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mallard 12:56 Sat Jun 24
Glastonbury 2017
Not everyone's cup of tea, but Radiohead are rocking it tonight

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Northern Sold 4:19 Tue Jun 27
Re: Glastonbury 2017
Yeah sorry Gavvy…. I’ve just ordered a load of T-Shirts with `So Gavvy say’s…The Blues was invented in Scotland’… I’m going to New Orleans next year … I’m gonna make a killing flogging them $20 a pop….

I mean it stands to reason if you and Surface says so....

Gavros 3:30 Tue Jun 27
Re: Glastonbury 2017
See SOLD0 the man-muppet has gone quiet on this today?

Dizzy_uk 1:18 Tue Jun 27
Re: Glastonbury 2017
Popped there for 24 hours, arrived for the end of foo fighters on sat night and left before the end of Ed Sheeran.

Spent most of the time holed up in Shangri La as I was there with dnb peeps to do some MCing and what not.

All in all one of the best places on earth for 5 days. Even if you donif like music 👌🏼

yngwies Cat 8:09 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
"Dad Ain't da Blues"

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 7:57 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
Gav is right !?!?!?

British (not just sweaty) folk is a big part of da blue.

Gavros 7:16 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
this is Darby and Tarlton recorded in the 20s. This is considered to be early Country, though to me its fairly indistinguishable from blues at the time. Just coz theyre white I guess.


Toe Rag 7:02 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
I saw her as part of the transatlantic sessions a couple of years back. Absolutely brilliant performer. Knocks Sheeran into a cocked hat. Mesmerising.

Gavros 7:00 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
Leadbelly covered House of the Rising Sun....a song which once warned "There is a house in LOWESTOFT they call the Rising Sun"

the coming of gary 6:51 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
Carolina Chocolate Drops' singer Rhiannon Giddens has made two brilliant solo albums

Toe Rag 6:51 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
There was a program on tv a few years back as well that got a black gospel choir from down south and a group of Gaelic singers from the Hebrides together. All a bit technical from what I remember but the similarities were pretty remarkable.

Toe Rag 6:48 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
For those who doubt that the blues came from the melting pot of European folk and African rhythms just go and listen to Mississippi John Hurt and it might change your mind a bit.

There were lots and lots of African American string bands in the 1910s and 20s. Just that they never recorded anything.

Lots of the delta blues is very very folky. Then you've got stuff like the Mississippi Sheiks who bridged the gap. Interesting stuff.

Then look at the sort of stuff the Carolina Chocolate Drops do in the modern era. They know their onions.

Darby_ 6:25 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
I thought the mention of akonting from west Africa was quite interesting. Blues is no doubt the result of a mix of influences, both black and white, but having had a listen to a few akonting choons on YouTube, I can see an influence there.


Gavros 4:39 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017

Gavros 4:33 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
while the findings of Kubik and others also clearly attest to the essential Africanness of many essential aspects of blues expression, studies by Willie Ruff and others have situated the origin of "black" spiritual music inside enslaved peoples' exposure to their masters' Hebridean-originated gospels.[8] African-American economist and historian Thomas Sowell also notes that the southern, black, ex-slave population was acculturated to a considerable degree by and among their Scots-Irish "redneck" neighbours


Northern Sold 4:25 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
`Even academics tread warily about it because of the demands by certain groups that its an entirely black thing`

So you know more than even all the music academics.... No wonder the Duchess was after you…. Did you tell her Afros were invented in ye Olde’ London?? You is mental…. go and turn yourself in before Barley Lane comes a knocking...

Gavros 4:17 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
You havent got the foggiest have you Sold0, you daft old bastard.

Northern Sold 4:15 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
Ah yes…. Good ol Stevie Nicks… who was influenced by Captain Caveman whacking two wooden clubs together in 100000BC

Grumpster 4:13 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
Talking about music is like talking about politics.

Not gonna change your mind because someone else likes a different artist.

Not much modern stuff floats my boat, so I generally neither love or hate.

Music by bands like Train, won't be still getting played on the radio in 30 years time like Fleetwood Mac are, put it that way.

Northern Sold 4:12 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
I can’t take your lunacy any more Gavvy… next you will be telling me Eddie Murphy has snuffed it …. And that on his epitaph he’ll have `influenced by Travelling Players in England from 1345’….

…… You fucking LOON

Northern Sold 4:04 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
Oh got ya…… as slaves got BRITISH/AMERICAN Guitars yeah?? Otherwise teher would be no Blues yeah?? I got ya now Gavvy…. You forgot the suits as well… I mean Johnny Lee Hooker would have looked shit in a loin cloth and a bone through his nose… imagine that??

…. You Fucking LOON

Northern Sold 4:01 Mon Jun 26
Re: Glastonbury 2017
Well London got all the attention re Quad as Mod started around the West London/Soho clubs…. Not sure it would have been the same with Jimmy with a brogue east mids accent wearing a donkey jacket??

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