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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Stranded 11:35 Sun Feb 12
Need something new to watch, so thought it was time for another of these. A couple to get things going.

Milius (2013) Feature length documentary about the man who gave us everything from “Feel lucky, punk?” to “I Love the smell of napalm in the morning” and much more besides. Scorsese, Coppola, Spielberg et al line up to pay tribute.


Youth Terror, the View From Behind the Gun (1978) ABC News documentary about youth crime in New York. One for fans of ’80 Blocks from Tiffany’s” etc.


And before anyone says it: Couple of clips from the 1977/78 Thames series “This Sporting Land” Sadly, the second one’s silent stock footage, but you can’t have everything. Anyone on here spot themseves?


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Vexed 1:40 Fri Jan 14
Re: Documentaries
Mick Jagger's documentary about James Brown is excellent.

Gary Strodders shank 12:30 Fri Jan 14
Re: Documentaries
I wstched one the other night on BBC 4 about the Penlee lifeboat disaster.
An excellent documentary about a tragic event id alll but forgotten about.

mashed in maryland 11:54 Thu Jan 13
Re: Documentaries
Anyone watch the doc about the making of Gomorrah? Its about 2hrs long but worth it if you enjoyed the series.

ray winstone 7:29 Thu Jan 13
Re: Documentaries
Channel 4, 24 Hours In Police Custody, the 2 latest episodes, fuck me there are some cunts in this world like you wouldn't believe.....

Northern Sold 7:18 Thu Jan 13
Re: Documentaries
Just watched the first part of the HBO What's my Name - Muhammad Ali.... best doc I have seen in years... absolutely superb


ludo21 3:42 Thu Jan 13
Re: Documentaries
Not new so probably been mentioned on here before but Three Identical Strangers on All4 is worth a watch… about triplets separated at birth.

twoleftfeet 3:26 Thu Jan 13
Re: Documentaries
During my Covid rehab I started watching documentaries on youtube and one I found was called Leeds, the wilderness years. It covers Leeds from when Armfield took over in 74 right through to about 93.

Each " programme " is about 10/12 minutes long and just features clips from matches and snippets of what was happening at the time.

If you are a fan of hooliganism, 70s football, 70s culture and a club on the decline then it is worth watching.

It's a good watch and no annoying voiceovers.

zico 1:26 Wed Jan 12
Re: Documentaries
Decent new documentary of the Lance Armstrong thing on Sky at the moment. Whilst obviously I don't agree with cheating in any shape or form it did make you think how difficult it must be if you come into a sport where everyone is cheating, so the only way you can win is to cheat yourself . Only other option is to expose the cheating, and no-one ever comes up smelling of roses if they do that!

DukeofDevo 2:29 Mon Jan 3
Re: Documentaries
I reckon the ‘Hickey theory’ was concocted to explain away the different ballistic outcomes of the headshot and the magic bullet! One exploded on impact with no surging fragments the other ricochet’s through a couple of humans, finally exiting in pretty good condition to be ‘found’ on a hospital gurney later on by an FBI agent! No way Oswald made that final shot

Mace66 12:58 Mon Jan 3
Re: Documentaries
I think the Hickey stuff is right up there in the far-fetched stakes with theories such as the ‘ umbrella man ‘ shooting him with his brolley or a sniper under a manhole cover. It takes a very active imagination to believe any of those IMHO

joyo 12:09 Mon Jan 3
Re: Documentaries
Oswald definitely got first two shots off,the third was an accidental shot from secret service agent called Hickey which blew JFK's head to bits.
Yes Mace66 you are right in a way,Oswald had to go as they didn't want him stating in court he only had 2 shots(1st missed and 2nd went through JFK to the Texas Gov'nor)

Mace66 8:40 Sun Jan 2
Re: Documentaries
Oswald was involved but was hung out to dry

wd40 6:53 Sun Jan 2
Re: Documentaries
Oswald shot him.

End of documenty

lowlife 6:35 Sun Jan 2
Re: Documentaries
Just watched the first episode of ‘The Man Who Bought Cricket’. Pretty good stuff so far, will be watching the rest tomorrow.

only1billybonds 5:09 Fri Dec 31
Re: Documentaries
The Leicester City one on YouTube is a half decent watch. Starts from the end of their 'great escape' season,through the sacking of Pearson then on to cover the title winning season.

City 'we fight to the end' isnt bad either if you are not quite at the stage where you despise Man City. Its broken up into 3 short parts so its a very easy watch.

El Scorchio 3:45 Fri Dec 31
Re: Documentaries
What the world needs is definitely yet another fucking Man U documentary.

I’d have to be pretty desperate to watch that, unless it ends with them losing in an agonising heartbreaking fashion, in which case get the popcorn.

The only bearable episode of ‘the four part tale of the rise of glorious Manchester United and their righteous battle against evil foes with only the most minute detail on anything else that happened’ (aka fever pitch: the rise of the premier league) was the one where Blackburn win the title.

Far too many fucking Man U documentaries out there, which is a shame as there are so many great and compelling stories in football throughout the years which largely go unmentioned or acknowledged in favour of what some other ex Man U player they can wheel out thought about 1992 and the subsequent seasons in yet another rehash of that story.

BT did a very good and very moving doc on the Bradford fire a couple of years ago which is well worth a watch.

The Palace ‘team of the 80s’ one was good and the Forest one ‘I believe in miracles’ was a good watch too.

twoleftfeet 3:10 Fri Dec 31
Re: Documentaries
Johnson definitely knew.

General Lemay and Alan Dulles of the CIA were the ringleaders.

Kruschev and Kennedy were both advocates of peace but both were removed and replaced with warmongers.

The Kennedy’s were dead men walking.

And what about the 2 other plots to kill him both using Oswald type characters as the fall guy.

Brilliant, eye opening documentary and the rest of those documents need revealing.

Northern Sold 3:02 Fri Dec 31
Re: Documentaries
Shoved on the United Way - Sky Docs ... story of Man U from the busby babes to when they won the ECL.... some good stories on there... narrated by Cantona... in his usual style... amazing the amount of ex players who look about 20 years older than they are.... Phelan, May and Nicky Butt...worth a view if nothing is on

zico 12:51 Fri Dec 31
Re: Documentaries
Finished the JFK Doc last night and whilst I always thought it was never Oswald some of the revelations surely out 100% proof on this thing and you don't have to have a degree in rocket science to work it out! I'm pretty sure Johnson was in the know as well although they rarely gave that impression. The fact that Trump yet again delayed remaining documents after saying he was going to release them is incredible all these years later, after all is anyone still alive who may have been involved?! Nearly worth a thread on it's own. One must wonder would the world be a better place if Kennedy had lived although reading up about him recently I noted he had quite a few health issues so how long he would have lived anyway is up for debate.

Sven Roeder 12:11 Fri Dec 31
Re: Documentaries
Like many when I saw JFK Destiny Betrayed on the schedule I thought 'here we go again' and only started watching after reading on here (have seen ep1-3).
Always thought the CIA & Mafia were involved but some really astounding things revealed in this.
Hadn't heard about he testimony of the women working in the Book Depository and all that stuff from the autopsy with the pristine magic bullet & different brains being used for the photos after stuffing JFK's head back together to hide the exit wound in the back of his head.

Lee Trundle 11:56 Fri Dec 31
Re: Documentaries
YouTube's your friend.


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