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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Gavros 1:46 Tue Aug 29
North Korea
Getting pretty tasty now with this missile over Japan.

No solution is good. Taking them out would mean the obliteration of Seoul.

China had to rein these fuckers in, surely.

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Westside 11:47 Wed Aug 30
Re: North Korea
They absolutely HATE the US. How America behaved in the Korean war was pretty inexcusable. Really great article about it here.

So easily avoided. All North Korea had to do, was not invade South Korea.

Hammer and Pickle 1:21 Wed Aug 30
Re: North Korea
US has easily got 200 years of domination in its locker. Trump is a mere Sulla and in no way a Nero.

Crassus 1:10 Wed Aug 30
Re: North Korea
Picks, agree on the cocks bit, danger is one of them will get beyond their station in all this - even money both sides in the Punch and Judy caper

Cant help but think that the Chinese puppet is having his strings pulled to deflect attention from their sandcastle building in the South China Sea and aspirations of broadening their regional influence

Can't help but think we are witnessing a global power shift, bit by bit

Hammer and Pickle 1:04 Wed Aug 30
Re: North Korea
It's just Kim Wilde doing good futures scams, Crassus me old China.

The Kitchens treat him and Trump like fighting cocks in a pit.

Knavinge 1:01 Wed Aug 30
Re: North Korea
This bloke is fucking great, an absolute fruitcake that couldn't care less about anything.

The fact that the rest of the world are shitting it must give him a huge ego boost as well. I guess it's like how Vexed feels whenever West Ham lose a game.

Anyway, the world is absolutely fucked. Was always going to happen, we're just the unfortunate ones that will witness it.

The human race. Biggest cunts ever.

Crassus 12:57 Wed Aug 30
Re: North Korea
Fuck the dollar then, get your money to gold, if the Kitchens cut up rough about it the dollar will be in bother

Hammer and Pickle 12:55 Wed Aug 30
Re: North Korea
... or they are playing the markets as usual. These do react in a predictable fashion to this kind of thing.

Crassus 12:50 Wed Aug 30
Re: North Korea
The dynamic of the situation combined with previous negligence and form suggests that they odds upon a joyful outcome are about as remote as us winning the league

You might be a stroppy little cunt in the pub but if you keep throwing ice cubes at the known nutter dont be shocked when he wades in with pool cues, balls and double diamond bottles

As mere ill infomed observer I can't help but think the street signs have been pointing at this place for years and nothing during that time encapsulates the blind arrogance and consequential failure of American overseas policy better

martyboy 12:37 Wed Aug 30
Re: North Korea
Ive got a horrible feeling tomorrow they are going to get blitzed by the mad Yanks!! The "Little man" has got it coming!!

wansteadman 9:43 Tue Aug 29
Re: North Korea
I remember reading that they can't feed themselves so use the threat of their missiles to force the rest of the world to feed them. I think that ploys coming to an end

nerd 9:36 Tue Aug 29
Re: North Korea
They will blow themselves up.
Idiots plus explosives don't mix well.

mashed in maryland 9:02 Tue Aug 29
Re: North Korea

They probably have a point.

Willtell 8:44 Tue Aug 29
Re: North Korea
I haven't read the article yet but will. I do observe similar where I live and spoke about it just the other day with locals.

As most of you know I live in SW France. Loads of Brits, Dutch and Belgians buy property here. You see all sorts of car plates from Eastern Europe in the holiday season but you will hardly ever see a German one.

German atrocities in SW France were particularly bad and well publicised. In Eastern France, which neighbours Germany, you will see thousands of German cars which makes me wonder how it is they get to Spain in huge numbers but not SW France...

Coffee 8:28 Tue Aug 29
Re: North Korea
Thanks, good article.

The Cult Of Bob 8:18 Tue Aug 29
Re: North Korea
They absolutely HATE the US. How America behaved in the Korean war was pretty inexcusable. Really great article about it here.


HairyHammer 8:08 Tue Aug 29
Re: North Korea
Scary times, one hopes that China does something big (cuts off aid) but hopefully not war, and that the twitter troll of the century is kept away from the shiny red but but.
I think the fat Korean midget could be a crazy idiot who may feel that oblivion would be better for his people than living like loud Nationalistic loons for the simple prize of breathing.

Coffee 8:06 Tue Aug 29
Re: North Korea
Didn't know about the altitude limit. It flew very high - something like 350 miles, according to reports. Presumably it was the customary reaction to US/S Korea exercises? But as you say, can't be fun relying on N Korean technical ability to ensure it didn't land in Japan.

One thing I don't understand - why don't N Korea just get on and live their collective life peacefully? There's no obvious advantage from their continued sabre rattling.

The Cult Of Bob 8:01 Tue Aug 29
Re: North Korea
I don't think it technically entered Japanese territory but flew over it.

Under international law, at an altitude of 100km (62mi), your territory becomes space and is no longer your own territory. The missile flew over Japan in space and then touched down in the sea.

Coffee 7:55 Tue Aug 29
Re: North Korea
But they've only actually crossed Japanese territory a couple of times, haven't they? And not for some years? The rest have been over water.

The Cult Of Bob 7:47 Tue Aug 29
Re: North Korea
To be honest, North Korea has been lobbing rockets into the sea of Japan for years so this is not exactly unprecedented.

The Cult Of Bob 7:46 Tue Aug 29
Re: North Korea
Don't know. It only applied to people in Hokkaido.

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