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pardsisalegend 6:05 Sat Aug 26
Joe Hart
Strategically a bad signing, with a seemingly limited transfer budget.

Done nothing to prove he's been than Adrian, when that money could have gone elsewhere, such as towards Carvalho.

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JayeMPee 10:40 Tue Aug 29
Re: Joe Hart
Well done him for the way he consoled Rice after the youngsters minor hiccup, pity the bloody manager wanted to heap blame.

As for the goals he may have done better with one or two but no keeper in the world would not concede playing behind our lousy 'defence'.

happygilmore 10:39 Tue Aug 29
Re: Joe Hart
I would have preferred Diego Costa on loan, but it seems everton have got him until his Jan move to Spain

Rossal 10:33 Tue Aug 29
Re: Joe Hart
Thought his kicking was poor and he could have done better for the first goal

Did like how he always looks to play quick. But lost count the amount of times he rushed to the edge of the box and then looked around for someone to look like they actually want to get on the ball. I agree whats in front of him is the bigger issue

But seems like we signed him on reptuatuion rather than current form ability. Read yesdterday he has not kept a clean sheeet in 23 games. Astounding for Englands no 1

Fifth Column 10:17 Tue Aug 29
Re: Joe Hart
The criticism of Hart has been overly harsh IMHO. He is playing behind a team that is so poor in almost every respect. Adrian would have done no better.

scott_d 10:14 Tue Aug 29
Re: Joe Hart
Joe Hart is an easy scapegoat for our recent run form but he's hardly helped with a defense that was one of the shittest in the league last season and has had only the smallest of upgrades.

We will get some more thumpings this season whether it's Adrian or Hart in goal unless we sort our defence out.

I used to look forward to the big games as always thought that, if the right team turned up then we could get a result but currently we need to be on our A game just to avoid humiliation.

Any Old Iron 10:28 Mon Aug 28
Re: Joe Hart
Hart, a big bloke, with a big gob and MASSIVE ego. So far I've seen nothing to convince me that he's an upgrade on Adrian.
Waste of a wage.

Lato 10:04 Mon Aug 28
Re: Joe Hart
Don't help with the keystone cops in front of him.

riosleftsock 9:26 Mon Aug 28
Re: Joe Hart
Tried to warn you all about this bloke.

Gentile 9:18 Mon Aug 28
Re: Joe Hart
Good keeper but no way international class.

No better than Adrian.

kirok1 8:03 Mon Aug 28
Re: Joe Hart
No keeper can stop everything. Even more so when his defence is as terrible as ours.
Don't know about the comparison yet but we saw Adrian and Randolph let in shedloads last season. Perhaps if our fuckwit manager looked at the defence and the invisible men in midfield, it might help...

mike hunt 8:02 Mon Aug 28
Re: Joe Hart
17 games without a clean sheet

mike hunt 8:02 Mon Aug 28
Re: Joe Hart
hart shouts a lot, so he is a good keeper

thats what i keep reading anyway
for my money he's been washed up for years

costahammer 7:58 Mon Aug 28
Re: Joe Hart
Yes Hart has to fight for his position like all the players...but he's not made any glaring mistakes that have cost us yet so don't see why he should be dropped!

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 7:54 Mon Aug 28
Re: Joe Hart
They got his head didn't they Costa?

Then he was dropped and fought back to regain his place. Can't see why Hart should expect anything different.

costahammer 7:52 Mon Aug 28
Re: Joe Hart
Some short memories on here Adrian made some horrific errors last year...yes he made a few good saves but come on !!...people were calling for his head after some of his displays last season!

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 7:47 Mon Aug 28
Re: Joe Hart
MikeHammer 8:05 Sat Aug 26

'It could have been 7 ...'

Well, obviously, if we hadn't had a goalkeeper at all it would have been 7. But to suggest that Hart saved four goals that Adrian or any other PL standard goalkeeper wouldn't have done is completely mental.

Brooking_is_GOD 7:45 Mon Aug 28
Re: Joe Hart
But will he put his finger on it? that's my question.

wd40 2:38 Mon Aug 28
Re: Joe Hart
Made some good statements.

would like to think his worth 9 /10 points to us at least

WSM Hammer 8:25 Sun Aug 27
Re: Joe Hart
His confidence will be shot to fuck if he's rightly dropped after 3 games!

kirok1 7:29 Sun Aug 27
Re: Joe Hart
Think the article on the club site says it all. No excuses. Pulls no punches.
Not a cop out like his Captain either.

JayeMPee 12:41 Sun Aug 27
Re: Joe Hart
Agree with MikeHammer, there aren't many keepers around who would fare well behind our crap defence.

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