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LondonE3 6:49 Wed Jan 18
No more offside?
FIFA technical boss Marco van Basten wants to scrap offside and yellow cards

"The former World Player of the Year was employed by FIFA in September to oversee all technical areas ranging from innovations in technology to refereeing.

And the Dutchman's long-term vision for the game includes scrapping some of its most established rules.
"We must keep looking for ways to improve the game," Van Basten said in an interview with Sport Bild.

"To make it more honest, more dynamic, more interesting, so that what we offer is attractive enough.

"There are lots of variations which need to be tested in the coming years."

Van Basten says abolishing the offside rule would mean an end to games which "resemble handball where nine players, plus the goalkeeper, pack the penalty area and [the defence] is like a wall".

He argues sin-binning players would prove a greater deterrent than the yellow card system.

"That would frighten teams," he said. "It is hard to play 10 against 11, let alone with eight or nine.""


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Chigwell 3:34 Fri Jan 20
Re: No more offside?
I'm with FruityBoots.

Not literally, mind.

FruityBoots. 10:14 Thu Jan 19
Re: No more offside?
Do away with the majority of Penalties, fed up to the back teeth of players who's first thought as soon as the get in the box is to go to ground or dive and force the referre to judge their acting skills. Why give them the right to a free shot at goal from 12 yards if they have made no attempt on goal. Just give them a free kick from the position where the foul took place, if it's obvious the attacking player is about to shoot at goal then yeah give a penalty.

stomper 9:58 Thu Jan 19
Re: No more offside?
3 goals and you're in

BigLump 9:55 Thu Jan 19
Re: No more offside?
That bunch of cheats from Cornwall and Surrey who support the team playing in the north west have been playing to this for some time anyway....

Ilford Hammer 9:47 Thu Jan 19
Re: No more offside?
Rush goalie
Headers and volleys
Next goal wins

All things I wouldn't be surprised to see FIFA suggest next.

FruityBoots. 9:45 Thu Jan 19
Re: No more offside?
If in anyway it could be cracked with technology in the same way goal line decisions has been (no disputes since it was intergrated) then offside is a perfect rule that is needed in football. Until then arguments will continue.
Still annoys me seeing defenders putting their hands up instead of playing on in professional football.

peroni 8:08 Thu Jan 19
Re: No more offside?
The offside rule is a necessary rule serving a very important purpose. Why else would such a difficult rule to impose, be there in the first place? Absolutely ridiculous to suggest it be abolished and only those who don't understand the game would support this.

How about instant video playbacks instead - you fucking idiot Van Basten?

Chigwell 8:03 Thu Jan 19
Re: No more offside?
I don't follow van Basten's reasoning that the offside rule makes teams retreat and defend in their own penalty areas. The rule actually encourages defences to push up into the central third, which is where the congestion happens.
Fifth's idea of an extra line so that offside only applies in the last quarter has been trialled, and wasn't particularly successful. It also means cluttering up the pitch with two more lines. Westside's idea of using the penalty area could run, but only if the current 18-yard line (or whatever it's called now) were extended to the edges of the pitch.
From what I've seen, the offside rule does not cause too much of a problem since they changed the interpretation of "interfering with play".

the_bigot 6:59 Thu Jan 19
Re: No more offside?
How about letting the players be men and actually tackle each other, stop all this awful diving.

Full Claret Jacket 1:33 Thu Jan 19
Re: No more offside?
Surely no offside would end up with goal hangers like in the school yard. Hoof ball a plenty. What a load of bollocks.

Worst Case Ontario 1:04 Thu Jan 19
Re: No more offside?
FC - Yeah pretty much, to stop a team from killing the play (though a team which is short-handed because of a penalty is allowed to ice the puck).

What if there were no offsides past a certain point, such as in line with the top of the penalty area?

Fifth Column 12:55 Thu Jan 19
Re: No more offside?
Ronald you have the time and inclination to add in (sic) to a post on WHO? You really need to get out more... and off mobile devices.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:00 Thu Jan 19
Re: No more offside?
It's a Subbuteo rule, like I said.

park chan wook 12:00 Thu Jan 19
Re: No more offside?
Freaky deaky Dutch bastard.

I think his been having a smoke and a pancake, or a cigar and a waffle.

Sin bin blatant divers, or execute them.

gph 11:43 Wed Jan 18
Re: No more offside?

...at least since 1925...

VirginiaHam 11:42 Wed Jan 18
Re: No more offside?
10 minute sin bins for snidey fouls could be good.

gph 11:40 Wed Jan 18
Re: No more offside?

The extra line across the pitch idea has been around at least since the mid-70s.

Ronald_antly 11:34 Wed Jan 18
Re: No more offside?
Fifth Column wrote...

"You could add in(sic) line between centre circle and penalty area which would mean you could only be offside in final third of pitch. "

I had exactly that idea in 1990. The absence of the Internet at that time meant I was unable to convey it to the masses.

BMorris 10:32 Wed Jan 18
Re: No more offside?
Sounds a bit too American for my liking. What next, penalties starting with a dribble from the half way line?

HairyHammer 10:24 Wed Jan 18
Re: No more offside?
One word, Ridiculous !

Far Cough 10:23 Wed Jan 18
Re: No more offside?
WCO, I'm not entirely sure what the icing rule was brought in for, was it to stop teams protecting a lead?

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