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steveiron64 10:03 Wed Feb 1
The Pitch at OS
Pat Nevin on 5 live during the commentary tonight - the OS pitch is 5m longer and (probably more importantly) 4m wider than the Boleyn was.

Seems the stats show we press much less effectively on a bigger pitch and better quality teams use the space much more effectively than we do.

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Orange Hammer 5:08 Sun Feb 5
Re: The Pitch at OS
In fact 11 of the 20 teams now have 105 x 68 size pitches

Your mum 12:26 Sun Feb 5
Re: The Pitch at OS
For all the pitch size mongs on this site:

St Mary's 105x68m
London Stadium 105x68m

Now please fuck off

pdbis 1:53 Fri Feb 3
Re: The Pitch at OS
I think questions should be asked about what they do in training?

Tomshardware 8:38 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
Shame Bilic doesn't seem to be able to utilise it to our advantage and play players with pace and use width. Fletcher has looked dangerous everytime I've seen him, would have been an ideal game last night to play him.

Texas Iron 8:35 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS

But doesn't the difficulty of picking out a crossfield pass affect the visiting teams.. .and they haven't had 14 games to get used to it...

I reckon the biggest problem is trying to play too many short passes in tight spaces...don't have the technical ability...so we lose the ball...or give it away under pressure...

Trying to be too clever sets us up to fsil...classic example are the games against City and Arsenal...

Keep it simple ...play to your strengths...not the opponents...

bertie 8:24 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
I think they should at least put some advertising hoarding a few yards from the sides of the pitch, not only would it speed the game up as most throw ins would be restarted quicker but it also condenses the pitch visually. There have been loads of cross field passes over hit and depth perception could be factor.

Aberdeen Iron 8:19 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
Quick thinking players help enormously given just a wee bit more space to keep the ball in their teams possession. I don't think the pitch size is as major as being told to stand off players till they get into our third when in possession.

boleynkid 6:48 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
We definitely seem to struggle getting any tempo going on the pitch and Glenn Hoddle mentioned last night that it doesn't seem to suit our style of play which I would tend to agree with at the moment.

Maybe it's the surface itself rather than the size.

zico 4:18 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
It's a shame that there isn't a way to have four standing areas right up to the sides of the pitch, that would make the place more intimidating!!

COOL HAND LUKE 4:08 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
harold 9:37 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
UP pitch was 100.58m x 68m. The 'standard ' pitch is 105 x 68.


The LS pitch is EXACTLY the same width as UP was, at 68M.

It is longer, but only to the PL 'standard' size of 105M. The reason we couldn't keep it at 100.58 is simple: 105M is the normal minimum, and we had special dispensation to have a shorter pitch because we simply couldn't fit it into UP safely.

Very little difference, certainly not enough to affect performance. What DOES affect us (as someone has already stated) is all the clear ground beyond the side lines / goal lines.

Before, pretty much 'everything' inside the crowd was 'pitch' - easy to pick a pass, almost without looking up to do it. Now, anything hit out from the middle of the pitch is proving more difficult for us to judge. It would appear the top sides players cope better with this anomaly than the mere mortals we employ..? Something like that...

Anyway, the 'problem' is the vast 'non pitch' area, rather than the pitch itself. Apparently...

Keeno78 1:09 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
We really struggle everytime we play electric pace.

Same case up at United for the cup game were we pumped, everytime Martial got the ball we looked pickled.

Other than Antonio, we lack pace everywhere. The bigger pitch only highlights that further. As already mentioned, going forward in our transfer activity we need to look for athletes as much as technical players.

franksfat&slow&wank 1:07 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
that place needs blowing up

anyone got any contacts?

hammer-time 1:05 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
yes she said that, she also said that they can't make the pitch smaller as prem lge rules stipulate that you have to have the max size pitch if you can-and we can. So, I cant see us making it smaller anytime soon.i accused her of having it bigger so that more seats are cat 1

franksfat&slow&wank 12:51 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
Nor did Watford, Southampton but they found it ok

We r just a bit shit at the minute

Our worst 2 tranfer windows since they owned the club imo on the basis they were our most important ones for decades

franksfat&slow&wank 12:49 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
It just suits the world class players more

Our problem is we don't have any

Northern Sold 12:14 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
When I played I had two grounds that I absolute HATED playing at and never had a decent game... one was Pegasus over Corringham... the other the Civil Service grounds over at Chiswick.... they were fucking enormous... and playing centre midfield was not much fun... that's what Nobes and co look like to me at the moment ... the piggy's in the middle...

goose 12:10 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
funny that DS has a TV screen to watch the game on.............. no wonder they think the views are amazing.

Northern Sold 11:44 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
We are light years away from Everton,

Funny as we wasn't last season?? Thought it's meant to be a step up this bright new shiny dawn in the Cesspit?

Westham67 11:18 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
sniper its feasible if th 20m2 is spread out fo every metre the pitch is longer it has to be squared

Sniper 11:14 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS

Yup, I don't think the pitch is 20 square metres bigger than the Boleyn, nevin is taking shit!

J.Riddle 11:01 Thu Feb 2
Re: The Pitch at OS
Brady got asked this on Twitter a week or two ago and said it is the same width as the Boleyn but a few metres longer?

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