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Eddie B 9:53 Tue Mar 14
Mark Noble - Noble responds
Hello everyone.

Unfortunately, I’ve been playing with an injury that means I won’t be available to play in Saturday’s Premier League fixture with Leicester City, but I’ll be supporting the lads and I hope we’re all going to be celebrating an important win come five o’clock.

I want to clarify some comments I made in an interview I gave at the start of the week, as I feel they didn’t come across as I wanted them to.

I was asked about the criticism that has been levelled at me and the team this season, and I just want to make it clear that I wasn’t digging out West Ham United fans in general, because I can assure you if I wasn’t playing I’d be sitting with them.

I was born a West Ham supporter, I bought tickets when I was a kid, I started in the Academy when I was eleven, I went to all the home games, I was lucky enough to get into the first team and then live my dream by captaining my Club.

As captain and a lifelong fan, I am the first to admit that we have not reached the same standards that we did so often last season.

There have been reasons for that, but we need to start looking forward positively to the future, rather than dwell on the issues which have made things more difficult for us.

When it comes to the criticism, I want to say we have an incredible fan base, at matches home and away, week-in, week-out – proper people who love their Club – but there is a small minority who just want to criticise the players and the manager out at the first opportunity.

We are going to lose games. Players will have bad games. That’s for sure. But that doesn’t mean we are not giving 100 per cent for the Club.

As much as we try to ignore the comments made on social media, sometimes they are unavoidable and while I’m not fussed about whether I get stick or not, some players are affected by it.

I think back to exactly ten years ago, when we were bottom of the Premier League.

If social media existed then like it does today, people would have been calling for Alan Curbishley to be sacked or for all the players to be dropped, including Carlos Tevez!

Then what happened? Everything clicked and we won seven out of our last nine games to stay up!

Times are different now. Instead of walking out of the ground and having a moan to your mate or your Dad, some people leap straight on social media and troll the player directly.

You have a right to moan, of course, but negativity spreads and it can affect everyone, especially younger players who have not developed a thick skin like us more experienced ones.

What I am saying is that we need to be positive, inside the dressing room, in the stands and on social media.

I play under a manager who gives 100 per cent every day, and when the players are not doing likewise, I’ll be the first person in the dressing room to go around and tell them to pull their socks up.

We’ve always been a Club which values commitment and hard work – players like Billy Bonds, Julian Dicks and Scott Parker, who gave 100 per cent every day.

One player who certainly did that was Dylan Tombides, who we are paying tribute to on Saturday with a DT38 Foundation Awareness Day.

We miss Dyl around the place every day, and his legacy lives on in the shape of this fantastic charity. Please give whatever you can to the cause.

Come on you Irons!

Mark Noble

West Ham captain Mark Noble admits the last eight months have been the most difficult of his career, but has hit back at fans calling for him to be dropped.

In recent weeks, Hammers manager Slaven Bilic has defended Noble's place in his team, with a certain section of the club's support suggesting the 29-year-old should be left out.

Noble, who joined West Ham at the age of 11, is closing in on 400 appearances for his boyhood club and has insisted he can handle the pressure laid at his door.

"If I am really honest, a lot of people who now go to football don't really understand the game," Noble told Sky Sports News HQ.

"Football is a game of moments now and if someone does four step-overs, they've had an incredible game.

"That's not something I do. It's just football, you've got to live with it. The things Arsene Wenger has done for Arsenal and some people want him out.

"Players like Wayne Rooney, some people want him out of Manchester United team. That's why we are captains of our clubs, because we can handle that pressure."

West Ham have endured a difficult first season at London Stadium with a number off-the-field issues affecting the club and the playing squad.

The sale of star midfielder Dimitri Payet in particular proved to be a huge disruption for the first-team squad, with the French international stating he would never play for the club again before eventually sealing a move back to Marseille in January.

"It's probably been the hardest [period] of my West Ham career because we've had so much to deal with off the pitch," Noble said.

"Obviously the move to the new stadium, the Dimi situation, so much has gone one and we lost four of our best players to injury in pre-season, which is hard to replace.

"You've got to stick at it, the players have dug in and though we've lost a couple of games, in this day and age you're not allowed to lose games."


Noble gets it in neck from Irons legend


Mark Noble has received a stiff rap across the knuckles for his comments about “some fans not understanding the game” from Hammers ‘elder statesman Phil Parkes.

The man considered the best Hammers goalkeeper ever has always been a huge favourite with the Irons faithful and doesn’t believe they deserved to be spoken of in such a way.

And he told ClaretandHugh exclusively: “First and foremost you just can’t talk about fans like that. You just don’t do it. It’s not on. For the skipper. or any other player for that matter, to be addressing his fans like that isn’t right at all.

“To say fans don’t understand the game is just not right – fans live and breath the game and understand enough to know when a player isn’t performing and that’s what this was about. Fans do understand football believe me!”

Parkes believes that Noble’s time at the club is now up and said: “I’m afraid the simple truth is he’s not good enough anymore. He never had a lot of pace but it seems this season that what he had has gone.

“It comes to everybody and he has been a magnificent servant but it’s clear to me that Cheik Kouyate is the man for midfield and Sam Byram needs to be given a run at right back.

“I was saying this at the beginning of the season and nothing I have seen this season has changed my mind.”

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Alex V 2:53 Tue Apr 4
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
Unfortunately there's only so much words can do. Noble is now associated as captain with a really terrible set of performances, and it casts a negative light on what went before. And with players who seem to be under a cloud with their intensity and attitude questioned. That's before you get to discussing his own ability and form, both of which I do question.

Maybe I'm just looking for problems, but I have to question if it's the wisest thing as captain to be mocking a struggling player for a mistake of theirs you watch repeatedly on youtube. Especially then they're a player competing for your place. It's not the brightest thing to admit to.

Northern Sold 2:11 Tue Apr 4
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds

Sven Roeder 2:24 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
I contrast what we have done with Cullen to how Bloody Spurs have used Harry Winks.
Part of the reason I am desperate for Pochettino to leave is that he keeps doing the right thing and has a strategy.

Alex V 2:18 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
Iron2010 1:21 Sun Apr 2

Add in the wages we'll pay them it's probably over £100m.

Add in you might be creating assets with Oxford, Quina etc that might be worth tens of millions in the future.

So let's say conservatively it's a set of bad decisions that might cost us £150m+. It's basically the difference between success and failure.

Our club chose failure.

Iron2010 1:21 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
The club could have saved over 50 million (or purchased two players of real quality) and not have been in a worse position by having Samulson, Cullen, Oxford and Quina in the squad over Snod, Fegs, Ayew and Fonte.

When you think how they penny pinch and rip us off in other areas.

Private Dancer 12:59 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
Cullen must see us spend 10 on the Snod and think he's got no chance.

Sven Roeder 12:59 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
'keep Bradford'

Presume Martinez is at Wembley today with Oxford v Coventry

Sven Roeder 12:57 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
For those wondering
Cullen played another 90mins to Bradford 4th
Samuelsen came on after 73mins and scored within a minute as Peterborough beat Charlton 2-0
Oxford played the last 20 mins as Reading beat in form Leeds 1-0

Private Dancer 12:55 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
''In my opinion you should use the transfer windows to improve your starting eleven and trust the kids to fill in for injuries and lack of form''

I've always said that. Buying junk 'squad players' who in turn then stop our youngsters from getting a chance is just so wrong. The club is a fucking mess right now.

chedylan 2 12:55 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
Agree iron.

Our squad is mostly filled with underperforming average players. Bilics record of blooding youth is worse than sams.

Iron2010 12:47 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
I'm pretty sure that Southampton, Everton and a few others would have had Cullen, Oxford and Fernandes starting yesterday. This addiction to signing experienced pro's just lines agents pockets. In my opinion you should use the transfer windows to improve your starting eleven and trust the kids to fill in for injuries and lack of form. We just about have the pick of the worlds best youngsters and should take advantage of it. Slav and Sully are a toxic mix in this area.

Alex, the midfield was pathetic yesterday.

Alex V 12:38 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
I prefer three in central midfield (and I want Fernandes to start matches), but as a pair I thought Kouyate and Lanzini looked decent enough. No real complaints there.

Sven Roeder 12:15 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
He could have gone with Noble and Fernandes in a more solid midfield.
Could have played Arthur in front of Cresswell
And he has Antonio back for Wednesday so there is absolutely no excuse for playing Feghouli again

Johnson 12:09 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
Who else has he got to play in those positions?

Sven Roeder 12:07 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
I think everyone is just desperately clutching at straws
While Bilic sticks with players like Feghouli and Snodgrass who WILL get him the sack
Which has convinced me that even if we survive that Bilic will go.
As someone said has any manager turned around such a mess of his own creation when it's obvious that we need a major overall.
And some of the players he wants to rely on are just nowhere near good enough. I love Slav but he worries me deeply at the moment.

stewie griffin 12:03 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
Quite interesting to see Bournemouth, 2010. They signed quite a lot in the summer, and Wilshere came in on loan. He was getting big reviews for his performances too. But when they had a slump and started looking in trouble, they went back, they ALWAYS go back, to the players that got them up. The ones who understand the club and will sweat blood for them. Now they look comfortable and have an expensive looking bench.

With the turnover of players over the last few years I don't think we have that luxury sadly.

Private Dancer 11:59 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
Does anyone still think Carroll should be on the bench?

Iron2010 11:58 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
Feels like we've been constantly trying to shoehorn the new signing into the starting 11. They don't have the stomach for the fight and if my job depended on the next few results they wouldn't even be on the bench. We've managed to aqcuire more gutless mercenaries and the cheapskate transfer policy is the main reasons for this. I wish Slav was strong enough to bin them. Look at Everton and Saints faith in kids and compare their performance against ours.

I've got to go and play Arsenal v man city in the garden now with my 6 year old ! I remember life before kids ......

stewie griffin 11:48 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
Wouldn't be at all averse to it, but the whole conversation just sums up our season. Every player in the squad becomes a better player by not playing.

Arthur was written off after West brom, one mildly encouraging cameo and he's back as potentially being the answer. Kouyate was absolutely woeful in midfield at the start of the season. Few months later he's the answer. Two weeks ago noble had no place at a premier league club, now he'll be in everyone's team. We missed Cresswell when he was injured, now he's a liability. Etc etc etc

You know you've got massive problems when that happens

Iron2010 11:42 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
Looks decent as well Stewie. I just like the idea of Arthur protecting a confidence shot Cresswell and I think Antonio and Byram would link up nicely. Athur and Antonio will also be far more willing runners out wide than Slavs three clowns.

Irrelevant anyway I suppose.

Sven Roeder 11:35 Sun Apr 2
Re: Mark Noble - Noble responds
Have said before I wouldn't be against playing Cresswell and Arthur together on the left.
And obviously Antonio in his correct position on the right.
We need some sort of protection on both sides as the starting point is trying to stop this FLOOD of goals being conceded.
Lanzini has to be the focus of the team as far forward as possible and everyone else just needs to lift their games.

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