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Queens Fish Bar 11:27 Sun Mar 5
Full sleeve tattoo
Going back to get a sleeve, black/grey. Mainly mandalas plus sugar skull and poss Buddha face.

Anyone recommend a tattooist.

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yngwies Cat 10:26 Thu Mar 9
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
My mates got a tattoo up his arse! Done when he had some polyps removed. Medical in nature, think it's the hypocrayic oath in Chinese or gothic.

Within a few months everybody will want one.

. . 9:57 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
Northern Sold 5:07 Tue Mar 7

That tattoo was done in Rye East Sussex. The "Artist" was a Chelsea fan. However he only Tattooed what the fan wrote.
Still a Crap Tattoo

If you are going for a full sleeve go to lot's different artists and look at there photo's don't look at the subject look at Quality of Tattoo.

e.g. find a photo of a subject you know (be it a rival clubs badge or even Bart simpson) does it look like the subject if the answer is not really then avoid. I don't know where your based but I travel from Essex to Kent for mine. LA tattoo in Chatham has only just opened but has some artists I know and most of all use good quality Ink

Queens Fish Bar 6:08 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo

Thanks for the info on Thailand.

Oh dear 5:14 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
I thought Dr Woo was the pre-match ball juggler at the Crystal Palace Play-off Final

Oh dear 5:10 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
I don't judge anyone Hugh , apart from my mate, the utter cunt.

MiM - I wouldn't expect anyone to justify to me, or anyone else why they had a tattoo.

I did find this a little difficult not to judge, my brother's surfing mate was unemployed so got himself a job with a tattooist, he didn't get paid money he got paid with free tattoos. Apart from his face and head you can't actually see the blokes skin on his body. fucking strange bloke.

Northern Sold 5:07 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
Made me laugh that photo of the Hammer that stupidly got pissed up and west over the river to get the West Ham badge done... shocking ... especially the


that was underneath...

simon.s 5:04 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
Dr Woo is the man.

Maybe for my 50th next year.

Northern Sold 4:59 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
Used to enjoy watching Miami Ink and LA Ink... some great artists on there.. that Kat Von D some of her memorial portraits were staggering... now that type of thing I can understand.... having a Tiger on half your back or `Cut here' on your throat... not so much so...


mashed in maryland 4:54 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
Look up Paul Davies, he's based in Devon.


One of the best around when it comes to mandalas and that sort of black and grey geometric/abstract style (not to everyone's taste), also is reasonably priced although has a massively long waiting list.

Hugh Jampton 4:49 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
My ones done at Andy Barber's shop were actually done by a bloke called Robb. Most tattooists specialise in a particular style so scout about for the sort of thing you want. As I said, I've seen some brilliant stuff on Eclipse's site. About the Buddha face you are thinking about - be aware that some places frown upon this. I went to Thailand a couple of years ago and there were signs at the airport advising against showing these or getting them done, as they will cause offence.

Queens Fish Bar 4:43 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
Thanks for the recommendations so far.

Andy Barbers come up a couple of times.

Hugh Jampton 4:33 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
I have quite a few tattoos. I don't care if anyone else likes them or not - I got them done for me, nobody else. The number of people without tattoos, telling those that have that they shouldn't have got them done, or they're stupid far outways the number of tattooed people telling people without them to get some done. Just fuck off and mind your own.

Queens Fish Bar 11:27 Sun Mar 5

Check out Eclipse in Camden.

missy 8:34 Tue Mar 7

I got a lot of mine done at Andy Barbers.

Infidel 4:28 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
First prize : a day's free tattooing

Second Prize: two days' free tattooing

mashed in maryland 4:19 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
Oh Dear

I've got a fucking massive tiger covering half my back (I got it for free cos I won a days worth of tattooing in some competition) I was gonna get something West Ham related but I've already got a couple of them so just got the bloke to draw up what he wanted that he'd enjoy doing for his portfolio.

Every once in a while now I'm a bit older I think I wish I'd got something else more "meaningful" or whatever. Does that count as regret? Maybe but who cares. I can't change it now, no one sees it under a shirt anyway, and for a few years when I was single birds loved it, would always draw compliments during summer etc. and it's caused me absolutely zero harm in life.

Plus it was done very well and will probably look decent for decades to come, and it's easily covered (ie; 99% of the time) and nothing visible or job-stopping.

But at the same time I can completely understand why some people like yourself will never take to them and even myself it's hard to see someone with a bulldog and "no surrender" on their forearm without judging. Horses for courses eh?

One of my best MATES (hi soldo) has just had to have a massive rose on his neck to cover up an ex bird's name he got a couple of years ago, which she made him get to show he loved her (twat). He's a chef and earns half decent money so I doubt he'd ever have to worry about it putting him out of work.

Nurse Ratched 4:16 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
...on the other hand, it wouldn't cost you anything.

overbyyer 4:04 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
Dont get a mandala.

He's dead.

Oh dear 3:55 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
I’ve never understood the attraction of tattoos, I don’t feel quite as strongly as Infidel but if others wish to scar themselves that is entirely their own choice. They normally regret it at some time in the future (see below) and it really is fuck all to do with me.

There’s a girl I work with she has around 15 tattoos who claims to love her tattoos. She loves them so much that she designed her wedding dress to hide the tattoos for the big day.

Or my friend who had a tattoo he regretted so much and would do anything to get rid of it, so what did he do? he had another (much larger) tattoo tattooed over it, which he also now claims not to like – what an utter cunt.

My brother has a tattoo on his chest that he doesn’t regret though, it is a kind of badge of honour for surfing this huge wave without killing himself or falling off his surf board.

Your mum 3:41 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
"Infidel 1:22 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo

I know what it's like to be ostracised because I voted for Brexit."

And for being a massive bore..

Infidel 3:23 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
That is precisely the point Sold.

The issue isn't really the body art itself but the assumption on the part of the wearer that they will feel the same affection for the chinese slogan / dolphin / blood soaked axe that they fee the day they have it inked permanently onto their flesh.

The barbed wire bicep is a case in point. It's the tattoo equivalent of flares and budgie jackets - with the exception that while flares can be thrown out the tattoo can't. It's forever. How can anyone fail to spot that hardly insignificant fact?

I have a friend in Copenhagen who runs a cosmetic surgery clinic. She makes good money from Botox injections and breast enhancements but her real money spinner is tattoo removal.

As Denmark is the tattoo capital of the world she has a stream of people in her waiting room crying their eyes out begging for their tats to be removed. You can't really remove them of course, you can only make them less visible, which means in many cases they look worse after removal than they did before (plus its not really safe).

This is what amazes me about tattoos. They are forever, yet nobody knows how relevant they will be to the 40- or 50-year old self they will become in years to come.

Northern Sold 2:01 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
About 15 to 20 years ago it seemed like every Tom, Dick and Jenny was getting the old bicep tattoo's... blokes Barbed wire... and women daisy chains... they are gonna look fucking great when the old bingo wings kick in.... dunno what's worse those or my MATES old British Bulldog tattoo's... or even ye olde' swallow on your hand.... yeah I think the bicep one's are worst around...

mashed in maryland 1:29 Tue Mar 7
Re: Full sleeve tattoo
the coming of gary 1:19 Tue Mar 7

Often practise/experiment on themselves/each other, which tbf is far more ethical than on a paying client. Like any trade, you're only as good as your worst job.

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