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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

DB1983 8:12 Sun Aug 13
Didn't exactly cover himself in glory for Lukaku's second. Cresswell back for Saints away?

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master 10:28 Wed Aug 16
Re: Masuaku
3 CBs OR a committed defensive midfielder who knows to drop in at times when the wing backs are forward to make it a 3.

Willtell 9:25 Wed Aug 16
Re: Masuaku
Or our manager is a poor judge of what type of player he needs for his team...

Let's be clear here the three we're talking about are all wing-backs and they made their names as wing-backs. Byram was even playing as a right sided midfielder at Leeds because his defensive abilities were suspect before joining WH.

Masuaku was known as a wing-back as Trevor B pointed out and Cresswell came to fame because of his storming runs down the flanks not his defensive ability.

Bilic wants wing-backs in his side and that should be obvious. For example he tried to make Antonio a wing-back. Unfortunately, Bilic doesn't seem to realise that for a solid defense, you need 3 CBs so that wing-backs can push up onto the opposing wide midfielders without leaving our defense exposed.

Rossal 5:31 Tue Aug 15
Re: Masuaku
I think they are more full backs that cant defend

Arthur at times has shown he can go forward well, but i wouldnt say the same for Byram. Not consistently anyway,

Cresswell was signed as a LB. Masuaku i think they thought could develop his defensive side more to bring him up to standard which obviously needs work and Byram i think they bought as one for the future which again hasnt worked out as planned

Willtell 5:23 Tue Aug 15
Re: Masuaku
So you agree with me then that they are wing backs rather than full backs? Or are you saying they are full backs that can't defend? Either way we have 3 fine wing backs lined up to play as full backs so back to my original question.

Why did Bilic sign 3 wing backs to play as full backs?

Rossal 5:16 Tue Aug 15
Re: Masuaku
Bilic probbably bought Arthur to play just ehind the striker knowing him...

I think they play like wing backs as to play like full backs you have to have the defensive side too.....

Willtell 5:09 Tue Aug 15
Re: Masuaku
"They are all full backs"

I wonder if Bilic thinks that as well then? Because they all play like wing-backs to me. Definitely not like full backs...

Trevor B 4:53 Tue Aug 15
Re: Masuaku
"I think that was my best game for West Ham," he said. "In my opinion I'm better when I'm on the wing because I can go forward and I can come back and defend. This is my best position, I think. It's where I played best for Olympiacos"

Trevor B 4:46 Tue Aug 15
Re: Masuaku
TBF both players played their best football for their previous clubs, not to mention us, at wingback. Masuaku himself said he was a wingback and preferred the position to fullback because he likes to get forward.

Rossal 4:42 Tue Aug 15
Re: Masuaku
They are all full backs

Just because Arthur and Byram are hapless at defending does not make them 'wing backs'

Willtell 4:22 Tue Aug 15
Re: Masuaku
He's a very good wing back like Cresswell and Byram.

Shame Bilic has decided to play a back four which requires full backs that can get forward. So why did we buy or sign one full back and 3 wing backs I wonder?

Northern Sold 2:46 Tue Aug 15
Re: Masuaku
Alan…. If only Arfur could defend as good as you on this thread…. He would be an ok Prem player then….

-[Rasta]- 1:16 Tue Aug 15
Re: Masuaku
I like him, get Ayew and Noble out for Lanzini and Antonio, get Carvalho in will make a big difference

Alan 1:08 Tue Aug 15
Re: Masuaku
Interesting view from a centre-back:-


Danny Gabbidon shifts focus from Arthur Masuaku to Winston Reid in West Ham blame game twist

The player who was on the receiving end of the most criticism from not only Hammers fans but pundits and supporters of other clubs too, was left-back Arthur Masuaku.

It didn't go down well with supporters or pundit Gary Neville when he was caught on camera laughing and joking while marking Lukaku on a set piece before fiddling with his shin pads just as the cross came in for the Red Devil's second goal - as reported by Sky Sports.

But with Masuaku taking the brunt of West Ham fans' fury, former Hammer of the Year Danny Gabbidon has spoken out in defence of the Congo international, and blames Winston Reid instead.

"(Winston) Reid's the leader in that back line he needs to take charge of it and know Masuaku can't be trusted to mark a player of that size/strength," Gabbidon said on Twitter.

Alan 1:02 Tue Aug 15
Re: Masuaku
People seem willing to give Sam Byram the benefit of a few lapses as he's young and not the finished article, but quickly jump on Masuaku, who is younger than Byram.

Full Claret Jacket 12:49 Tue Aug 15
Re: Masuaku
Antonio is a right winger/forward though that plays in front of Zabeleta. Should make a big difference on that side as Ayew was useless there on Sunday.
The left backs are stuck with Arnautović or Lanzini in front of them. Neither of these is defensive minded or track back often.

Roeder-nowhere 11:24 Mon Aug 14
Re: Masuaku
What's unclear numbnuts? Ok, the odd typo & missing word or 3 but I've had a few!
Cresswell & Arthur play better when they have Antonio ahead helping out, covering their defensive frailties cos both aint great defenders. Better for the hard of understanding?

master 11:16 Mon Aug 14
Re: Masuaku
what the merry fuck are you on about?

Roeder-nowhere 11:13 Mon Aug 14
Re: Masuaku
Neither Cresswell nor Arthur are great defenders - their attacking qualities are what make them & the latter has been far more effective going forward in recent games. Arthur is the more skillfull and could probably 'do a job' on the wing - might be only worth a tester v Cheltenham or such however.
What has shown them up is the lack of help from Antonio.He runs gis nuts off to help out and bailed Cresswell out numerous times as well as giving him to freedom to overlap on occasion and get a cross in.
Everybody has been in rapture about Moses as converted wing back but if he'd played that position for us he'd have been shit! Lack of cover and the ball would have been far to often up his arse defending rather than having some much time to attack!

In summary get back soon Antonio, probably out nost importan player! Goals, assists, defends and gives his all. As good as we all think Lanzini is Antonio will always get more assists and goals as well as track back. Lanzini is the show pony.

Trevor B 10:22 Mon Aug 14
Re: Masuaku
ag ag ag!

happygilmore 10:22 Mon Aug 14
Re: Masuaku
Trevor B,

I would imagine he has played football to a very high level..

On his playstation

Trevor B 10:21 Mon Aug 14
Re: Masuaku

indeed, and zabaleta was up there with chicharito as our best player. just shows that you can't play ayew on the wing when we have a back four, he doesnt do the defensive work, pablo was on his own all game.

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