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Mr Anon 10:57 Mon May 1
American Gods
For fans of Neil Gaiman- the adaption started last night and it looks like will be pretty damn good.

First episode featured a gory Viking battle, a bizarre sex scene where a man was "swallowed whole ", and Ian McShane chewing up the scenery, what's not to love?

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penners28 10:39 Wed May 3
Re: American Gods
He is indeed

Josh 10:23 Wed May 3
Re: American Gods
Isn't Ricky Antionio's brother in law?

normannomates 1:50 Wed May 3
Re: American Gods
Seems young Ricky has munched on some Hollywood cock

Takashi Miike 12:08 Wed May 3
Re: American Gods
just watched the first one and it was ok. a bit style over substance but I won't write it off after just one episode

The Joker 7:28 Tue May 2
Re: American Gods
Love Gaiman. Despite my scepticism of his ideas coming across well on film (tho Stardust was good), I think I'll have to check this out.

Hani 7:10 Tue May 2
Re: American Gods
Ricky whittle should have stuck to modeling or Holyoakes, he's a terrible actor. He was awful in 100, fuck knows how he keeps getting parts.

RBshorty 6:06 Tue May 2
Re: American Gods
As they like to say in HollyWood.

Brits = White Mexicans.

RBshorty 6:03 Tue May 2
Re: American Gods
Liked the leprechaun. And Ian McShane. Being Ian McShane is always worth seeing. Really liked the insults the best friends girl was throwing around in the graveyard. This will keep me going until Games Of Thrones returns at the end of July.

Trevor B 5:56 Tue May 2
Re: American Gods
There are several reason why there are so many Brits etc getting top roles in Hollywood and on TV our there at the moment. One is money apparently, Brits tend to not be quite as demanding as yanks. Second is their craft, many British actors are stage trained, Rada etc, whilst yanks often tend to cut their teeth in low rate films, daytime soaps and teen/disney stuff, or comedy, which is often hard to move away from. Third, because of that yanks tend to get typecast easily, whereas brits don't.

Grumpster 5:40 Tue May 2
Re: American Gods
Brits and Aussie's are capable of putting on a damn fine yank accent and can also act, so they're taking over.

Russ of the BML 5:31 Tue May 2
Re: American Gods
A man was swallowed 'whole'. Was their an alligator involved?

Swiss. 3:24 Tue May 2
Re: American Gods
But leroy to answer your question we produce very good actors and I've heard they work cheaper than our US counterparts.

Look how Idris Alba and Dominic West have progressed after The Wire.

Swiss. 3:22 Tue May 2
Re: American Gods

yeah take Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, Walking Dead, Daredevil, Ironfist, Preacher, Lucifer to name a few with leading roles with Brits. As for Game of Thrones

Still a lot of bloody Aussies around as well.

BillC79 2:43 Tue May 2
Re: American Gods
Great book - the follow up (though not a sequel) Anansi Boys was a good read too.

Neverwhere also one of his best.

Not sure about the actor they cast as Shadow but will give it a watch and judge then.

LeroysBoots 2:04 Tue May 2
Re: American Gods
Serious question, why are there SO MANY Brits in new American series ?

Swiss. 1:43 Tue May 2
Re: American Gods
Yes very good start. Starz love their blood spluts.

.I actually started reading the book but left it on a plane I think.

Big Gaiman fan and loved Stardust and Coraline.

Syd Puddefoot 8:37 Tue May 2
Re: American Gods
For those of you who spend a lot of time in a car, the Audio book is the gold standard of what all audio books should aspire to.

Lily Hammer 4:01 Tue May 2
Re: American Gods
The book is arguably his best work, aside from The Sandman series, which rules supreme.

I look forward to checking this out.

That sex scene flipped my mind when I read it. A vision I can't shake free of.

penners28 11:37 Mon May 1
Re: American Gods
My pal ricky whittle is in this

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