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Bom Stickle 6:16 Sun Mar 12
Stadium survey
West Ham co-chairman David Gold said last Wednesday “I think the
majority of fans are happy with the Stadium given the alternatives and
if all goes to plan it will be the biggest in London. dg”

On the back on Mr Gold’s statement, Claret and Hugh ran a poll to ask
West Ham supporters the very simple question. Are you happy with the
London Stadium? With 1,500 voting to make it statistically
significant, 56% agreed with the chairman to confirm they were happy
with the London Stadium leaving 44% to register their unhappiness.

This prompted Iain Dale from WestHamTillIDie.com to discuss
the creation of a wide ranging questionnaire on the London Stadium
from a supporter's perspective after 221 days or 31 weeks after we
officially played our first game at the former Olympic Stadium last

This is not designed to an anti-board or even a pro-stadium survey,
there is no hidden agenda. It is merely a survey to highlight West Ham
fans perception of the new stadium and what areas might still need
improvement. The full results will be shared with the West Ham board
for their consideration.

Please only fill out the survey if you have visited the London Stadium
in person to sample one or more of the 19 competitive games and/or the
one friendly which have been played at our new home since the 4th
August last year. Please base your answers on your most recent visit
to the stadium to recognise areas which may have been a problem at the
beginning but have since improved.

The aims of this questionnaire is also supported by the West Ham
United Independent Supporters' Association (WHUISA) and they have
kindly agreed to send it out to their six hundred plus paid up
members. You can find out more about WHUISA and how to join

We would like to encourage as many season ticket holders, claret
members and general admission ticket supporters to answer this
questionnaire as possible so please spread the word far and wide on
forums and social media.

Take the survey at

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wd40 7:51 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
Spent years at times (lucky times) giving the ball hand over hand back to Bobby Moore and Billy Bonds that turn into throwing it 5/10 yards back to fat Frank & Co now I cant even see the ball but if it ever did land in my lap I would have to employ a relay team to get it back.

I rest my case for us -the abused.

Lowestoft Hammer 5:46 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
Filled it in with all the necessary negatives.

Northern Sold 5:39 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
I'm with TEAM ROAD here.... all day long...


13 Brentford Rd 5:33 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
You clearly have never been if you think the only thing wrong is the stewarding.
No wonder the owners treat us with contempt.

11MDE 5:25 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
Filled it in with all the necessary positives. The only thing I would question is the quality of the stewarding.

Sadly nothing about sacking Bilic on there.

Johnson 1:22 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
Nothing has offended me you falsely claimed media bias without evidence and I attempted to engage you about it. It transpires you actually meant you didn't want people to report something or write nasty words about us.

And you have subsequently claimed something I'm supposed to have done without evidence.

YOU have decided to get all emotional because I have dared to challenge, which makes sense I suppose seeing as you were crying about a bias that doesn't exist in the first place.

tnb 1:09 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
Jesus Christ, are you fucking autistic or something? I'm not saying that the deal was or wasn't right, or should or shouldn't be reported. I'm SIMPLY saying that given that existing attitude, the preasure is on to make the move a success because several people will take great pleasure in writing it up if we don't. And no that wouldn't necessarily upset me but of course I'd rather it didn't happen. What's so difficult about that?

I give up. I don't even know what part of my post so offended you to go off on this little crusade. I'm sure you can enjoy yourself just as much on your own.

Johnson 12:51 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
Oh and we have ripped off the tax payers, we've been given a massive leg up if you just look at the numbers. Not having a soul any more will cost us far more than a bit of rent mind you.

What's wrong with that being reported? You can't have been a West Ham fan long if people saying some factually correct things about us upsets you so.

penners28 12:51 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
I havnt seen anything saying west ham have ripped off the taxpayer?

Johnson 12:49 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
Feel free to copy and paste where I did then, as I can assure you I didn't.

If I did, I'll hold my hands up.

You seem paranoid about media bias and now things I'm supposed to have said, very strange.

tnb 12:47 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
You did, but whatever. I'm getting fed up of this now.

And if you need to be shown evidence of the coverage saying how we have ripped off the taxpayers etc etc then you must not read much.

Johnson 12:42 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
Right, so rather than you show any evidence of bias you actually mean that you don't want us to fuck it up in case some people report the fact we have fucked it up.

I think they will base assertions on things like league position or player signings though, not something intangible like atmosphere.

Not sure what your first line is about either as not once have I strayed anywhere suggesting or even thinking that's what you were saying.

tnb 12:16 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
No. I am not and was never saying that the media coverage had an impact on the atmosphere. Nor did I give any opinion on whether it was right or wrong to report on the deal. What I am saying is that there IS a narrative of 'West Ham got a great deal and it's unfair". Therefore, it is important that we make the move a success because otherwise people will be very happy to say 'they got an unfair deal and they fucked it up which just proves they should never have got it, ha ha ha'. The media don't create the atmosphere, but they do report on it and it is one element of the way in which the stadium is reported which we can influence. And by creating a toxic situation, the board aren't helping.

There are people - Hearn, the Taxpayers Alliance, maybe even Sadiq Khan - who are eager for us to fail. That's common sense.

It really is quite simple. You are arguing about something that was never said. The strange thing is that it sounds like we probably agree about the important things.

GreenStreetPlayer 11:58 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
Fuck Your Stadium Survey. Poor, poor, poor.
It's starting position was always too far away to be a football stadium. It's rubbish.
There's no answer for the short term but just hope the Gods conspire to go our way for once in the longer term and fate gives us OUR stadium, which is OUR asset, built in an area closer to the FANS, in a stadium FIT FOR FOOTBALL.

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 11:54 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
Won't be needing any survey come 31st May

Johnson 11:40 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
I think it is you not getting it, tnb.

You said THIS:

"Our support has splintered and when the new stadium falls silent that is a major part of the reason why. And while it could potentially be a good ground when the crowd are enthused, when it's quiet then the silence quickly becomes profound.

Given the media bias against the move, we have perhaps a season more to fix that before we become a laughing stock."

That is DIRECTLY linking the atmosphere and how it feels like home for fans to media bias against the club over the move.

When I did the same to point out correctly that the bias isn't as they're not interested in what we do with the stadium and how (on account the board have caused the splintering) just the deal itself, you claim those things don't matter to the media as no one cares about WHUFC.

Odd then, that you think we would be a laughing stock for not making it our home due to this made up media bias.

They either care about us and what we do with the stadium or they don't, make your mind up.

And pointing out the factually correct statement that we got a massively beneficial deal out of the taxpayer isn't even bias anyway it is reporting the FACTS, although some have got it wrong - that doesn't represent bias though, just poor journalism.

Hammers1993 11:38 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
After taking that survey I can't believe how negative it actually is. My answers were nearly all negative ones.

I still stand by the stadium being actually quite impressive, however it is not a football stadium, therefore it is poor for us and what we use it for.

Also, one of the questions were about making it feel like home and whilst little, it actually got me thinking, why were the seats not painted claret and blue? I know it is something minor and wouldn't change much, but who's idea was it to make all the seats plain white? Doesn't give a "home" feeling they keep banging on about does it?

tnb 11:27 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey

You're not getting it. We're talking about different things.

When I say media bias I mean articles saying West Ham got a great deal at the expense of the taxpayer and so on.

You seem to be of the opinion that if articles aren't being written about the inadequacies of our board that the club are getting off lightly. That is what I am saying is a level of detail that no one cares enough to write about.

Is that so difficult?

11MDE 10:59 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
Best club stadium in London. Fucking huge too.

Chopper Toshack 10:55 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey

penners28 10:05 Mon Mar 13
Re: Stadium survey
you know they'll only release the positive results from the survey. ie) if only 10% say poor, then the results will be "90% of the fanbase are happy with the stadium!"

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