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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Ridikzappa 11:52 Sun May 28
Every day now they are out, arses wiggling.

It seems to have overtaken the lycra-clad-smug-arseholes-on-bicycles as the new 'look at me, i am vital and socially progressive' pastime for repressed 20-somethings and middle-aged crisis twats.

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arsegrapes 12:05 Fri Jun 2
Re: Joggers
Private dancer, yes, have you ever kissed a ladyboy before?

Private Dancer 6:38 Fri Jun 2
Re: Joggers
arsegrapes - Have you ever kissed a girl before?

arsegrapes 2:03 Fri Jun 2
Re: Joggers
Dursley, yes mate those are all the factual reasons why I used to run with vibrams five fingers which I still prefer today as they are weightless. They also reduce heal strike which can cause back problems.

I went barefoot for about 2 years before injury. Lost 1 1/2 stone. I distinctly remember becoming fitter and believe my overconfidence was my undoing as I was pushing myself and over striding. Needless to say I take it easier now, put all the weight back on, now lost 1/2 stone.

Opinion is now divided, there is another train of thought from some experts that although barefoot is good for all those things they are also brutal on all the joints as there is no cushioning at all, hence will cause more injuries depending to distances and surfaces. In my case I think there were many contributing factors as per my list, (and another I just remembered is I wear insoles now as I found out I am a supinator) but barefoot was definitely one, I would run max 3 x 5 mile runs per week with rest days in between. I was in much pain months of physio so eliminated everything I could including barefoot, but everyone is different, some swear by them, maybe I just had a bad experience.

The Dursley Massive 11:24 Thu Jun 1
Re: Joggers

Surprised to see barefoot running in there. I've found it improves form, reduces over striding, improves cadence etc. Were you doing a lot barefoot? Build up too quickly?

arsegrapes 10:29 Thu Jun 1
Re: Joggers
Last year was off for several months with painful sciatica from iliotibial band and piriformis syndrome. Only doing 15 mile per week.

Be careful out there.

No more
barefoot running
over striding.
hard surfaces
crowned surfaces

Now only
run on grass
Max cushioned shoes
Use correct cadence
cushioned treadmill
calf stretches before and after
hamstring stretches before and after
hydrate and energise with supplements while running

Tomshardware 8:53 Thu Jun 1
Re: Joggers
Zod has a photographic memory.

Nurse Ratched 8:49 Thu Jun 1
Re: Joggers
Zod judges you.

Tomshardware 8:37 Thu Jun 1
Re: Joggers
Talking of nice hangers, seems Carol Kirkwood has been hacked.


Tomshardware 8:33 Thu Jun 1
Re: Joggers
I Can't beat seeing a nice pair of hangers bouncing up and down.

Northern Sold 5:27 Thu Jun 1
Re: Joggers
I was young then Sven son... and confused... I even had a permed mullet to go with said trainers... deffo my Gay times

Sven Roeder 4:56 Thu Jun 1
Re: Joggers
Borg Elites , Northern?

Maybe your feet just turned gay running in those TENNIS player slippers.

Imagine it's spread up your legs and you are entirely RIDDLED by now

Pi Alpha Nu 4:41 Thu Jun 1
Re: Joggers
One of my mates was a keen runner he ran every day. Didn't do him much good as he had a massive heart attack and it killed him the poor sod :-(

BetterthanKaka 4:29 Thu Jun 1
Re: Joggers
I like it. 10k is perfect distance for me.

Not sure I'll be running any more marathons any time soon, fucking brutal.

Northern Sold 4:15 Thu Jun 1
Re: Joggers
I'd have been alright if I didn't take up running kaks' son...

...would still been able to play football like all my mates still do.... walk the dog without feeling my spine is gonna split in two... and being able to wipe my arse without being in agony (back NOT piles)...

Jogging can fucking do one

BetterthanKaka 4:12 Thu Jun 1
Re: Joggers
Fucking hell, some proper miserable cunts on this thread.

Northern Sold 3:50 Thu Jun 1
Re: Joggers
The main reason that running ruins your body/legs/back etc is because it's often done wrong in footwear that is designed to cushion your incorrect running technique.

Yup true dat... but for us old farts that have basically knackered our bodies running in Borg Elites back in the day it's a bit late for that... I actually know of three people that have died recently running... one bloke worked on our floor... run the Southend 10k and dropped dead after the finishing line... better chance of survival working with Tigers I reckon

scott_d 3:46 Thu Jun 1
Re: Joggers
Allot of Park Runners are not Club Runners.

I run on roads but I prefer to run on trails and off-road. But it keeps me fit and not all trails are easily accessible until the summer with better conditions and light.

The main reason that running ruins your body/legs/back etc is because it's often done wrong in footwear that is designed to cushion your incorrect running technique.

Get your technique right and you'll do far less damage. Obviously running off-road helps too.

Fivetide 8:32 Tue May 30
Re: Joggers
Well. Eating bogies is DEFINITELY good for you. That crops up all the time, e.g. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/05/05/eating-bogies-good-teeth-overall-health-scientists-conclude/

Tomshardware 8:25 Tue May 30
Re: Joggers
I like picking my nose.

ivan 12:53 Tue May 30
Re: Joggers
im running off rd now , but only because its summer .The sussex downs has got some tough hill's but some amazing views.
Next time im visiting my mum NS i'll see if you fancy a bit of Hadleigh park run

Northern Sold 12:19 Tue May 30
Re: Joggers
I used to run... road running ... mainly pre season training... good 5 or 6 miles 2 or 3 times a week... I'd say doing that has ruined my body completely... shin splints... and then a popped disc... all problems caused when I started running... like my old physio (John Gowan the Southend Utd physio) said... the human body is not constructed very well to run on rock hard concrete... I'd say now my body is fucked thanks to running on roads... oh and I have never taken Coke...

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