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under the thumb 1:30 Fri Jun 23
Bryan 'Pop' Robson

Great viewing of the little man. What a player he was. Loved watching him play. So many of his goals were one touch finishes and the number of goals set up by Sir Trev was unbelievable.

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Itchy Scratchy 7:00 Thu Jun 29
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson Goal / Sir Clyde Best v Leeds
boleyn, that goal was actually one of his against Southampton on the Good Friday morning. (Back in the days when we played at home on Good Friday morning and East Saturday afternoon).

I was at those games and remember that goal VERY well. You are right as in horizontal, South Bank end, head was furthest from goal, a free kick, sent in and somehow he got up and flicked it in.

There IS video of it, (or was). Same as the Leeds 3-1. Remember Grandstand and World of Sport. If you could get access to the tapes and look at them for the programs following those games I am convinced they are in there, if they still exist, as I remember seeing them.

Re the Leeds 3-1 the Clyde Best goal was exceptional. He took it from a quick kick out by Mervyn Day, absolutely killed it as it came down from height by cushioning it on the top of his right foot and the ball was on the ground right in front of him. (If someone did that nowadays you would never hear the end of it). He was about 30 yards from the goal, South Bank end, middle of the pitch. Norman Hunter was between Sir Clyde and the goal but was facing his own goal. Sir Clyde pushed the ball slightly left and Hunter turned to his left, as he did Sir Clyde moved the ball to the right, bearing down on goal, 20 yards out now, Hunter started to turn to his right, Sir Clyde, and this is the most skillful I EVER saw a player do in the heat of battle, just moved his right foot over the ball towards the left and Hunter started to turn to his left, as he did Sir Clyde used his right foot (which was on the left side of the ball), to knock the ball to the right, 18 yards from goal now, Hunter has turned left and is left for dead as Sir Clyde strode forward 2 steps to inside the box and smashed it low past David Harvey.

That is exactly how I remember it and would love to see it again on video and don't care how close my memory is to reality, because in my mind that's how it will always be.

Oh and a footnote. Norman Hunter remembered the goal and agreed with it as I relayed it. How do I know? I met him and asked him, described it as above and he said something along the lines of amazingly skillful and unbelievably good.

I have this bizarre memory of West Ham games, goals and stuff but can't remember jack s*** about anything else.

SDKFZ 222 2:31 Wed Jun 28
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
And, of course, those were the days when Leeds had that swaggering arrogance about them. They also had those numbered tags on their socks, pristine white tracksuit tops, and that, 'twirly wave' thing they did in the centre circle prior to matches in those days. They weren't popular champions by any means and it was very satisfying to have stuffed them on our ground.

Wham1966 10:17 Wed Jun 28
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
SDKFZ 222 & Boleyn

I remember this game. I won tickets from a competition in the Stratford Express. Posh seats in the West Stand.

Fabulous goal by Clyde Best was the pick of the three. Sir Trev got the other.

Don't think I've ever seen any footage sadly.

LeroysBoots 7:17 Tue Jun 27
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
It was a great time to be a fan, really miss those days on the West side

Keith Robson, Billy Jennings, Graham Paddon, Patsy Holland...all the unsung heroes

Crap pitches, great songs, fantastic banter

Football is so sterile these days

SDKFZ 222 6:26 Tue Jun 27
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson

I was at that match, it was one of only four that Leeds lost that season as they headed towards the title. It was a beautiful Spring day and we were all over them, they didn't know what had hit them by the end of the match.

boleyn8420 3:39 Tue Jun 27
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
Thats when football was, well football, broken leg, run it off you poof, ah, can't say that anymore.

Pop Robson was one of my all time favourites. Remember beating Leeds 3-1 when I swear he was ten foot horizontal in the air as he flick headed it past Harvey in the Leeds goal. Was on the West Bank and it all kicked off with the Leeds fans that had got in there. Ah, happy, happy days

SDKFZ 222 2:56 Tue Jun 27
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
One of my favourite all time West Ham players, I was gutted on both occasions when he left us.

Billy Blagg 12:46 Mon Jun 26
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
25-30 goals a season how many times? His worth would be incalculable now. Great player and hugely underrated.

Boycie 12:41 Mon Jun 26
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
I enjoyed that and so did my 11yr old son. some of those tackles though jesus. We then watched the pathe news reel of the 1964 cup final. Legalised GBH on the keepers!!

BubblesCyprus 4:53 Sun Jun 25
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
Great little player had the sad record of leaving us twice in his career both times he was away we won the Cup

w4hammer 11:51 Sun Jun 25
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
"pop pop pop robson....."

Thanks for the video reminder- a super player, scored lots of the kind of goals you just dont see any more..

Mike Oxsaw 10:44 Sun Jun 25
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
Well that video was 10 minutes of my life I'd happily repeat again. And again. And again...

Helmut Shown 4:04 Sat Jun 24
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
I was given a vhs of West Ham 1900 - xxxx and it showed many goals scored by West Ham favourites down the years. I have no doubt this bloke was the best of them all. So quick to see an opening and so quick to convert it to a goal. A real class act. I believe his father in law Len Heppel used to coach him on balance etc and this filtered down to a lot of the team and improved them. One goal in particular against Leeds at the South bank didn't get an immediate response from the crowd as he was so quick that nobody had realised it had hit the back of the net. Great player.

cygnet 1:23 Sat Jun 24
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
RE Wham 1966:

I'm fairly sure it was ballroom dancing that he edited for improving his balance. Brooking who was forever stumbling over said it was part of his game that improved after Pop Robson advised him.

Private Dancer 7:08 Sat Jun 24
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
A poor mans Jimmy Greaves, was a good player for us though. Knew where the net was.

Chigwell 6:56 Sat Jun 24
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
What is obvious from the video is that he had no hesitation in using his "wrong" foot which gave him a huge advantage where speed of thought and action was needed in front of goal. Are you watching, Andy Carroll?

Wham1966 6:29 Sat Jun 24
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
wd40 1:52 Sat Jun 24

John Lyall sings the half time team talk:


normannomates 2:06 Sat Jun 24
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
Always amazes me the lack of respect shown towards this man.
Hardly gets a look in.

wd40 1:52 Sat Jun 24
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
John Lyall half time talk:

do us a favour Pop can you get us a goal or even two in this next half please?

Pop: no problem

Lyall: thanks in a advance mate.

gph 12:23 Sat Jun 24
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
There's a quote somewhere about him being happy to score with any part of his body, so long as it wasn't handball.

Not sure if he managed to do that with EVERY part of his body. (Not at football, anyway...)

terry-h 12:14 Sat Jun 24
Re: Bryan 'Pop' Robson
No surprise Revie didn't give him an England cap, but I'm surprised Alf Ramsay didn't give him a chance at international level either.

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