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defence 3:40 Sat Mar 25
Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber
Cant believe that it's the Daily Mail that is the first to run this story.

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joyo 4:07 Thu Mar 30
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber
The insurance company is not liable, you have to claim through l think the motor bureau?

joyo 4:03 Thu Mar 30
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber
Al Wood how they get round the non insurance is easy, after they get the yearly licence for the vehicle private hire they cancel the policy to ordinary car insurance saving themselves approx 2k and don't get picked up on the police ANPR.
The minicab is insured but not for hire and reward

Ritchie9 10:18 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber
Threesixty, yeah the £5.03 per hour average wage that was shown in court when the drivers won the employment case against uber was after surge. Don't forget that with so many Uber's on the road now their drivers pool of work is getting less and less as every week goes by. So even though they may be busy for a few hours on weekend nights the rest of the time they could be waiting an hour or so for a job to come through. So with that in mind knowing an uber driver needs to earn 50% more per hour to get a minimum wage, and with all the overheads like insurance and the general wear and tear to keep their car on the road which the driver has to pay for, 20% for vat not added onto the fair as uber don't pay it, my question remains as you want to pay a reasonable price to use an uber, do you think that the price you are paying to use an uber is fair or is it a little short?

Al Wood 9:51 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber
The insurance debate with Uber is just another non-story and just used for fear mongering.
A vehicle used in Central London without insurance would hardly make it a mile down the road without getting picked up. Whether the Uber drivers have the correct insurance is another matter but does not mean in the event of an accident that you as a third party would not be covered. That is utter tosh.
The insurance company covering the vehicle would be obliged to pay TP costs but could then revoke cover the for AD or the drivers damage etc.

Overall there is room for both markets. Sometimes if I am looking for a quick ride I jump in a black cab and other times I order an Uber whilst finishing my pint. You know what you are getting with both. Consumer choice!

michael 7:11 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber
Dwight I'll be very surprised if a cabbie tells u what he earns

threesixty 6:57 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber

Does the surge pricing make up for the difference in salary?

For example, if uber charge £15 instead of £5 for a trip in surge time the petrol/insurance etc.. are still fixed costs.

So a driver who drives at the right times (times of their choosing) can earn far more than minimum wage doing the same amount of hours.

So I'm not sure the argument that they are on minimum wage carries weight. Furthermore, if you are so worried about Uber drivers salary any further upping of the price will surely mean they earn less as less people would use them.

And if less people use Uber, it wouldnt neccessarily mean that mini cabs and black cabs would get more money. SImply because Ubers "at point of need" service and relatively low cost has expanded the market. People who wouldnt have dreamt of taking a taxi/mini cab before are taken ubers everywhere. They have become a replacement for car ownership. Something that black cab's and mini cabs cant do due to the nature of their business.

Finally, what is the difference between a taxi and a cab and an uber in terms of a car that drives you where you want to go? Surely its just semantics? If they were all so different no one would be complaining about it!

Ritchie9 5:34 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber
"Minicabs were better than black cabs," ha ha, I've heard it all now, it sounds like you love taxis but you just want them at a minicab price.

You say you want a service at reasonable price, so taking into account your uber driver earns less than a minimum wage, who can't afford the correct insurance (which is definitely in the publics interest to have it) and need to maintain their cars too, uber who do not pay any vat when they are supposed to pay 20% of every booking to the government, taking all that into account, the question is do you think the price you are paying for your uber is reasonable or is it a little on the short side?

threesixty 2:27 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber

I just want the service at a reasonable price. I already think London cabs are overpriced so I wouldn't take them anyway.

Minicabs were better and cheaper but you couldn't get them to just turn up where ever you were and you needed a local company to where you were.

Uber solved that by just connecting drivers with people wherever they are. And the fact that the service is global means that it has less friction and can use economies of scale to lower prices.

The other thing you forget is the surge model. The idea is that price changes when there is more demand actually creates a more accurate model of worth for a journey. If we are talking petrol costs, the cost of a 3 miles journey is peanuts, petrol wise.

The uber drivers can work when they want so they have some autonomy so I dont feel sorry for them. They dont have to do it. A few years ago these jobs werent there anyway so I really dont understand the fuss.

Yes there are legal issues, but as I explained before, the issues are there because the law is artificially trying to create a frame work for black cab drives to make money against the rise of new technology.

We had the same crap when minicabs were meant to be taking their trade and then they put new laws in to benefit black cabs. Now its ubers turn and the black cabs are fighting it but the public actually just prefer to use Uber cos its just easier and better.

Rusta 2:01 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber
To be fair it's a bit difficult to have a debate with someone who says they don't care if the drivers have insurance or not.

Ritchie9 1:58 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber
Threesixty would you be happy to pay more for your uber so the driver can earn a minimum wage and the extra 20% for vat?

Ritchie9 1:56 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber
Dwight, if that's true it'll be hard for him to cover anything up anymore as they take cards now.

Hermit Road 1:53 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber

"In this case the Uber service absolutely benefits the public"

That's debate able and doesn't address the legality. It's still against the law. It benefits some members of the public, it doesn't benefit any drivers in London. And it is irrelevant if it's not legal, which it isn't.

threesixty 12:19 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber


32 out of 154 sexual assault allegations were uber related in 2016. That leaves 122 from mini cab and other taxi drivers.

The amount of trips made by Uber is this missing number. What is the percentage allegations to trips?

The way its made out is that before Uber no mini cab or taxi drivers assaulted anyone. Which is obviously not true.

I feel that people are being selective with the figures here.

Looking at this article from the Sun


it turns out that cab drivers are pretty rampant regardless of whether they are Uber drivers or not.

Dwight Van Mann 12:02 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber
I know black cab drivers who pull in 60k a year but only declare earnings of 25k!
Not a bad little number

Ritchie9 8:56 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber
More news today, they are being taken to court as they pay no vat to the government.


defence 7:00 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber

The figures re uber rape are from tfl.

You say "Let's not forget the biggest cab raper ever was a black cab driver" that's simply not true. The reason so much was made of that case was that he was the first taxi driver convicted of rape in over 300 years.

Uber should never have been given a licence to operate as a minicab firm to begin with as they didn't pass the regulations. They were given a licence due to TfL corruption.

If uber worked within the minicab laws there wouldn't be a problem, but they don't, due to corruption.

If you think Uber's prices will stay low, how can they when uber loses £3billion a year.

Taxi drivers are not after protection. They just want the laws to be enforced and not circumvented be a predatory pricing, non tax paying, American giant that has no respect for public safety or the law.

The stories of corruption in the government, TfL, the mayors office and uber will keep coming. There is so much more to this then as been told so far.

threesixty 3:18 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber

Black cabs are very uncomfortable. Don't always stop (which is fucking embarrassing) , cost an arm and a leg ( not just on peak surge times) and I have to hope they appear and hail them down.

Uber let's me sit in a bar, press a few buttons and then guy is outside within a few minutes. Also, uber covers zones 1-4 pretty well, I have never seen a load of black cabs roaming near where I live, so I stick with 1 company and they sort it all out.

I'd rather use 1 app than 2, and I don't care about the distinction between taxis and mini cabs. They do the same thing, get me from a to b.

I just don't care enough about the plight of cabbies to disrupt my life using uber. As for the insurance, life's risky, but I'm fine with it.
If Uber had a shit service and it was being forced on me by Osborne and co I would be annoyed, obviously. But it's a good service so what's not to love.

As for the rape figures, are you sure? Sounds a bit much. Let's not forget the biggest cab raper ever was a black cab driver so I'm not sure if black cabs are safer at all.

joyo 3:04 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber
"would rather risk rape than talk to a black cab driver" = BENDER!

The uber app is forced stop drivers working more than 10 or 12 hours per shift in New York by the authorities.
They can do the same in London, but aren't, why's that?
Because Uber couldn't give a shit about safety only profit!

ManorParkHammer 12:52 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber
Best not to invest your time in a career which can be replaced by google maps and a refugee in an banged up Vauxhall.

Would rather risk rape than talk to a black cab driver. Skill less.

Ritchie9 12:46 Wed Mar 29
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber
Ray your right you can't, but those cabbies have got to give it a go otherwise they'll have no way of keeping a roof over their head.

ray winstone 11:54 Tue Mar 28
Re: Corruption, Cameron, Osborne, Tfl & Uber
Ritchie9, you can't beat the establishment mate.

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