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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

costahammer 1:52 Fri Sep 1
3rd Kit!!
Looks like they got dressed in the fkin dark!

tops ok but the white shorts just don't go ...either needs to be same colour as the shirt or socks!


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normannomates 2:28 Sat Sep 2
Re: 3rd Kit!!
Same old bollocks spouted about not renewing season tickets..but you all did.


LeroysBoots 9:40 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
Sounds like Bonzo on the official trailer for the kit launch

Mike Oxsaw 9:01 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
If you've got half a dozen mates, select one and sponsor him on a 4 day trip to Bangkok where he can buy 2 suitcases full of moody tops for well less than a lady a pop.

Wear & wash until one loses it's shape/colour, bin that and move onto the next one. That'll give you a new shirt every month for the rest of the season - and feed a small Thai family of 9,766,831 for a year at the same time.

medwayhammer1 8:24 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
Nice shirt and why not rape our heritage some more...esp after the amazing transfer window.
Fucked if they are getting any of my money though, so a trip to Dhgate and get one just the same for a tenner!

Spandex Sidney 6:02 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
Nice shirt and I will be fucked if I'm gonna buy it and give a single farthing to the club until Bilic has gone at least.

Far Post 5:58 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
The shirt is nice but as for the rest of it.

Reminds me when I was at school and you forgot your PE kit - you went to lost property and pulled out any shirt shorts and socks that might be in there.

As already said on here, third kits are a rip off.

Rio or Anton or Les 5:20 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
I love it !
The proper "Irons" badge not that other thing we have on the home shirt!
I won`t be buying one however due to most of the reasons below.

But might just treat myself in the bargain bucket end of season sales to take on holiday next year!

Classic shirt! £55? oh do fuck off!

Jim C 4:15 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
I really like the shirt- the sponsor has to be on there obviously but it would look even better without it. Definitely a hit with me.

Not that I will be buying it though.

Coffee 3:40 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
Pervy McBeer 3:16 Fri Sep 1

Ha ha!

Darby_ 3:35 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
If only we had a badge like that normally. Like Johnson, I might buy one when they're in the bargain bins.

Pervy McBeer 3:16 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
At least it won't cost you anything to have the name of our new marquee signing printed on the back...

bowboy 3:10 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
I will not buy anymore merchandise from them. What a *******cheek to bring that out today after their performance or lack of yesterday. The Daves really take us for mugs.

Coffee 2:46 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
It's very similar to the away strip worn by Everton last week. Not very nice.

Johnson 2:45 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
This won't be worn at all really like previous money making scams - sorry third shirts.

It does however have a nicer badge than the shite they lumbered us with.

I won't be buying it though.

*might get the shorts from SportsDirect at the end of the season for a tenner

Fivetide 2:40 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
How will it look without PL patches?

Swiss. 2:19 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
I really like the shirt. A nice Polo. Will look good with jeans.

Pee Wee 2:10 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
Anyone that buys this - or anything else that puts money in the pockets of the owners needs locking up.

I can understand people buying tickets to see games, but why would anyone put any other money towards anything that makes these scumbags richer?

Pervy McBeer 2:05 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
3rd kits are mainly used in cup games arent they? so we won't be giving this a run out much

Your mum 2:02 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
Who cares? They won't be getting my hard earned..

TeVaz 1:57 Fri Sep 1
Re: 3rd Kit!!
It's a polo shirt that will cost £50 !

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