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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Anders 10:49 Wed Aug 23
Diafra Sakho
Is it just me Wanting him to stay? Always tried hard in the shirt, passionate always wants to play and still has a useful eye for goal.

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Willtell 9:35 Fri Aug 25
Re: Diafra Sakho
Yes exactly. Sakho is looking as though he might come good again so let's give him a decent chance. If Andy Carroll jumps in front of him then there Sakho would have a reasont to be stroppy.

I have read that AC wants to be involved in the Newcastle game but make him wait for his opportunity is my opinion....

ChesterRd 1:21 Fri Aug 25
Re: Diafra Sakho
He scored a goal, he's a striker what more do people want? His movement has improved noticeably from his outing at Old Trafford where he could barely jump.

In the mean time, good old Andy Carroll is smiling away but not out on the pitch at all.

I did not get the impression that Collins was fed up at all, he was very appreciative of the support and clapped us all several times at the end of the game and after his award. Noble also acknowledged us. Ayew went straight off admittedly. Sakho had already been subbed but again clapped the support several times as he walked off.

easthammer 1:10 Fri Aug 25
Re: Diafra Sakho

Think you are correct - he is staying at least short term
Hugh Southon aka David Gold's Press Agent.
wrote a piece today.


This has the hall mark of the official resurrection of Sakho's status as persona gratis.

Although the photo in the piece with him and Bilic in love was obviously from a happier time at the Boleyn. Check out the badge on the track suit.

As for smiling, I was only thinking last night when watching the game that the whole team looked decidedly down beat if not miserable. Maybe a hangover from Arthur's grinning at Man U but Sakho. Noble, Kouyate and Ayew in particular barely cracked a smile between themselves. Even Ginge looked fed up in the after match presentation for motm. Mind you the trophy hardly matched the usual bottle of bubbly. And on his birthday too.

the exile 11:16 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
I reckon we'll be hanging onto him. He is like a new signing after all.

As for the Newcastle game, it'll be between Sakho and Ayew to play in a front 3 with Hernandez and Antonio. I think they'll both get some time but not sure who starts.

Iron2010 9:17 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
If the problem was with his attitude and we are offered enough money then now is the time to sell. There would be no point in selling for a small fee loaded with add ons as we may as well benefit from them ourselves. If someone wanted to risk a straight 15 million you would have to consider it.

wansteadman 8:57 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
I think when they gave payet £125k a week and sakho was our no 1 striker and he was earning £25k He seemed to lose the plot from then on

, 1:29 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
He would not have troubled a PL defence.

Except ours of course.

boleyn8420 1:27 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
He was bang average against a league 2 side. That being siad I thought there goalkeeper did extremely well in hurling hinselfout of the way of that venomous strike from Sakho for his goal last night. I agree with previous poster, he would not have troubled a premier league defence

, 1:22 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
Gah, I agree with you and I hope that Bilic brings back Noble for the Bolton game.

gph 1:20 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
As we saw last night, if there's sufficient quality movement in front of Noble, he will find decent forward passes.

Hernandez and Sakho can provide that movement

Pub Bigot 1:03 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
JohnnyIron 11:20 Wed Aug 23

Wouldn't get 10 for him

dealcanvey 12:57 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
Massive chip on his shoulder there is no doubt about it but on his day he is just as effective as Carroll IMO.

As said below. Sakho Hernandez Antonio against Newcastle should give them all sorts of problems.

We will score, it is just defending that is the problem.

southwoodford 12:51 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
No doubting that he has the skill to be a great striker. He just needs a run of games after so long out. Whether he has the attitude or temperament is another question. No doubt another club will pick him up and he'll start performing. We'll all be bemoaning the fact he never did it for us. The West ham way strikes again ... lol.

Fivetide 12:37 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
ludo21 10:04 Thu Aug 24

Lee Trundle 12:37 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
If we get a decent enough offer for him, we should still sell him, IMO.

Too much has gone on regarding his attitude, and there's still question marks over his injuries. 1 goal against Cheltenham doesn't fix it.

Saying that, a few goals against Spurs in a few weeks including the winner can always change my mind.

cornish 12:33 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
Does he come over as a sulky bugger or what,he looked really surprised when Bilic congratulated him last night.

Any Old Iron 12:28 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
I would always have a fully fit and mentally sharp Sakho in the team because he's a very effective player. He may not be the most natural finisher but his all round game is very good and alongside the Mexican I can see the pair developing a really good partnership, that's if Bilic has the balls to play two up.

The trouble is that I have never seen such a miserable looking fucker on a football pitch. If only he would show some signs of actually enjoying the game and having some form of interaction with his team mates I'd then have complete confidence in him. I suspect the concept of team spirit is an alien concept to him, and because of this I retain a scintilla of doubt about him.

Alex V 12:28 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
We have that issue now that we've had for a number of years - he is fit enough that he would probably be in contention to actually start in the first 11 in the next matches, but we've spent all Summer trying to get rid of him. I think we have to sell, just to clear the decks of a player who's been a massive problem. The sooner the better so we can get a replacement in before the window closes.

But my guess will be the club will chicken out again and keep him cos he's fit and 'like a new signing'.

Sniper 11:46 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
No idea what goes on behind he scenes and the injury problems seemed partly his own doing, but the main thing he seems to get marry about is not playing - and when you look at the shit we've played ahead of him (jelavic, Valencia, calleri, zaza, fletcher, nolan as a false striker) you can see why he'd be wondering what's going on.

His head will never be 'fixed' - he is what he is. It's up to the manager how to handle that and tondecide if it has a negative effect on the rest of the squad. But seeing as 90% of the team are painfully pedestrian it's a relief to have someone who has some pace about them - I can't imagine Newcastle being too confident about facing him and Antonio at the weekend

terry-h 11:44 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
Still has that'im doing the club and fans a favour by wearing this shirt'look about him. Showed no enthusiasm after scoring. It will probably all end in tears,but not on my part.

El Scorchio 11:40 Thu Aug 24
Re: Diafra Sakho
Feeling his way back after the best part of two years out.

He'll only get better. Hope he stays injury free and with us.

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