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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

One Johnny Sissons 11:48 Fri Mar 3
Paul Konchesky
Has signed for Ryman League Billericay Town.

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geoffpikey 6:36 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
Good man. Of course is it was a FUCKING CROSS!

Alex G 6:10 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
If I had to pick a team of "West Ham One Season Wonders Who Were Cack Again the Next Year" I'd probably have him at left back, just pipping Ilunga.

Dr Moose 5:59 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
On The Ball 11:52 Fri Mar 3

He's probably more than doubled what Gillingham can pay him.

One Johnny Sissons 5:42 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
11 games to go and nine points off the last play off spot.

As I understand it most of the new players signed are on 2/3 year contracts so maybe not wholesale changes in the summer.

At least the new owner is spending some money on the facilities.

, 5:00 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
I think Ricky are too far off the pace in Ryman prem to even get in the ConfS play offs this season. The big player changes will come in the summer. Any team at Ricky's level can benefit from say two or three older professional heads but Koncheskey will find that he will not automatically dominate opponents at this stage in his career.

wd40 2:12 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
F.A vase finals in the 70's with Billericay Town

Great times!

Norman 1:50 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
Might go over and watch as they are playing my non league team Harlow Town. We have Ibrahima Sonko at the back former Reading and Stoke player

ornchurch ammer 1:08 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
Craig Edwards has done the decent thing and resigned. Let's see what 'ambitious' manager takes over.

ornchurch ammer 1:05 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
Glenn Tamplin has taken over and is throwing his money about after being rejected by Dagenham.

He is basically paying players to drop in to the Ryman from the National League, bringing in a couple from Bromley, and basically the manager has no choice but to pick them.

It's a disgrace the way that Jack Giddens, the goalkeeper/captain, has been treated the last couple of weeks. One of the best keepers in the league bundled out due to the arrival of an ex pro mercenary coming from Bromley in his 30's for the money.

Dudley Moore 12:41 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
Anyone tried his pie and mash shop in Brentwood?

One Johnny Sissons 12:35 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
Billericay have signed a lot of players since the new owner took over.

All Conference/Conference South players. Manager resigned yesterday after being told he wouldnt be there next season.

We shall see. I have been following Billericay for over 40 years and its good to see some investment at last.

Will enjoy the ride whilst it lasts. History tells you (Grays, Hornchurch, Canvey etc) that it will all turn to shit when he gets bored and leaves................

Grumpster 12:34 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
BenoƮt Assou-Ekotto



Kaiser Zoso 12:31 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
Do you mean Adel Taarabt?

Rossal 12:31 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
Aren't Billericay throwing stupid money around under the new owner

I suspect he has gone on a silly contract for that level rather than to continue playing for the 'love of the game'

They have signed loadsa players recently after offering silly wages

Local businessmen bought them and is trying to take them up

Eddie B 12:26 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
Cameroon bloke, can't recall his name.

Spandex Sidney 12:24 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
Should be remembered as the scorer of an amazing winner of an FA Cup final

Gerrard cunt

Grumpster 12:05 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
Who was that stupid haired yid cunt who went to QPR?

Used to want to cave his head in the way he didn't care about playing football and was just a job.

Try doing a proper job you pampered prick and appreciate how lucky you are playing football for a living. Playing twice a week would be heaven, shame the little dears nowadays are too tired to do it and need a rest.

Northern Sold 11:52 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
Too right Grumps... had to call it a day at 37 ... still involved with the club (Secretary and Treasurer) and now just solely a vets team... abso love it watching the more mature blokes do their stuff... got plenty of ex pro's semi pro's still lacing up their boots and looking the business ...

On The Ball 11:52 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
He left Gillingham to drop four divisions? Blimey.

Glad he's still playing, even if he does look weird with hair.

Northern Sold 11:50 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
Short of money or just wants to carry on playing??

Grumpster 11:49 Fri Mar 3
Re: Paul Konchesky
Was in the paper a couple of days ago.

Good to see that he'll play at that level just to keep lacing the boots up.

Utter Bastard when age finally defeats you, so best to make the most of it.

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