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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

tricky trev 11:15 Tue Jul 25
Slaven Bilic believes the club now has enough strikers at the club and will not be investing in anymore.

Diafra Sakho is now back in full training with the squad and “looking very strong indeed ” which looks set to give the manager another big option.

However, Andy Carroll remains on the first team sidelines whilst the club medics work on his muscle building programme ahead of the season.

Sakho has been taking a full part in all the first team squad action and looking was last night tipped to be in contention for a first team place at the start of the season

ClaretandHugh was told: “Sakho is going well at the moment and looking very strong. He might well become fantastic back up .

“We also have Andy although we still have to get him up to 100 per cent fitness and the medical staff are working hard hard on him.”

Bilic has made his decision following Chicharito’s arrival at the club but that doesn’t mean the club’s spending is at an end for the summer.

CandH’s source said: “It’s really difficult to get top strikers to come and sit on the bench and with Ayew and Antonio besides Carroll and Sakho there’s back up available. We still need to be moving one or to out and investing in some younger options we have identified.”


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Crassus 11:02 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
My thoughts entirely, saw him at my height or shorter
Still a player in there mind, or was

Trevor B 10:27 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
Crassus, it's only good info if it's correct. You only have to see any pic of him near Carroll to see the difference in height.

Sakho is NOT 6'4", he's just over 6'.

Crassus 10:23 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
Stroll on
I never had Sakho at that height - good info Tad
I maintain that a fully fit Sakho, clear in the head and up for it, is still the best all around striker we have, including the Mexican
Thing is that we have to reluctantly accept that is unlikely
So upward and onwards, but what a waste of natural talent that lad is

Tadlad 10:00 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
Here are the stats

Hernandez Carroll Sakho Arnou

Height 5ft 9 6ft 4 6ft 4 6ft 3

Prem Lg Goals 37 50 16 22
Headed Goals 10 23 7 0
% Headed 27 46 44 0

I think we will be lacking height and heading power if Carroll and Sakho have their usual fitness problems.

neilalex 9:13 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
Could be he does for us. Personally I'd just have him doing the blocking the keeper thing at corners.

Trevor B 8:53 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
I didn't say that, but they are hardly going to be concentrating on him considering his record. I think at Stoke he took most of their corners.

neilalex 8:51 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
It had crossed my mind Trevor but I still don't think you're going to leave him unmarked in the box at corners, or put your shortest bloke on him.

Far Cough 8:48 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
Trev, yeah but you still have to have a man on him

Trevor B 8:46 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho

bearing in mind i couldn't recall a header from arnautovic, and his PL stats prove that he has not scored a single header in the PL, do you not think that when analysing the opposition that our opponents might actually have this information too????

neilalex 8:43 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
I know, I thought that when I looked at it. He won't learn now mate, the only good thing is everyone will think they have to cover him at set pieces and it will free up other people potentially.

Far Cough 8:40 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
neil, there's no one better than Wor Andy to learn from, that lone header I posted, went in off his shoulder

neilalex 8:36 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
Perhaps he's a learning computer and someone needs to show him how to head the ball .

Far Cough 8:30 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
Here's one for Austria, I think it's Neuer in goal as well:


Trevor B 8:29 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho

Just checked the PL website, his PL stats show zero headed goals. Hernandez has scored more than a quarter of his PL goals with his head though.

Far Cough 8:27 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
6' 4" and he can't head?

Send him back

Trevor B 8:23 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho

I don't think he is mate, cannot recall seeing a headed goal from him, can you? He has a pretty good right foot though!

Far Cough 8:22 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
I would imagine Arnie is pretty good in the box for headers?

Trevor B 8:10 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
I seem to recall Chicharito was pretty good in the air, especially that superb back header he scored against Stoke.

Tadlad 8:07 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
I would still like to see a proven striker with height as a back up to the injury prone pair of Sakho and Caroll. They have scored many of their goals from headers, which I doubt will be the case with Little Pea. Fletcher is unproven, so we would be reliant only on Antonio in that area.

Trevor B 8:05 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
someone like dembele, who also plays wide, would be ideal. i would tend to suggest that yes, the club have pretty much written off sakho and carroll as having a major part to play anymore. bilic is a fan of younger players proving themselves before being given a chance in the first team, so i would imagine that martinez will go out on loan again.

Stubbo 7:58 Tue Jul 25
Re: Sakho
It is the run of course, but now we're not relying on them to other than as cover their role is changed and maybe we can get them to reach that point.

I personally think if we need another striker we should be promoting Martinez when Carroll, Sakho and Hernandez are unfit. Regardless of what loans we might go on, it's the only way we'll ever really know if he's up to it...given he relies on chances being created. Sticking him in some boot it long Championship mid table side will not demonstrate how good he can be.

A squad with Hernandez, Sakho and Carroll, backed up by Ayew, Antonio, Arnautovic, Fletcher, Martinez...we shouldn't be buying another front line striker on big money...especially for a position where we only play one guy at a time unless we actually totally write off Sakho and Carroll completely (and give up even trying to get them fit).

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