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under the thumb 10:40 Sun Aug 27
Lawrenson spot on

Love or loathe him he is spot on the button this time.

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13 Brentford Rd 10:19 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
Gentile, I don't think many expected miracles quickly but we are going backwards an absolute shambles, with no sign at all of any progress and this has been developing over the last 18 months not 3 games. I suggest you look at the stats as they tell the true story. Not all Billic's fault but even working under such cunts as our owners a better manager gets a lot more out of these players.
We could have been just as shit / average at Upton Park. The spivs have made a rod for their own back

cartis 9:50 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
He'll start Noble against Huddersfield for sure he's that fucking stubborn to the point of embarrassing stupidity.

cartis 9:43 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
Bilic is an extremely poor manager wo is absolutely milesout of his depth on so many levels.
He will be gone after we are completely over run by fucking Huddersfield Town.
He can't set up a team to save his life Wagner will have his number for sure.
It is blatantly obvious hes not fit for purpose and should have been sacked last May.

british is best 9:38 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
Lawrensons is bang on the money for once 😓.

Johnson 9:33 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
Why are you bringing me into this Gentile you mug?

Gentile 9:27 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on

I detest the owners. I also hate that chubby little brat and the way he continues to embarrass our once great club through social Media. They are a disgrace and the sooner they are far away from the club he better.

They moved us away from our home to a sanitised shit hole of an athletics ground and forever should they lay claim to ruining the soul of the club.

But, to slag off Bilic, a manager that has taken us to 7th and 11th, just because we have had a nightmare first three games this season makes those supporters either plain stupid, or just pathetic simpletons massively affected by the move who genuinely believe we are now a top 8 club.

I think you are probably just a pathetic simpleton.

Far Cough 9:20 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on

13 Brentford Rd 9:19 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
Stop making excuses Gentile. Do you honestly think Billic is a good manager? The owners sold our home for progress and THEY raised expectations so they deserve to be held to account and quite frankly are lucky there has not been more uproar! Keep this shit up and there might be.
The club is a fucking shambles run by 3 clueless liars.
The stats last 18 months are horrific and Billc is clearly taking us nowhere.
Glad you're happy with that but I am not.

Gentile 9:17 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
Far Cough

You're a bigger fucking idiot than Lawrenson.

You are starting rival Johnson as the fatest ginger WHO keyboard warrior.

I think you will soon surpass him.

Far Cough 9:12 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
Shut up Gentile you spacker

Gentile 9:08 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
What a load of nonsense. So the same could be said for Carrick six seasons ago?

Lawrenson has to be one of the most out of touch pundits in the the commentary world. A moaning whinger and a stereotypical scouser in ever sense of the word.

Noble has never had any pace but thanks for pointing that out Mr Lawrenson.

7th in first season.
11th in second season.

Lost first three away missing four massive first team players, two of those games to teams we normally always get spanked away at.

YET - we have moved to a new O2 type shit hole stadium that sells popcorn and makes us seem like some sort of huge club with plus 50k attendances so clearly sack the fucking manager ASAP and start blaming every player we can in the process.

Three poor games granted but please stop this knicker wetting its embarrassing.

under the thumb 8:11 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
Saw a table in the 'current bun' today of Mohave covered by teams on Saturday in the Premiership. Burnley topped it at something like 72 km. This related to the whole team.

Bottom of the pile? Quite appropriate given our position in the table....of course it is West Ham. 62 km. Just how bad is that? Midfield is the engine room where those players will do most of the running.

Says a lot about Saturdays performance.

Roeder-nowhere 7:42 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
His legs are a big problem I'd say, given hos position in midfield is one of the most important in any team - exactly why we are looking at forking out 35 mil for this new bloke.
If he can't run anymore what exactly can he give to the side other than pens? Floated freekick and corners? Sliding tackles that are 2 decades late? Tracking back aimlessly cos he can't catch anyone?
He is there cos of his reputation & his West Hamness as we all no but now its time to move on.

DukeofDevo 6:28 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
It's not just Nobles legs though is it Lawro!

Ayew, Carroll, Fonte, Bilic chucking Rice in to an underperforming side.

Rice will be a great player if he doesn't get PTSD first!

I'm sure once he picks a full fit first 11 we will start playing well and winning, but at the moment Bilic doesn't look like he knows what he's doing, and that's the problem not Nobles legs!

under the thumb 5:25 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
There is a time in every Players career when the time comes to drop down a level. Noble has been a great servant to the club, no one is disputing that but his 'legacy' if that's the right word will be tarnished if this carries on much longer.

All managers have hard decisions to make with influential players, now is the time Bilic has to show some balls and drop him.

Swiss. 4:45 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
If we were even to give him some leverage we can't play him with lightweights like Ayew and Fernades in the team.

HairyHammer 4:43 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
I think the last season at Upton park was one of his best sadly he has been poor ever since.
I understand the love for a home grown player but I do not understand why he should be put on a pedestal and be untouched I have with respect never understood why some think he is all that great anyway I personally would have dropped him over three years ago .
West ham fans are not stupid we can tell if someone slows a team down or passes back or sideways far more often than he should or loses balls too often, the problem with some is having a romantic idea that a man born near the ground who is a hammers fan being captain is the dogs bollocks, it is but not when it is to the detriment of the team.

cartis 4:14 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
Swiss. 4:08 Mon Aug 28
Spot on.
He's been an extremely over rated player, people blinded by the fact he is a local lad and is a West Ham fan.

Vexed 4:12 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
The difference being that you and the other fucking idiot were slagging him off when he was in the best form of his life. Granted he looks a bit past it now.

Swiss. 4:08 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
Noble is the new Nolan. I've never been a fan and think he's time had come 4 years ago not just now. Likes of me and Fordstar were getting slagged off for saying this.

Should have made way for Cullen by now.

greenie1 11:16 Mon Aug 28
Re: Lawrenson spot on
We need to keep Noble for when we are in the Championship.

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