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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Far Cough 8:36 Mon May 1
Jeff Lynne
The Move
Travelling Wilburys
and his solo work

Try this:


The sixth Beatle and Musical God

Rock on Jeff


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sanfrancis-co-uk 12:19 Wed May 3
Re: Jeff Lynne
He just got inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame,along with Joan Baez,Nile Rogers,Journey and Pearl Jam.
You know you're getting old when you prefer the RARHOF over the Grammys.It's a good watch if that's your cup of tea.

GingerNut 11:26 Tue May 2
Re: Jeff Lynne
Kuiama, nuff said.

Fivetide 9:15 Tue May 2
Re: Jeff Lynne
Some up? Seriously!

Fivetide 9:14 Tue May 2
Re: Jeff Lynne
Yeah, the production on Discovery was "awful" for 1979... you pillock!

lowlife 8:50 Tue May 2
Re: Jeff Lynne
Apart from him being a massive dick, one of the reasons I avoid Chris Evans breakfast show is that he's always banging on about how 'ELO are right up there with The Beatles for consistently great output'.

No they're not, you daft cunt. Nowhere near.

Razzle 4:09 Tue May 2
Re: Jeff Lynne
Radio 2

BubblesCyprus 12:53 Tue May 2
Re: Jeff Lynne
ELO Some memorable choons that apart not a legend or God for me musically speaking.

Alwaysaniron 12:46 Tue May 2
Re: Jeff Lynne
Jeff Lynne

Written some fab tunes but like ELO when it comes to playing live (it sounds excellent) but to be honest they're as dull as dishwater... Jeff himself is cut out of cardboard.

Swiss. 12:34 Tue May 2
Re: Jeff Lynne
ELO just some up why I thank god for the coming of the Pistols/Clash/Jam etc

Northern Sold 11:44 Tue May 2
Re: Jeff Lynne
Boring pretentious old cunt.... as is Jeff Lynne

whu&eng1 10:06 Tue May 2
Re: Jeff Lynne
Soundtrack to my childhood, and played a few songs at my dads funeral. Mr Blue Sky, Sweet Talking Woman, Diary of Horace Wimp etc. Love a bit of Supertramp too. I'm late 30's, but these two bands will always evoke great memories..

wtf 3:57 Tue May 2
Re: Jeff Lynne
MikeHammer = Jeff Lynne

HairyHammer 3:43 Tue May 2
Re: Jeff Lynne

geoffpikey 2:08 Tue May 2
Re: Jeff Lynne
Thought I may have been harsh. Just listened to ELO "Rock and Roll Is King". Cuntasaurus!! Jive Bunny would be embarrassed by that. Jesus wept.

As for what he did to poor George Harrison. Fucking hell.

Robson 1:31 Tue May 2
Re: Jeff Lynne
Not for me, thanks.

I love plenty of music from the 60s and 70s, but never anything he was involved in. Nothing personal, just not my thing.

The Stoat 1:02 Tue May 2
Re: Jeff Lynne
Don't forget the wonderful IDLE RACE



The Dursley Massive 11:53 Mon May 1
Re: Jeff Lynne
What Pikey said. Better musician than producer imho, although he does have a distinctive sound I suppose.

geoffpikey 10:13 Mon May 1
Re: Jeff Lynne
Awful producer, sound-wise, after Out Of The Blue. For all the talent on the Traveling Wilburys records, they sound foul. SYRUPY*

But for the Move and early ELO, he has my respect. * Wig or transplant?

Lertie Button 9:59 Mon May 1
Re: Jeff Lynne
Some great tunes, some great bands

RBshorty 9:55 Mon May 1
Re: Jeff Lynne
Fucking hell. Saw this thread and thought he was "hovis."

Don't do that to us.

MikeHammer 9:40 Mon May 1
Re: Jeff Lynne
Love that album and amazing that he also produced (or co) so many others around that time ... Roy Orbison Mystery Girl, George Harrison Cloud Nine , Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever, Ringo's Time Takes Time and of course Beatles Antholgy songs and some of Paul's Flamkng Pie plus his work as Otis Wilbury..a very productive few years !

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