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ooooh Morley Morley 4:01 Tue Feb 7
Air BnB
Anyone use it? Thoughts? Tips? Pitfalls?


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Brussels Sprout 9:18 Wed Feb 8
Re: Air BnB
I used it in Lille last summer during the European Championships. I only went for it as all hotels were booked out and I was wary.

But in actual fact, it was outstanding value. Very much recommend.

Son of Anarchy 12:54 Wed Feb 8
Re: Air BnB

I Air bnb last year at Disneyland, its the way forward. Never felt comfortable in a hotel.

With kids its perfect.

I hope you have a magical time wherever you go

arsegrapes 12:18 Wed Feb 8
Re: Air BnB
Much more to come on this, read a piece somewhere that mentioned although it has its place, it has upset hoteliers who are running bona fide establishments paying high business and employee taxes whilst being effectively undercut by small time individuals many whom do not declare their income hence pay their taxes.

Said hoteliers have urged hmrc and irs, who have now taken up to investigate Airbnb individuals tax returns to check that Airbnb income has been declared and tax paid on that income.

Apparently many will be in for a shock when they come to sell as Airbnb qualifies as a business and property let this way will be subject to capital gains tax.

Residents of many elitist upmarket city areas are also worried about the effect on their property prices and upset that they pay high purchase costs or rents and service charges to be privileged of such surroundings only to be horrified that they have to now share that space with properties in the near vicinity that are rented out nightly and cheap to unscrupulous criminals, vagabonds and such like.

On The Ball 11:55 Tue Feb 7
Re: Air BnB
As I said below, what annoys me is their ability to cancel. I had somewhere booked for months in advance in Copenhagen for a really busy weekend where there are NO hotel rooms. Then about a week before we were due, they cancelled with some bollocks about them moving. It's that lack of protection that bothers me. It's a shame as it can be brilliant.

greenie1 11:25 Tue Feb 7
Re: Air BnB
Used Airbnb several times. I've met some great people and usually the places I've stayed are good.
Had a week in NYC two years ago and the apartment was a bit disappointing.
I paid a fair price for the apartment, but two plug sockets were half hanging off the wall and right near curtains. the photos showed a well equipped kitchen, but when I get there, there was no saucepans, only a frying pan, no toaster (there was one in the photo) advertised as having satellite TV, had the channels for 2 days, when I emailed the owner he said he had decided to stop his subscription. The wardrobes were locked up, so I had to live out of my suitcase.
When I complained via Airbnb, the owner of the property gave me shitty review.

BMorris 11:08 Tue Feb 7
Re: Air BnB
I've used it in UK for a stag do weekend, Dubai for 5 days and Spain for a week. I recommend it!

Texas Iron 11:07 Tue Feb 7
Re: Air BnB
No problems...check the reviews...and pics first...
Haven't done a room in home...always small flats in Europe and USA...

Who needs high priced hotels...especially if you are 2 or more in the group...

Good value and well worth the search on internet...choose well reviewed places...

iphammer 11:01 Tue Feb 7
Re: Air BnB
It all depends where you go. I used AirBNB in Rome and the place that I stayed at was nice for a few days.

neilalex 10:52 Tue Feb 7
Re: Air BnB
Same as De Kezio really. Use it all the time, all over the place, yet to have a bad experience. Fantastic if you're taking kids because an apartment is just miles better than a hotel for that purpose regardless of the money aspect, although you can save a fortune as well as having a better experience.

Be a bit wary of scams ie. being asked to book outside Airbnb for whatever reason.

di_kezio 9:29 Tue Feb 7
Re: Air BnB
For the last 3-4 years, I've only used Air BnB for trips abroad. Have yet to have a bad experience. Owners tend to bend over backwards to make you happy, as they want the positive feedback online. Have stayed in amazing flats that I'd never thought I'd be able to, all for half the price of a hotel in the same part of the city.

If recommend going for a 'super host' as they have a huge number of positive reviews, and you know you're on to a winner. I also tend to avoid rentals where the photos look like someone's flat, as I don't fancy sleeping in someone's bed with all their clothes in the cupboard. Prefer the rentals set up for rentals sake. Tend to be clean and exactly what you'd expect of a professional rental.

Each time I've been met by a friendly host, and have been given tours of the area or treated to a few beers in the local bar. Such a great welcome when arriving in an unknown city.

kylay 9:17 Tue Feb 7
Re: Air BnB
agree with Monto.

no issues using it, but prefer hotels

atb trev 4:20 Tue Feb 7
Re: Air BnB
We rent out our spare room on this or sites like it which has worked out great for us and made us £400 a month extra money.

This has paid for our holidays this year - France and St Lucia.
Both of which we've booked our accommodation through Air BnB as the usual online hotel sites did not have anything that suited us. So I'm a big fan at the moment.

This may not be the case when I get to see the places in real life or have to sleep on the beach as they cancel the places on us!

However the people we've booked with have good reviews/verification so there's no reason to expect problems. It's just like any online peer to peer service like ebay, etc . You just have to keep your wits about you a bit.

Ball Bag 4:20 Tue Feb 7
Re: Air BnB
Can be great, used it in NY, Vancouver, Ghent, Edinburgh, Bruges, never had an issue.

One tip though - sorted out a two week driving trip round Italy a couple of years ago, place we stayed in on Lake Como was on AirBnB but also booking.com, minus the cleaning & service fee you always get laden with on AirBnB, so check out other sites as well if it looks like a place run by a service company rather than a private let...

monto 4:13 Tue Feb 7
Re: Air BnB
Used them for a trip to Whitby, no complaints really. Prefer a hotel mind.

On The Ball 4:13 Tue Feb 7
Re: Air BnB
Stayed in some cracking ones - places that otherwise just wouldn't be an option.

The downside of it, and why I generally don't use it, is that the owners can cancel you at no notice - and that's it. If they do that at a busy time, you're fucked - and just like ebay, you can't then leave them bad feedback.

ManorParkHammer 4:12 Tue Feb 7
Re: Air BnB
Fantastic way for poor people to experience living in a decent property.

Good on the tramps I say.

joyo 4:10 Tue Feb 7
Re: Air BnB
Another scumbag gig global company ruining a well regulated industry....... Still if it saves the cheap charlies a few bob who cares!

SnarestoneIron 4:07 Tue Feb 7
Re: Air BnB
The ones that complain generally are the owners about guests not being respectful of the property. Most people that I know have been happy as guests

FrancoisVanDerElst 4:03 Tue Feb 7
Re: Air BnB
Not used it myself but know a few mates who have and swear by it

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