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Q: Manuel Pellegrini - What should we do
a. A good man & a good coach we should stick with him
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c. What difference does it really make who's in charge while the current owners are still in control

Coffee 1:42 Mon Feb 6
Anyone on here been? What were your impressions?

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eastham75 11:12 Tue Oct 31
Re: Auschwitz
Billy Blagg 2:26 Sun Oct 29
Well said.

Me and the wife went last December, did a 3 night break in Krakow, as you say hard to describe really.
would recommend it though.

Northern Sold 10:56 Tue Oct 31
Re: Auschwitz

normannomates 4:48 Tue Oct 31
Re: Auschwitz
Never heard of it

Is it warm there?

Eggbert Nobacon 12:33 Tue Oct 31
Re: Auschwitz
Mirkwoos - https://m.imgur.com/gallery/nUtifYK

Blunders 3:39 Sun Oct 29
Re: Auschwitz
I went as part of 3 days in Krakow about 12 years ago. The salt mines are well worth a visit too while in Krakow.

I think it's an important place to visit, as well as Schindler's factory etc.

What I didn't like when I went was people taking photos of the remaining ovens, just seemed unnecessary to me. I mean, are they the kind of holiday snaps you're gonna show the family? The vastness of the camps (Auschwitz and in particlar Birkeneau II) was quite remarkable.

Krakow is a great city overall too. As is Warsaw and Wroclaw. I liked Poland a lot.

Billy Blagg 2:26 Sun Oct 29
Re: Auschwitz
Yea I went a few years back Coff. My Dad who I'd intended to go with wasn't well and my son had already been, so I decided to just go on my own. I was glad I did. I've deliberately not read anyone else's comments here but the whole trip was.... and here's where the problem lies. There aren't really adequate words - in English anyway - to describe it because everything plays with your emotions and senses in a way you can't easily emote. Interesting? Moving? Fascinating? A great day out? Memorable? It's all these things. But what if I said it's one of the best breaks I've ever had. Is that wrong? I dunno. It's not exactly true that the birds don't sing there but it does have a very unique atmosphere. Not having to speak to anyone about it, feel bad about getting a sandwich and a drink etc. made it easier for me to take in. I'd suggest if, as some suggest it's some type of grief tourism, you stay a few days in Krakow - a great City - make sure you see both camps, the Oskar Schindler factory, sightsee the city and have a good few drinks in the Jewish quarter and thank your stars you were born when you were and alive today. Because it's also very life affirming.

Private Dancer 11:17 Sun Oct 29
Re: Auschwitz
bruuuno - Yea, agree with that.

lincslink 11:11 Sun Oct 29
Re: Auschwitz
I am reading " The Woman without a Number" Iby Knill. An amazing story.

gank 6:07 Sat Oct 28
Re: Auschwitz
**** comment removed ******

Vexed 6:00 Sat Oct 28
Re: Auschwitz
Whitester. 12:56 Sat Oct 28


I don't know why people want to indulge in this grief tourism. Load of bollocks.

icwhs 5:48 Sat Oct 28
Re: Auschwitz


bruuuno 5:40 Sat Oct 28
Re: Auschwitz
That was meant to quote PD, the cunt

bruuuno 5:37 Sat Oct 28
Re: Auschwitz

terry-h 4:43 Thu Oct 26
Re: What happens now

You're dam right, I think most people are fucking mongs and I understand very little of their behaviour

Mirkwood 4:11 Sat Oct 28
Re: Auschwitz
I know a lot of people cant speak rationally about this subject.
However, if you want to see the best documentary ever made. Its on Youtube as well at its own website.

Hitler, the greatest story never told.


Whitester. 12:56 Sat Oct 28
Re: Auschwitz
I went to the London war museum many years ago .
The top floor its dedicated to the holocust, I found it really arrousing as their were hundreds of naked women and girls looking looking cold and scared

I liked that.

BRANDED 12:46 Sat Oct 28
Re: Auschwitz
Thanks. I'll stick with old buildings, wine and Frog food.

Hammer and Pickle 12:35 Sat Oct 28
Re: Auschwitz
Cathar even

Hammer and Pickle 12:35 Sat Oct 28
Re: Auschwitz
Cathay killing fields Branded. 13th century I believe

BRANDED 12:13 Sat Oct 28
Re: Auschwitz
I'm off to Carcassonne. Any major concentration death camp complexes round there?

Far Cough 12:03 Sat Oct 28
Re: Auschwitz
Yes, unfortunately I must have missed this thread the first time around but due to someone bumping it, I finally got to read all of it

Hammer and Pickle 11:08 Sat Oct 28
Re: Auschwitz
You’re excruciating, _antly.

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