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theaxeman 10:39 Mon Aug 14
Andre Ayew
Anyone recall a lazier waste of space than this fraud? Shouldn't have played for us again after downing tools against arsenal last season. Seriously enlighten me to what this cunt offers?

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Trevor B 6:14 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew

hardly surprising seeing as those players play in different positions?

Texas Iron 6:12 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
Never rated him ...

Doesn't do anything defensively...

Paid too much...

Poor scouting by the club...

Chicharito will start ahead of him...as would a fit Sakho...

dealcanvey 6:11 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
Will get us 10 league goals this season. Will still get slaughtered by most West Ham fans though.

Trevor B 6:09 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew

Not entirely sure what you are talking about mate, but suffice to say I will not be taking ONE game to form an opinion on anything, if that's OK with you?

BTW what did Fernandes do so wrong for their opening goal yesterday? You mentioned it on the transfer thread but haven't replied.

Swiss. 6:03 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
Trevor B - It's easy to talk it up in interviews

Swiss. 6:02 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
Trevor B

What was I saying to you about Ayew in pre-season about being apathetic etc and you said not.

I think I'v been vindicated after yesterday so own up I was right.

Trevor B 5:20 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
The point being, you don't spend money on these players FOR the bench, but as you said, if we sold him we'd probably take a hit. I thin he still has a lot to offer in the right time.

Trevor B 5:19 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
Man Utd had a 50m sub, Chelsea wouldn't bat an eyelid at paying 20m for a playing to merely loan out year after year lol

simon.s 5:16 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
A 20 million pound sub is ok if you're Chelsea or City, but that's a big waste of money to a club our size, but I think he's best used from the bench too. I'd think we'd take a fair hit on him if we were to sell.

Trevor B 5:14 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
All clubs seem to have expensive subs that haven't worked out in the first 11 for one reason or another. I'd at least be confidant of him nicking a few goals from the bench, which i couldn't say for the majority of our bench in the past year or so.

Mart O 5:10 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
Trevor B 4:42 Mon Aug 14

I've come to this conclusion too. Doesn't provide the cover on the right and won't be picked ahead of Antonio there. Won't be picked ahead of Arnie on the left, where he's played most of his football, or Lanzini behind Chicha if that's what's planned.

Our 20 million quid supersub. Great.

Trevor B 4:42 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
I think Ayew is better off the bench, for me he is the sort of player you bring on when you're doing well and he'll nick a goal. He isn't defensive minded enough to play on the wing when we have four at the back, Zaba had very little help at all.

kips 4:36 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
I think Bilic still thinks that Sakho may be his answer to a striker with Hernadez playing just off him. Can't see Ayew doing anything much on last season's showing and yesterday.

Swiss. 4:20 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
To be fair he scored a fair few end of last season. All box stuff which seems to me a bit of a luxury to have when the rest of his play offers nothing. Especially now we have Hernandez. Yeah get rid.

Would have preferred to have had Cullen tbh

seth 4:11 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
textbook mercenary. flatters to deceive. get rid.

Lily Hammer 4:05 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
I always try to teach my kids, who play, the idea of needing both fire and ice. Fire in the body and heart and belly, but ice in th head.

Ayew has fire in the right places, but unfortunately he has it in his head too. He always seems to be in a state of panic, so he dithers and gets caught, or snatches at shots and skies them from less than 6 yards out.

Perhaps it's a matter of confidence, but he has never seemed in control of the ball since he started with us. I can't speak for his Swansea Marseille days.

BRANDED 4:02 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
Maybe, just maybe, WHU is the peak of some players ambition. They put their slippers on, put their feet up and smoke a few cigars while taking home a huge wage. Like your average FTSE 100 CEO. They've made it. They're raking it in and they can just go through the motions.

pdbis 3:39 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
That miss at home to Liverpool sums him up.Hopefully some team from China will spunk millions on him in January.

Alex V 3:28 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
Eerie Descent 3:18 Mon Aug 14

As I said, I am highly critical of the way he plays. I think it's ineffective and near-impossible to build around. You don't just 'appear' to work hard if you run a lot - you ARE simply working hard. I did not say it was in any way effective -
it isn't. Whether it's hiding or not I'll leave to the experts on his brain function.

Eerie Descent 3:18 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
Alex, without wanting to judge you, but you give off the impression of someone that never actually played football. I certainly don't think that it makes someone any less able to understand the game, but those that did certainly know the sort of players that can appear to be working hard by running a lot, but do not work hard in the true essence of the meaning. He is a coward who hides and leaves the real hard work to everyone else.

Absolute scam artist, I'd bite someones hand off for £2mil to get shot.

aldgate 3:10 Mon Aug 14
Re: Andre Ayew
Baffling that we spent the thick end of 30m on him and snodgrass.
Antonio back on the right will make a massive difference to the team - can't imaging Zabaleta ever wants to play behind Ayew again.
The way rashford's pace terrorised us yesterday is what antonio can offer

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