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Fivetide 2:06 Wed Jan 18
Really enjoying this - anyone else? Some terrific casting and directing.

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BRANDED 12:37 Fri Jan 20
Re: Taboo?
Quite like this. It covers a murky period in British History and the beginning of Modern History in terms of all the implications.
All a bit bonkers mind you.

mashed in maryland 12:33 Fri Jan 20
Re: Taboo?
Watched Peaky Blinders for the first time in ages the other week and it took me til halfway through the episode to realise who he was playing.

That's a proper actor, ain't it?

The roles of Ronnie and Reggie Kray in Legend were more different than what some actors manage in their entire career.

Just cos film/TV makers choose to cast him in the same part a lot of the time it doesn't make him a shit actor or mean he's only capable of one part.

Jim79 12:32 Fri Jan 20
Re: Taboo?
Just been rewatching Band of Brothers for about the 4th time (Still the best thing ever made for TV bar none) and realised that a young Tom Hardy is in it, comes in chapter where they find the concentration camp.

mashed in maryland 12:29 Fri Jan 20
Re: Taboo?
Tom Hardy is a great actor.

Playing the same part no matter what film?

What, so Bane was the same part as Charles Bronson as is the same part of this Delaney bloke?

Changing his voice to the level he does alone is more than what most of Hollywood are capable of these days.

People who hate Tom Hardy are just jel cos their birds fancy him.

Fivetide 12:18 Fri Jan 20
Re: Taboo?
"He's proper cringe"

FFS, how old are you? Do you sneakily send your posts in double maths when the teacher isn't looking?

Jim79 5:03 Thu Jan 19
Re: Taboo?
Earie come on mate, you know the word Wall has to be followed up by cunt..........its not specific to you!!!


Eerie Descent 4:54 Thu Jan 19
Re: Taboo?
Less of the cunt, please.

Northern Sold 4:51 Thu Jan 19
Re: Taboo?
No wonder everyone on here thinks you are a right 'Wall cunt....

Eerie Descent 4:49 Thu Jan 19
Re: Taboo?
So what? Every cunt who's been in a film has won an award, he's a shit actor, who plays the same part no matter what film he is in. He's proper cringe.

Nearly as cringe as you harping back to the good old days.

Northern Sold 4:48 Thu Jan 19
Re: Taboo?
Oh and if anyone has a problem with Marley and Me and Guardians of the Galaxy I will hunt you down and make you suffer... via Chrome barstools... warning

Northern Sold 4:47 Thu Jan 19
Re: Taboo?
Fuck me I think we found someone who knows about as much as films as Zoe Ball... our very own Barry Gormless....

Weep and read you Millwall retard....


Takashi Miike 3:44 Thu Jan 19
Re: Taboo?

Eerie Descent 3:39 Thu Jan 19
Re: Taboo?
Bronson has been his only decent role, he has been fucking shit in everything else. One trick pony.

Grumpster knows nothing about anything, and Sold0's favourite films are Guardians of the Galaxy & Marley and Me.

Jim79 3:29 Thu Jan 19
Re: Taboo?
I worked with someone who knew Hardy's dad and over a year ago he said it was nailed on that he was to be the next Bond, had already signed some sort of pre-agreement. Would be a good choice if it were to happen.

Takashi Miike 2:59 Thu Jan 19
Re: Taboo?
for his performance in Bronson alone, I'll always be a fan

Grumpster 2:35 Thu Jan 19
Re: Taboo?
Hammers1993 2:16 Thu Jan 19

I'm claiming it for him, as he was clearly better than Mark Rylance was in Bridge of Spies ;o)

Northern Sold 2:20 Thu Jan 19
Re: Taboo?
Not a bad awards list for a shit actor.... I suppose it in the same way like Streep is over rated ??


Lertie Button 2:19 Thu Jan 19
Re: Taboo?
Enjoying it, a load of rubbish but great entertainment.
Could watch Tom Hardy in anything, even a movie where he is driving in a car and taking phone calls the entire time.
Yup Locke was brilliant.

Hammers1993 2:16 Thu Jan 19
Re: Taboo?
Oscar winner? News to me.

He got nominated for Revenant I believe but he definitely didn't win it.

Still a great actor though. Will probably be the next Bond based on his conversation in the press last couple of days. Hopefully Christopher Nolan jumps on to direct too as he has stated he wants to direct one.

Grumpster 1:55 Thu Jan 19
Re: Taboo?
Yeah that Oscar winning actor is a useless cunt all right.

Scraper 1:23 Thu Jan 19
Re: Taboo?
U don't have a Mrs though

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