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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

RM10 8:33 Fri Feb 10
so, Tory boys
business is growing yet NHS, Education, Utilities and Transport is in meltdown, predictable for you lot, but come on explain this one away.......

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Willtell 9:55 Wed Mar 15
Re: so, Tory boys
I didn't know about that ray so I Googled it. It is a story that was last reported in MAY 2016! Mostly in 2015.

I did find a story that said Labour had been dragged into it by not declaring its battle bus expenses but my oh my. You really are scraping the bottom of the barrel to feed your obsession!

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 2:30 Wed Mar 15
Re: so, Tory boys
Ray. You are to political threads as 11mde is on the 'cesspit bowl' threads. Turn it fucking in

Johnson 2:27 Wed Mar 15
Re: so, Tory boys
You sad little man.

ray winstone 1:13 Wed Mar 15
Re: so, Tory boys
Tut tut, fucking rotten to the core.....

The Conservative party was thrown into crisis last night as the election expenses scandal took a series of dramatic twists.
First, it was alleged the Tory MP who beat Nigel Farage in a constituency at the centre of the row was questioned by police for six hours.
Then, details emerged of an explosive argument between Tory MPs and the party's central office over the affair. One MP allegedly accused leaders of 'cocking up' and then casting them 'adrift'.
Party insiders fear up to half a dozen results from the 2015 general election could be declared void, triggering a string of by-elections and possible criminal charges.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 8:56 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys
Despite his Pavlovian responses whenever Labour is criticised, Ray will never admit to being a Labour supporter. He'll never say what he actually IS in favour of though or which party he supports - that's because he tactically votes Green or Lib Dem in a constituency Labour can't win.

jack flash 8:46 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys
ray winstone 3:10 ~

"So a load of geriatrics in their retirement homes in the lakes vote Tory not giving a flying fuck about the diminishing NHS devices in their area"

You really are out of touch with reality

If every person in a retirement home voted Tory (which is extremely unlikely!) that wouldn't make up for the Tory majority by a long way

In Copeland we have several large council estates with historically hard core Labour support

Those that do work from those estates rely heavily on the local nuclear industry, by far the largest employer in the area

Corbyn is on record as saying that Labour not give the go ahead for the proposed new nuclear installation, hence putting many jobs at risk
(Even though the local Labour candidate said the exact opposite!)

Nobody in their right mind is going to vote themselves out of a job so obviously many traditional Labour supporters turned their back on the party. Corbyns fault?

Those that don't work probably couldn't be arsed dragging themselves away from the afternoon television & their feral kids & going down to the polling station in the pissing rain

Our local hospital at Whitehaven has long been in decline before the clueless Gordon Brown got dumped & neither of our glorious socialist MPs started to complain until there was a Tory central Government

Hermit Road 8:29 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys
neilalex 6:16 Fri Feb 24

Johnson 7:19 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys
A yes or no answer will do Raymond, no pissing about with diversionary questions.

orwells tragedy 7:18 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys
Its easy to shut Johnson up here Ray, pin your colours to a mast, you're very vocal about standing up for......well what is it you're standing up for exactly?

ray winstone 7:08 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys
To hate all things Tory doesn't automatically mean you are a Labour supporter, is that too difficult for you to understand?

Johnson 6:56 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys
Are you or are you not a labour voter and/or supporter ray?

You spend enough time bigging them up not to be.

Answer the question.

ray winstone 6:55 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys
And here he is, the most irrelevant poster on WHO, nice to have you here Johnson.

Johnson 6:52 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys
Is ray "I'm too chicken to admit I'm a labour supporter" winstone still harping on about the Labour party?

You know, the one he pretends not to support?

mashed in maryland 6:50 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys
In fact, looking into it, faced with a recently disgraced Paul Nuttall and a Remainer Tory, Labour actually managed to LOSE votes, in one of their staunchest heartlands.

That's really not worth gloating over.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 6:42 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys
While 62% of the good burghers of Stoke very sensibly stayed at home in the dry, 63% of those that did go out and vote actually took the trouble to brave the elements just to register their disapproval of the opposition party.

That's how fucking bad Corbyn is. It takes a special kind of cunt to motivate voters against you like that.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 6:37 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys
ray winstone 6:06 Fri Feb 24

12% of the electorate is 'throngs'.

A few fanatics willing to brave 70mph winds and torrential rain to worship at the altar Karl Marx would be more accurate.

Willtell 6:35 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys
ray winstone 5:55 Fri Feb 24
"Willtell, what's galling is the fact that people are blinkered enough to vote for a party that they have nothing in common with but all the time there are mugs like you willing to spout their bile for them then I guess I'll just have to put up with it."

Well ray I would say exactly the same about you and Labour except you have something in common - you're all mugs...

neilalex 6:16 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys
Michael Foot was a principled, decent and brilliant man regardless of whether you agreed with him or not. Corbyn is a thick as shit Che Guevara wannabee arsewipe not fit to lace Foot's boots.It irritates me when I see them compared although I obviously understand why they are.

mashed in maryland 6:13 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys
Not for at least 10,000 of them, no.

ray winstone 6:06 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys

ray winstone 6:06 Fri Feb 24
Re: so, Tory boys
But in Stoke throngs are different then?

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