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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

The old c wing 1:44 Sun Jan 8
Ake as right back?
Recalled by Chelsea, maybe a makeweight for the Antonio deal?

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jack flash 12:42 Tue Jan 10
Re: Ake as right back?
I've watched this lad a few times & been very impressed. Definitely one to watch for the future

I have to disagree, he is a good defender as well as being good going forward

Obviously left footed so not the RB we urgently need right now & probably best as a left wing back rather than LB

Unlikely to be ever playing for us, though you never know

The_Phantom 6:27 Mon Jan 9
Re: Ake as right back?
Alwaysaniron 6:23 Mon Jan 9

I'm pleased if he can defend well though as has been said, we wont sign him anyway...and he's the wrong side

Alwaysaniron 6:23 Mon Jan 9
Re: Ake as right back?

How many times have you seen Ake play this year?

I live in Bournemouth and get to see them quite a bit, a lot of the lads here are season ticket holder at Bournemouth and rate him very highly (as do I). He has been a great defender for them and he's only 21. I'd bit the Plastics arm off to have him at our gaff. (wont happen though)

The_Phantom 5:43 Mon Jan 9
Re: Ake as right back?
Ake looks impressive going forward but is he another who cant actually defend which is the main purpose of a back.

Man of Iron 4:57 Mon Jan 9
Re: Ake as right back?
I would like us to try for someone like Ryan Fredricks at Fulham. Good age and has good pace. May be able to step up, may not but I wouldn't have thought he would cost too much. Must have wasted more than twice what he would cost on the shithouse loans this season.
Impossible to know and I'm sure scouts know more than me but we need another right back and someone like that could turn out well. I'm sure no one expected Cresswell to be quite as much of a success as he has become.

zebthecat 3:55 Mon Jan 9
Re: Ake as right back?
Seeing as he has been playing left back he'd be a perfect right back for us

master 11:01 Mon Jan 9
Re: Ake as right back?
1) he's left footed
2) we wont be buying a rb

Trevor B 10:52 Mon Jan 9
Re: Ake as right back?
6.6.3 Long Term Loan Transfers Clubs may have up to a maximum of six (6) Long Term
Loan Transfers of any age during a Playing Season.
Long Term Loan Transfers shall be for a full Playing Season; or from any date
prior to 31st August to any date between 1st and 31st January; or from any date
between 1st and 31st January (the January transfer window) to the end of the
Playing Season.
A Player on Long Term Loan may not be recalled, except for a goalkeeper or
where the Player is to be transferred permanently by the Club (or club) holding
his registered contract.

Trevor B 10:49 Mon Jan 9
Re: Ake as right back?
Long term loan agreements do not have recall clauses, usually both clubs have to agree to the recall for it to happen, or the player can be recalled if a sale has been agreed.

Sven Roeder 10:23 Mon Jan 9
Re: Ake as right back?
Loan agreements have different terms about recall. Of course both clubs can always agree to vary them.

I look forward to this Ake being another young Chelsea player who goes on to be a star. Maybe playing alongside Josh McEachren who must be close to the England team now.

JayeMPee 10:20 Mon Jan 9
Re: Ake as right back?
If Ski can recall Ake I guess we could recall Burke? Thread on here yesterday suggested we couldn't recall him until end of season.

On The Ball 9:16 Mon Jan 9
Re: Ake as right back?


collyrob 2:11 Mon Jan 9
Re: Ake as right back?
Looks like he'll be a smashing defender. Unfortunately I can't see it being with us.

The old c wing 1:58 Mon Jan 9
Re: Ake as right back?
I was simply suggesting Chelsea might use as a makeweight him as an attempt to sign Antonio.

Incidentally, for those who think he is mediocre, give it a couple of years...

Sven Roeder 2:11 Sun Jan 8
Re: Ake as right back?
Our only goal threat given away for some Basic Sideshow Bob mediocrity who has never played right back in his life?
How about we give them Reece Oxford for a couple of John Terry's shits in a display case too

Vexed 1:47 Sun Jan 8
Re: Ake as right back?
Absolute shit talk. Log off pal.

stoneman 1:47 Sun Jan 8
Re: Ake as right back?
Yes let's sell our only goal scorer for a loan signing.

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