does have an effect on the pitch. The players have no ownership of the game because the supporters aren't close enough to shout at them and buck they're ideas up.

They can 'hide' on the pitch and trudge down a tunnel that is so far from the supporters they don't connect to them.

The owners should find a method to bring the supporters close to the sidelines, turn it into a rectangle around the pitch like any other stadium, not an oval like a fucking cricket ground - where you watch the batsman and stumps on a big screen..

Hydraulic 'sliding' seats that cover the running track or whatever it takes but if keep the distance we currently have between the pitch and the fans and it'll be fucked up forever more.

Billic is stranded some 40 fucking yards from his bench and his staff standing alone seemingly miles from anything in the technical area. There's no connection between any of them. No camaraderie.

Of course, it's the same for the away team, but they play here once a season, we play every other week and it's really shows.

Our players aren't good enough to reach a top 8 spot, but add in the sterile effect of this stadium
and we're fucked lads.

And on top of everything else - why change our fucking badge - retain some heritage in our club for fucks sake.

A fucking shambles driven by money motivated mugs who dare to call us customers. We're fans, supporters, people who love this club, not Saturday afternoon shoppers.

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Stranded 8:30 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
I'm sure it didn't affect what he wrote in the article though..

"by Up the Junction on Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:35 pm

in reply to Graeme Howlett
PaulBlakesley @paulblakesley
@kumbdotcom @westhamfantv At Upton Park Martin sat in the East Stand with his son .At the London Stadium he sits in the Directors Box

Paul is - or was - one of the former Boleyn stewards. He recently resigned from his post at the OS."

Tomshardware 8:29 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
goose 6:33 Tue Jan 10

It's a ludicrous thing to have done, I don't particularly like the stadium but it's the boards behaviour and actions that are pushing me away from the club I've supported for 27 years.

Dudley Moore 7:33 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
I couldn't agree more, Yarmouth.
I keep hoping it's just a bad fucking dream.

tnb 6:40 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground

This is what I said the other week - I get that he (Gold) doesn't have to do twitter and I'm sure the idea is that people say oh isn't it great that our owners are 'engaging' with fans, and who knows maybe some do say that...but 99 times out of a 100 he just seems to make things worse and gets dog's abuse in return, then every now and then he loses his rag and ends up making himself look a right tit (when I mentioned this before it was after someone asked him how to go about appealing against a stadium ban, and his answer was that he didn't know as he'd never had to do it; as I pointed out then, the banned chap may well be a complete cunt but it doesn't help to look smarmy). I really do wonder why he considers it is worth his time, as it sure as fuck isn't achieving anything and he's on a hiding to nothing most of the time.

goose 6:33 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
not been yet and i have no plans to.

i am AMAZED that the club pinned that column by Martin Samuel to the club website - absolute wankers.

eastend joker 6:32 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
is there any possibility of a beer or a pie or anything on the upper tier without having to go down all them fucking stairs at half time !

Bom Stickle 6:21 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
Someone posted this change to searing on facebook, surely if they do actually spend something on proper retractable seating this sort of design could sort out most of the issues with a small extension to the roof. Maybe if we get new owners they may think about this to appease the fans.....or maybe I'm thinking someone would give a shit.


Mace66 4:57 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
Totally agree with the OP

It's an absolute dog's dinner and an embarrassment

I was having a look around the club shop on Friday (which was only my 2nd visit) and was gob smacked by some of the prices for the tat on sale, especially for the photos/prints of that shit hole. As i walked out, i nearly slipped as the floor was wet from the rain coming in and noticed, rather than putting a decent slip-proof mat in the doorway, somebody had decided the solution was to use a tatty old cut-up cardboard box.

Pretty much sums the club/owners up for me these days. Premium prices, cheapest option, fuck the fans.

Grumpster 12:32 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
Not that I would ever go on twitter, let alone give someone I've never met abuse, but when you're a multi-millionaire dildo factory owner who runs a football club, you really think he either gives a shit or isn't used to getting slagged off?

I doubt any of them give a flying fuck while sitting in their mansions.

Johnson 12:28 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
Out of the 3 of them Gold0 is the most overt liar, FCJ, that's why he gets jip.

No lies no jip, very easy.

paulon 12:11 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
Lady Brady ‏@karren_brady
I thought it would be helpful to launch a new service @westhamhelp to deal with all your match day questions & queries & its live now

Full Claret Jacket 10:59 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
I can't see what people get out of bullying a sick old man on Twitter.
Out of the three of them I think Gold cares the most but he isn't in a position to influence much these days.

1964 10:50 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
Gold getting a right pasteing on Twatter.

Why does he bother, hardly anybiody supports what he says and he just opens himself up to massive abuse. He should cancel his account.

HairyHammer 1:52 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground

Yes we can, we can all die off leaving the new arrivals to know no different, then the stadium will be ours, or should I say theirs.
Maybe the atmosphere has something to do with how the younger supporters support these days with mobiles Cameras and all sorts of new technology in there hand, constantly checking what others are doing whilst watching the game , there was none of that back in the 80,s, ahhhhh I remember it well.

SilverSurfer 1:33 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
sorry same as

GreenStreetPlayer, earlier.

SilverSurfer 1:31 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
can we do anything to make it ours?
I don't reckon so,
It is just a place where we play

for our

'home Games'

MikeHammer 1:03 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
David Gold making a tit of himself on Twitter tonight

Any Old Iron 12:37 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
Anarchy - So, as if by magic, all it needs is for the front of the lower tier to be straightened out, some of the seats to be c&b and wallop, it's just the ground we wanted.
The internet is a wonderful thing, but it's tragic how anyone can contribute such bollox.

Any Old Iron 12:29 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
"As it is called in the vernacular, a must for football romantics," he wrote in reference to the Boleyn Ground. "The old home of West Ham is the path to the purest culture in English football atmosphere."
These are the words of former FIFA top man Sepp Blatter, who put Upton Park at number two of his all time favourite football grounds.
So the old git wan't a total arsehole after all.

Can't see too many people describing the bowl in such glowing terms.

GreenStreetPlayer 12:24 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
Its not our ground. We play our games there.

Stranded 12:01 Tue Jan 10
Re: The shambles of our new ground
Tomshardware 10:56

I think, like Brady's sudden non-stop charm offensive on twitter, it's a misguided attempt at 'taking control of the narrative.'

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