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BetterthanKaka 4:41 Tue Jun 20
Nordy's left - £8M?


Havard Nordtveit leaves West Ham for Hoffenheim

West Ham have announced the sale of midfielder Havard Nordtveit to German side Hoffenheim for a fee understood to be £8m.

The 26-year-old Norway international will be returning to Germany after just a season with the Hammers, who he joined from Borussia Monchengladbach on a free transfer last summer.

West Ham manager Slaven Bilic said: "I would like to thank Havard for his commitment and hard work last season.

"He is an excellent professional and we wish him all the very best at Hoffenheim."

Nordtveit made his debut for the London club in the Europa League last July and made 21 appearances in total.

He moves on to a Hoffenheim side who enjoyed a fine 2016/17 campaign, finishing fourth in the Bundesliga table.

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percyd 2:42 Fri Jun 23
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
European transfers list in today's Grauniad has him off to Hoffenheim for £1.8m.

TCHammer444 1:19 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
East Auckland Hammer 12:14 Wed Jun 21

It's true, because G&S transfer policies of signing too many players on freebies, loans and they simply players who haven't caught the eye.

Under Gr*nt, we bought rubbish, Piquonne was his main signing

Allardyce had to rebuild and bought players to get us up and suit his style but also bought players who would do a job for that season (apart from Cresswell), Carroll obviously, was a long term purchase, but the injuries haven't helped in the slightest.

Relaistically the only players we could effectively sell from his days are probably Sakho and Valencia.

The style of play for Allardyce meant we did not attract any suitors.

Under Bilic, obviosuly Payet is the only one, but if we do not improve this season, you can't see the likes of Lanzini & Antonio staying around for long.

Infidel 12:31 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
"I would like to thank Havard for running on to the pitch at White Hart Lane in the dying seconds of the game and giving away the penalty that cost us the match."

Goodbye Nordy and close the door on your way out.

Alex V 12:28 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
There's not much to be gained by comparing purchase prices and sale prices imo. Eg almost anyone bought 3 years ago has probably doubled in price since, cos of the way the market's rocketed - it doesn't mean very much.

In terms of profit on Nordtveit, we will have paid a sizeable signing on fee and higher wages for an OOC player. So even for a free I'm not sure there'd be anything you can classify as profit. And if you sell a player for much less than he should be worth it may go down as profit compared to a free transfer, but in some ways it's a loss (of a potentially valuable asset).

Swiss. 12:25 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
Did think he was that bad and played out of position too much. Anyway a goof bit of profit and into the transfer coffers.

Doubt we'll make a profit on Snodgrass.

Johnson 12:25 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
LOLmas proving beyond doubt he knows fuck all about the club he pretends to support.

Russ - I'm not bothered about Everton at all, I don't think anyone is, people are pointing out how they are a better run club than us right now that's all.

You're making up people are crying though which is a sign of hysteria in my opinion.

East Auckland Hammer 12:14 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
Still, you have to go back close to 10 years to find a player who we made a decent profit on.

That's a long time between drinks.

TCHammer444 12:13 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
Reo-Coker another one, signed for under £1m and left to go to Villa for £8.5m.

East Auckland Hammer 12:09 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
You might be right actually there TC.

I couldn't remember the exact details, so had to use google.

TCHammer444 12:06 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
East Auckland Hammer 11:30 Wed Jun 21

Bellamy signed for £7,5m in 2007 and sold to Man City for £14m Jan 2009.

Tevez left in May 2007. He was never our player and we did not make a profit on him.

Russ of the BML 11:56 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
Full Claret Jacket 1:31 Wed Jun 21

Agreed. He was Mouchengladbach's captain. So to me seemed to be the type of player you buy and then play straight away. Few of may pals thought originally he'd be replacing Noble. He looked decent enough when he played DM but was only played there couple of times.

Russ of the BML 11:54 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
Johnson 6:28 Tue Jun 20

LOL shut up you tosser. Me crying? I'm not the one getting all teary eyed over how Everton are taking over the world.

East Auckland Hammer 11:43 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
I'm a bit murky on the details, but I thought that Tevez was still technically a West Ham player up until 08/09, and that he was on loan to Man Utd during that period?

Kaiser Zoso 11:41 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
Turn it in Lomas

Knavinge 11:39 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
2007, two years before Bellamy left.

East Auckland Hammer 11:37 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
And when did he cease to be West Ham's player?

Knavinge 11:31 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
We doubled our money on Bellamy and Tevez joined in 2006 you dribbling fool.

East Auckland Hammer 11:30 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
Yeah we did. About 3.5 million according to the transfermarkt site, but that was 08/09, the season before Tevez.

TCHammer444 11:23 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
East Auckland Hammer 11:20 Wed Jun 21

I'm sure we made a decent profit on Bellamy?

East Auckland Hammer 11:20 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
As near as I can make out, apart from Payet, which was a forced sale and Tomkins who was homegrown, you have to go back to Carlos Tevez for any sort of decent profit, and if you consider how much that particular deal cost us overall, we definitely didn't come out in front.

Dr Moose 10:26 Wed Jun 21
Re: Nordy's left - £8M?
Slowly shipping the shit out, Snodgrass next please.

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