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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

stats 4:50 Fri Jun 9
Calling Northern Sold
Off to New York for 4 nights in early July and then Orlando for 2 weeks in a villa 20 mins drive from Disney Parks.

Any hot tips at all please chap?

Do's and don'ts for the parks and eating out tips would be especially helpful.



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Son of Anarchy 4:58 Tue Jun 13
Re: Calling Northern Sold

Where are you headed? Stopping by Vegas again?

Son of Anarchy 8:19 Mon Jun 12
Re: Calling Northern Sold

Download the disneyland app, it gives you wait times for all the rides.

My advice ia to go into the park around 4, as the families have been in there all day with little kids and they are all donw for the day so its a bit easier in the evening.

stats 2:35 Mon Jun 12
Re: Calling Northern Sold
Cheers Soldo. I'll deffo be having a good look at the Dibbs forum.
The girl is very organised and started booking the fast passes yesterday.

Northern Sold 12:31 Mon Jun 12
Re: Calling Northern Sold
Fastpasses are your friends Stats fella… get them booked up 30 days before you go and have some sort of plan… I’m not gonna lie you are going one of the busiest times of the year BUT… the parks do stay open a lot longer… it might be an idea a few times of just having a relaxing day and then hit the parks later on in the evening when things quieten down a lot more… It can be done but try and plan as much as you can… On that DIBB website they have loads of Busy day guides and what parks are best on what days… they are a real help… whatever you and the girl will love it.

stats 12:08 Mon Jun 12
Re: Calling Northern Sold
Son of Anarchy 12:34 Sun Jun 11

I think the crowds are going to have to make their peace with me mate. I'm going to be trundling round on me mobility scooter.

My biggest fear is putting on 3 stone as due to my lack of mobility I'm going to have to be careful with my calorie intake. Not the best place in the world to be doing that I know.

Anyway, this trip is all about my 18 year old daughter who has been wanting to go for years,

She's off to Uni in September and has worked her wotnames off so really deserves it.

Northern Sold 10:51 Mon Jun 12
Re: Calling Northern Sold
Frankie… I love your local Supermarket….. only got 2 months to go and I’m back on the Dos Equis XX trial…

Son of Anarchy 4:44 Mon Jun 12
Re: Calling Northern Sold

My local super market has a special on DoS XX, 16 bottles for $10 for all Smiths Card holders

Northern Sold 9:41 Sun Jun 11
Re: Calling Northern Sold
Fucking hell hark at Private Dancer getting all punchy on here.... maybe next week someone can do a `calling private Dancer' thread so that you can get busy with all your knowledge on what bars are best to get a STD in Thailand...

jfk 1:34 Sun Jun 11
Re: Calling Northern Sold
El Scorchio 12:41 Sat Jun 10
Good post mate.

Son of Anarchy 12:34 Sun Jun 11
Re: Calling Northern Sold

Ive been to disneyland in LA a good few times, its great for the kids and if can make your peace with the crowds etc youll have a great time.

Family trip theres nowhere better.

Sadly the exchange rate isnt your friend at the moment

Dantastic 8:03 Sat Jun 10
Re: Calling Northern Sold
Try the dibb.co.uk too. It's a great site for Florida. A lot like this (well it's not really it's all about Florida and you can ask questions on the Forum and those who wanna help will, and those who obviously don't won't, they also don't abuse you and others as they're not lonely fuckers with nothing better to do) site

El Scorchio 12:41 Sat Jun 10
Re: Calling Northern Sold
I think it's because sold always bangs on about always going to Florida/the States on holiday so you'd think he's a good person to ask and sure enough he came up with some decent advice. Yeah I suppose the thread could have been called 'Florida/Disney holiday advice please' and Sold would also have found it and contributed anyway but that doesn't matter and shouldn't really be worth criticising the poster over.

I had a question about US car hire earlier this year and Sold was good enough to give me a few thoughts as were other people. But just addressing the thread to him doesn't preclude other people from also giving advice as they have done. Sometimes- just sometimes- people on here can give fantastic advice. Ive certainly been the beneficiary of a lot over the years.

RE:fastpasses- ALWAYS worth it if you can afford to budget for them. ALWAYS.

Gavros 12:19 Sat Jun 10
Re: Calling Northern Sold
Yeah but as already has been pointed out Sold0 is a fucking useless bastard at the best of times so good for him he stuck it up here. Although it smacks of a bit of weirdness that he addressed one person when obviously loads of people on here would have done exactly that trip.

It's be like me asking Buster, how do I get from provincial Surrey to the OS?

KIA must be turning in his grave.

Private Dancer 11:41 Sat Jun 10
Re: Calling Northern Sold
Ag! The point here is starting a thread looking for the attention of ONE other WHOer for a topic that is of zero interest to anyone else. That is exactly what WHOmail is for.

And oh, I hope you die soon.

Johnson 11:34 Sat Jun 10
Re: Calling Northern Sold
1. Anyone know how I can get 2 grand back from a Nigerian scammer
2. Why are Ticketmaster wankers when it comes to selling me thearte (sic) tickets?
3. Why doesn't my printer work

Yep, all of those were in context of discussions happening at the time.

Private Dancer 11:32 Sat Jun 10
Re: Calling Northern Sold
What?? Ask a relevant question in tone with the debate, you fucking filth bag.

Gavros 11:08 Sat Jun 10
Re: Calling Northern Sold
May be not him bit I'm on my way.

It's B-B-B-BINTANG O'clock.

East Auckland Hammer 11:06 Sat Jun 10
Re: Calling Northern Sold
Haven't you asked the odd question on here over the years Bleeding Claret Dancer?

Willtell 11:06 Sat Jun 10
Re: Calling Northern Sold
I was mickey taking....

Private Dancer 11:02 Sat Jun 10
Re: Calling Northern Sold
You pissed already?

Mike Oxsaw 10:38 Sat Jun 10
Re: Calling Northern Sold
So what do you want - a dead site or one that moves, albeit with trivia YOU know/care fuck all about.

I actually like this site so want the opposite of what you want, whatever that is.

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