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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Sullivan & Gold

Marquee signings promised every year you have been in charge to make sure we buy our season tickets, what do we get????

FUCKING loan with view to permanent moves

Zaza, Tore, Calleri ( fucking horse shit )

Shit Atthletics stadium with seats on scaffolding, stadium of the year???? Were you the only voters??

BILLIC - Gibbering wreck under pressure, no tactics, team set up, training is fucking Sunday league and coaching staff a fucking joke, DICKS top pro shit coach, Grays Ath and West Ham ladies, great credentials for a prem coach

You killed my club with ya fucking greed, dickhead son giving it bollocks on social media and giving us a stadium no fucker in there right mind will ever call home

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LeroysBoots 10:10 Thu Apr 27
Re: Sullivan & Gold
Alf agree with all of that

We have no plan...no tactics...no idea

We have donkeys...we need thoroughbreds

We are constantly fed a stream of lies saying we are at the next level but then we still shop in Iceland....we have no big plans...we make it up as we go along

What is our fucking football philosophy ?

Steven P 8:16 Thu Apr 27
Re: Sullivan & Gold
You are a strange man and I am not getting into this tedious argument again as by your logic there was about twenty players who meet your criteria that are regularly playing the prem and are of premiership standard.

It was a strange theory but that's ok mate keep telling yourself that you are right.

grasshopper 8:10 Thu Apr 27
Re: Sullivan & Gold

Your in total denial mate, but thats ok if it makes you feel better. I'm sure you feel very proud wearing SNODGRASS on the back of your shirt.

Sir Alf 8:05 Thu Apr 27
Re: Sullivan & Gold
Agree Boots. Goalkeepers need to go or at least Randolph.

Wont happen though. Bilic does not seem to have a vision from week to the next let alone year on year.

What is our style of play or system we want to adopt across all our teams and levels? Tiki-taka. gegenpress. direct counter attacking?

Until we have a footballing strategy, you risk players not fitting in regardless of age. Then we could buy younger players at less risk or develop them as we would know they all understand and fit the system

We currently have a slow team that cannot press or stand being pressed unless we play the 3 - 5 formation at the back and even then better teams open us up easily.

For the short term, Kouyate has to go as does Randolph and I would add Byram and Feghouli. Possibly others like Nordtveit but I saw a half decent player in flashes last week so we need hold on that just now :-)

I would offload Fletcher for a fee too. Don't think he will make it and needs to go to Leeds or someone but will command a fee.

None of this will happen. Expect some ageing old has beens or never beens who are Bosmans or once played for a big team so Sullivan can feel he is a big shot. Little man syndrome rules :-(

Steven P 8:04 Thu Apr 27
Re: Sullivan & Gold
And I proved you wrong in January as well hopper.

LeroysBoots 7:54 Thu Apr 27
Re: Sullivan & Gold
Clear the decks...agreed Alf...sell both the cunting keepers as well

grasshopper 7:53 Thu Apr 27
Re: Sullivan & Gold
Steve P as i said to you in january, snodgrass is a championship quality player and nowhere near the player payet is

Sir Alf 7:35 Thu Apr 27
Re: Sullivan & Gold
The FFP rule means we have to get better at balancing the books to afford the higher fees and salaries and partially explains why Spuds and Everton and others have spent 30+ million on players, even a few years ago, and we have max'd to 20 million on an overpriced Ayew :-(

This summer IMO we need to sell a few who can get a fee and improve the quality of the squad and first team. I would suggest Kouyate, Byram, Feghouli for a start to get us 20 million?

We need to then be buying a good number of players who, if they do not work out, are still young and good enough, to be sold on?

Thing is we need to know we can stay in the division first and we still aint got a squad for that. So the short term approach will continue :-( Expect has beens and old gits on high wages that once played for the top 4 or a top club in Europe. Even better if they are a Bosman in Sullis mind.

Chip Shop Charlie 1:36 Thu Apr 27
Re: Sullivan & Gold
It doesn't matter how many billions our owners are worth if they are not prepared to invest in the club, which seems to be the case with the current two.

franksfat&slow&wank 1:26 Thu Apr 27
Re: Sullivan & Gold
there was a point when I was happy with what the owners had achieved

I am now at the point where I want them to fuck off

thanks for everything but now fuck off please and let someone come in that can move us forward

Thames Ironworks 2:13 Wed Apr 26
Re: Sullivan & Gold

Steven P 2:07 Wed Apr 26
Re: Sullivan & Gold
That limits what

Steven P 2:06 Wed Apr 26
Re: Sullivan & Gold
What on earth are you going on about?

You do realise there is a certain rule called FFP that limits the hat can be spent, so regardless of if other owners are worth more it's simple that we have enough money to compete?? Do you really not see that?? And thanks for putting that in $$ as well.

So it's a simple question, was we in Europe or not??

You honestly think Payet was a gamble? If you do then I suggest you give up on football as I don't think it is for you.

Please don't go on because you are making yourself look a little silly.

Thames Ironworks 2:00 Wed Apr 26
Re: Sullivan & Gold
Chelsea - $8.9B
Man City $17B
Tottenham $4.9B
West Brom $4.8B
Man U $3.7B
Leicester $2.2B

These clubs are worth more and as others have said invest more in a player. We have only just broken £20m for a player.
Been in Europe, what a group stage loss at the outset, really?!!!
We buy from Lesser Leagues, I'm guessing the Turkish league and Italian B leagues are better are they?

We take a punt as a club in the hope that we can invest low and hope players come good against better and higher valued players. It's a gamble it pays off sometimes like with Payet. Then we do not invest the player has the burden of responsibility then wants to leave.

I could go on.

Steven P 1:48 Wed Apr 26
Re: Sullivan & Gold
There is so much wrong in what you say in that post starting from the point where we don't have money - Sullivan is worth over a billion and gold £600m. You say the owners don't have the funds to get us into Europe and yet we have been in Europe the last two seasons. You also say that we buy from the lesser leagues yet our last two signings are proven premiership players and however much people want to criticise Snodgrass, he had very similar stats to Payet and talking about Payet, he was a very proven player in Europe and was hardly a punt or an unknown.

I could go on...

Thames Ironworks 1:37 Wed Apr 26
Re: Sullivan & Gold

Steven P 12:39 Wed Apr 26
Re: Sullivan & Gold

And Why?

Steven P 1:18 Wed Apr 26
Re: Sullivan & Gold

6 - Everton
7 - Arsenal
8 - WBA

Is normal?

Johnson 12:46 Wed Apr 26
Re: Sullivan & Gold
How many more times comma, talking about football is just not for you.

, 12:45 Wed Apr 26
Re: Sullivan & Gold
The PL is back to normal this season. Last season was the exception. It's clear to see.

Steven P 12:41 Wed Apr 26
Re: Sullivan & Gold

, 12:36 Wed Apr 26
Re: Sullivan & Gold

There is a definite top six, yet Leicester win the league? Hahaha!

Steven P 12:39 Wed Apr 26
Re: Sullivan & Gold

Thames Ironworks 10:58 Wed Apr 26
Re: Sullivan & Gold

So much wrong with that post.

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