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grasshopper 11:08 Wed Feb 1
Not ready at this level

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easthammer 3:17 Sun May 7
Re: Byram
He is improving and gaining in experience (which presumably why he was bought in the first place) stick with him. But also get in cover. These things take time. Remember how long before Reid made good.

Boycie 3:00 Sun May 7
Re: Byram
he is attacked as a weak link but looks much more comfortable with 3 centre backs

Spandex Sidney 1:00 Sun May 7
Re: Byram
We want goals at one end, not both. It's hard to argue we are much more solid with a three and Fonte and Collins looks like different players.

We need a backup right WB and one more PACEY CB with some quality and that is those five positions covered for me.

Byram, Cresswell and Arthur are all great going forward but a back four makes them have to cover much more ground. Or we leave them there as fullbacks and miss out on the attacking options they give us. Personally I don't think any of them are particularly good fullbacks.

chedylan 2 12:51 Sun May 7
Re: Byram
With the 3 at the back one can go forward to support the attack when we havethe ball.

Seen it with all 3 over the last few games but mostly with fonte

grasshopper 12:39 Sun May 7
Re: Byram
I quite like a back 3 with two great wingbacks. Our problem is we dont have any strikers. I would love us to have 2 great strikers upfront, unfortunately we cant even find one

Vexed 11:53 Sun May 7
Re: Byram
Fucking hell. Most people prefer to see goals rather than solid defensive performances, that's why. If we had a competent back four we might even be able to do both!

Spandex Sidney 11:44 Sun May 7
Re: Byram
I and a few others have raised this a few times but why do people think a back four is the way forward?

The players we have suit a back three much better, a back four for next season requires us to sign more players in the summer. It's pretty obvious we look a much more solid unit with the three at the back.

A back 4 isn't playing to our strengths (as much as they are) with the players we have.

Iron2010 11:16 Sun May 7
Re: Byram
The Joker 2:59 Sun May 7

I noticed that as well. It's what Chelsea have been doing all year with the full back Azpilicueta in the back three. It's the reason that 3 at the back can be a positive formation and why Moses has looked so good.

Vexed 11:08 Sun May 7
Re: Byram
Looks good as part of a back five, not so good in a back four. I'd rather see us get a decent right back and play a four and actually score some goals.

grasshopper 10:13 Sun May 7
Re: Byram
Still not sure if he can make it at this level, only time will tell, not sure if we can wait that long tho

Hermit Road 10:07 Sun May 7
Re: Byram
I thought he had a good game and showed some very tricky footwork. He's a skilful player. It was strange how he seemed to have taken the fall for team performances earlier in the season when I thought that others should have been dropped with him being given a run.

chad sexington 10:00 Sun May 7
Re: Byram
Great player and a nasty little fucker too.

The Joker 2:59 Sun May 7
Re: Byram
He was excellent last night, but without wanting come over all Alex V (oo-er), I thought the fluidity that Fonte gave to our right hand side was superb and has been a little overlooked. Fonte moved out of centreback territory and pushed on, supporting Byram meaning at times when we were attacking, he was more like a right winger with Fonte supporting him as a high full back.

normannomates 2:28 Sun May 7
Re: Byram
Cracks me up this fella..l

A Julian in choirboy clothing.

jack flash 10:33 Sat May 6
Re: Byram
Has the makings of a good player but his inexperience shows (as has been said he has a habit of diving in & getting carded a bit too easily)

Given time he will learn to get crafty & get away with stuff like that

He's a far better player than Jenkinson ever was already IMHO

Lertie Button 10:21 Sat May 6
Re: Byram
Not one to get carried away but on last night's performance probably the finest right wing back.in the world, given a run in the side he will only improve

davese16 12:23 Sat May 6
Re: Byram
byram had a very good game last night in a defence that has stopped leaking goals,played well as a unit.

arsegrapes 1:30 Sat May 6
Re: Byram
Agreed Eddie, thought he looked excellent coming forward. He played right midfield many times for Leeds and is really effective there. His defending needs improving, gets beaten still too much like when he got booked for pulling Sons shirt, but with some more game time he will improve in that area. Real quality prospect.

Begs the question why Bilic hasn't played him more at RB? He wasn't injured all the time.

Fifth Column 1:30 Sat May 6
Re: Byram
He dived in too much. Still had a good game but "superb"? I know we just beat Spurs but it doesn't make Byram a world beater.

Eddie B 1:16 Sat May 6
Re: Byram
Another superb performance tonight. Right Wing Back is definitely his position.

Texas Iron 2:55 Tue Feb 7
Re: Byram
Feghouli doesn't help anyone playing RB...or the back 3...

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