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young woody 12:10 Tue Mar 28
Changing careers
I have been an office worker for about 10 years and simply had enough, mate from my CRICKET team said he would take me on as a painter and decorator, train me up and then either I can continue to work for his firm or go alone.

Wise move? Or am I being mad?

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Dudley Moore 6:25 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
Rusta, what are you doing with yourself now work-wise if you don't mind me asking?

Dr Moose 5:54 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers

My partners nieces husband is a painter, he does quite well wage wise but occasionally has to do 7 day weeks can spend a week working locally then get put on a job in Scotland for another week(without much notice).

If you're happy to put in the graft and travel up, down and across the UK for work then go for it.

defjam 5:52 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
How about becoming a train driver woody son?

Rusta 5:49 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
Left my desk in the city 2 half year ago one evening after being with the company 20 years and never went back. It was a massive gamble as got a mortgage and 3 kids but it was a great feeling.

It's worked out well for me so far but it did feel like I was jumping off a cliff with no idea how I'd land.

Oh I did throw a 6 month sickie that helped me on my way a bit

Spandex Sidney 5:42 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
Some good advice here Woody, listen mate.

I'm so glad I jacked the corporate shite in when I was 37. Plus if you hate your job NO amount of money will make it easier, trust me, it won't.

Do something that makes you happy and if it's less money do it while you are young and before you get all your commitments.

Look at it this way, when you are dead no one will give a shit how what job you done and how much money you earned. They will just miss you mate. Life's too short to do a job you hate.

Dudley Moore 5:22 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
Good luck in whatever you decide to do, woody.

This crosses my mind on almost a daily basis when I press the button for the lift in the morning at the office and wonder where I would be if it weren't for bills mortgages, and marriages.

I've considered jacking it all in for a manual job, which I personally think I'd be more suited to, but it's the drop in wages that nips any thoughts of it in the bud from the off.

Some will say that you only live once and don't regret tomorrow what you didn't do today and all that stuff, but it's not that straight forward is it?

I have to say though, I don't think I'd be happy in any sort of employment. I am, by nature, a rather lazy bastard who would much rather be sitting on his arse that lifting a finger in anger.

I have no dream job. Although having said that, someone mentioned a sex instructor earlier and I think I could be quite good at that.

Steven P 2:38 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
Ive always wanted to open a gym but the cost to do so is huge.

BetterthanKaka 2:29 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
Good luck Woodster.

Do what makes you happy mate.

young woody 2:22 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers

Yes and yes

ted fenton 2:21 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
Good luck Woody most people thought I was mad to give up my job and buy a Newsagents ! yeah it was hard work 20 years of 5am 7 days a week but after a while I employed people and life was great !
Try to think of doing something on your own rather than earning money for someone else for your time.

young woody 2:21 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers

I'll be going to collage while working

Gavros 1:48 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
think how many big green bananas you'll miss out on

On The Ball 1:43 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
What are you genuinely good at in P&D?

Will it pay enough for you to pay the bills/mortgage/holidays/shit polos?

Gavros 1:35 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
personally i think you'd be absolutely fucking mad to do this.

Go to college and train for a skilled manual job. boiler repair, spark etc.

young woody 1:32 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
I have read through every post and I really appreciate the help, seeing the boss of a firm tomorrow. They do all sorts of handy jobs but mainly painting and plastering.

Cheers again.

joe royal 12:24 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
Was the job in Leeds and the queue for applicants end at Croydon?

Northern Sold 12:10 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
W4... what and he also got PAID for that??

w4hammer 12:07 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
Had similar chat with the mrs over a beer on sunday- she asked what I would do career-choice wise again; I told her what Ive always told her - When I was about 20 my mate worked for a well-known glamour photographer ( whos's still going..) and was going off travelling and said i could have his job which was basically involved putting films in cameras and holding light meters between Sam Fox's and Linda Lusardi's tits and arse cheeks....

How difficult would that be to get up for every morning!?

J.Riddle 2:05 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
I've also given this great thought and there is only one job that I would jack my job in as a porn star and that a formula 1 racing driver.

I'll let you know if and when if you want my old job going by your user name :-)

Full Claret Jacket 2:02 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
Don't choose a career where you will always be undercut by cheap foreign labour. Go for something you enjoy or if you can't decide then look to take advantage of Brexit in the export business over the coming years. The clever people will do very well off the back of this and there is still time to do your homework and set yourself up.

Hani 1:51 Wed Mar 29
Re: Changing careers
There is work always work in that game, got a few mates that always have work and do well out of it and both are thick as shit. Office work will suck the soul right out of you get out why you still can.

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