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riosleftsock 11:42 Sun Feb 26
I'm becoming increasingly convinced that they have been taken over by left wing politicians obsessed with their agenda.

"A note on terminology: The BBC uses the term migrant to refer to all people on the move who have yet to complete the legal process of claiming asylum. This group includes people fleeing war-torn countries such as Syria, who are likely to be granted refugee status, as well as people who are seeking jobs and better lives, who governments are likely to rule are economic migrants."

There are no illegal immigrants. You have been told.

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SurfaceAgentX2Zero 6:57 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC
Armchair, Theatre, The Wednesday Play, jumpers for goalposts... enduring images...

riosleftsock 6:54 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC
I'm old enough to remember watching Play for Today.

BRANDED 6:52 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC
You lot would have hated play for today.

Fucking hell. You'd have been apoplectic.

riosleftsock 6:38 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC
Mashed, but, but

"The BBC is the flagship of Britain's international reputation and cultural soft power. As such, it is of course the prime target of the Kremlin's hybrid war against the West."

I reckon the russians look at the bbc and piss themselves laughing at the utter wet, loony pussies that work there from bottom to top. Utterly taken over by cultural marxism, lefty-liberal neoptism and poofs.

mashed in maryland 5:30 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC
If someone in 2015 was to say "2 years from now the BBC will open up a branch for West African consumers which carries stories like "DEM NO EAT DA POOPOO" you'd probably think they were telling some sort of really shit prehistoric racist joke.

Yet here we are!

COOL HAND LUKE 5:24 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC

It's too daft for fucking words...

They should be closed down.

Debs... I have a four year old so I know all about CBeebies etc, but you can get kiddie programmes on demand from numerous other sources...

It's a bit like the Remain camp pissing and moaning about holiday flights and roaming charges: may or may not come to pass, but too insignificant to stand in the way of the main issues.

mashed in maryland 3:34 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC
"Indian woman divorce husband because dem no get toilet
21 August 2017
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Indian womenImage copyrightPRAKASH SINGH
Image example
Some women dey use bush as toilet for India
One woman for India don get permission from court to divorce her husband because im no gree build toilet for dem house..
The woman wey dey for her 20's don dey married to her husband for five years, but na for inside bush she dey poopoo.
Indian law dey only allow divorce for limited circumstances like beating or wicked behaviour.
The lawyer for di woman tell AFP news agency say the judge say to dey make di woman poopoo for outside na one form of torture.
Times of India talk say di court say: "We dey spend money dey buy tobacco, liquor and mobile phones, but no ready to construct toilet to protect the dignity of our family.
"This no be only physical wickedness but also na shock to the modesty of woman."
Indian media say the woman been don file for divorce since 2015.
To piss and poopoo for open field dey common for villages for India. The government don set target to give every house toilet by 2019, but dat work never really get head"

Someone actually thought this would be a good idea and the entire BBC agreed with it and pushed it ahead and YOU MUGS are paying for it. Ahahahahahah

Far Cough 3:32 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC
dey poo poo

ag ag ag

mashed in maryland 3:30 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC
We all seen the BBC's "pidgin service"?

It's fucking hilarious.


When I first saw it I thought it was satire.

This is where your license fee money is going everyone. Hahahahaha

Dr Moose 3:22 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC
All in favour of the BBC either going commercial or a paid subscription service, save me a few quid.

Hammer and Pickle 3:15 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC
The BBC is the flagship of Britain's international reputation and cultural soft power. As such, it is of course the prime target of the Kremlin's hybrid war against the West. Your resentment against it as "lefty" is pure reflexive control.

riosleftsock 3:10 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC

Why does the BBC apply for funding from the EU?

Nothing to see here?

That's why the BBC also spends quite a bit of money fighting FOI requests.

I also see Andrew Neil (decent journalist who gives every interviewee a hard time) is going to be spending more time in France soon. His replacement? Sarah Smith.

Surely not Sarah, son of former Labour leader John Smith?

White Pony 2:34 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC
wanstead_hammer 8:21 Tue Aug 29

Arrests at the carnival was their lead story this morning and thankfully no shots of Sadiq Khan dancing.

BRANDED 1:45 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC
For example. The BBC has had a hand in the success of almost every major music artist coming from Britain. Admittedly many of these people become very rich but many generate huge revenues and sell Britain to the world. Gay or not.

BRANDED 1:43 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC
You could look at it as an arts tax? An old people's benefit tax? A propaganda tax to sell Britain to the world?
You could look at it any way you like.

riosleftsock 1:37 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC

Why do british people have to pay the bbc in order to watch sky tv and so that the bbc can broadcast to every other country of the world for free?

Darlo Debs 12:28 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC

Vexed 12:27 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC
Shut up Debs.

Darlo Debs 12:24 Wed Aug 30
Re: The BBC
CHL as I understand it competition is about choice. Personally I like having the choice of a channel free of ads and I appreciated it when my kids were little and would watch CBeebies as I hate advertising directed at kids.

ray winstone 10:42 Tue Aug 29
Re: The BBC
Of course.

Mad Dog 10:30 Tue Aug 29
Re: The BBC
Top brass might be right wing. Pretty much everyone on air is very liberal. As are most of the program makers (directors / writrers etc) I'd wager

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