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Sven Roeder 8:33 Fri Sep 1
Malta v England
Walker Cahill Jones Bertrand
Livermore Henderson
Oxlade-Chamberlain Alli Sterling

ITV 7:45pm

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, 11:15 Sun Sep 3
Re: Malta v England
And could not score either despite having 34 attempts of which just three were on target.

They must miss Payet badly.

Grumpster 11:13 Sun Sep 3
Re: Malta v England
I mean we're shit, but France just drew at home to Luxembourg.

That is embarrassing.

BRANDED 2:55 Sun Sep 3
Re: Malta v England
We must have been utter CAAAAANTS in tbe 70s then.

normannomates 2:46 Sun Sep 3
Re: Malta v England
English football's pathetic standing and downfall reflects our society in general..
Full of cunts..far.. far too many

altyhammer 9:18 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
Not sure if said before but Southgate's three captain rotation is revolutionary. Let's take it to its logical extension. Three managers, shit result, you're gone Southgate. No balls and doesn't want to upset anyone. Typical appointment from the powers above.

eastend joker 9:12 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
despise the Mancs but Rahford is the only world class player we have .

zico 3:09 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
The thing is if you haven't got brilliant players you have to make up for it in other ways and unfortunately Southgate doesn't exactly look like a man who will build a teams confidence with chest umping team talks. Same with Hodgson. I know he isn't well liked but the FA missed a trick with Harry because like him or hate him man management and getting a player to think he is better than he is was Redknapp's strength. Too late now so expect typical easy qualification and a poor tournament.

Sven Roeder 3:04 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
Liverpool = Livermore
Bloody corrections!

Sven Roeder 3:03 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
That's Rashford obvs
Would be making more use of Vardy as well

Sven Roeder 3:02 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
He has pace and can run with the ball ... unlike Kane
And he can finish ... unlike Sterling

England have the basis of a decent team but need someone better than Henderson & especially Liverpool to pass the ball and control the tempo of the game. Barkley seems to have lost the plot and can't think of anyone.
I'd ditch the likes of Sterling & Phil Jones completely and be looking to choose between Butland and Pickford as keeper.

Private Dancer 2:58 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
Southgate looked visibly shaken afterwards, like he couldn't understand the criticism. And what the fuck is Livermore doing in the side??

zico 2:57 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
I got so bored that I ended up watching GP's Behind Closed Doors and stomach aches and high blood pressure was more interesting than the football...

We just don't have the players. Not one would get into the sides of 66, 96 or even the team that beat Germany 5-1 in 2001, although maybe Kane for Heskey!!

Henderson and Livermore as a midfield two, bloody hell we don't half miss a Gazza, Scholes or even Beckham and that lot never won anything!!

HairyHammer 2:53 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
I said from the very start that England should seriously think of building the team around Rashford's ability he is going to get better too.

For me he is versatile and one of my favourite kind of striker.

BRANDED 1:37 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
Oh, and playing in searing heat.

Lee S 1:37 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
Southgate plays 2 x Holding midfielders against a low ranking side.

10 men behind the ball and England try to pass through the middle.

Ali who is meant to be our world beating #10 looks like he has a lot going on in his head at the moment. Doesn't appear to be with it.


BRANDED 1:34 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
The problem for England is, and always has been, tournament footy outside the UK. That implies temprement, professionalism, travel experience and boredom problems.

Eerie Descent 1:25 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
Rashford is class, would be the best performer in the team if he was played regularly.

And to think Vexed thinks he is absolutely fucking dgshit.

goose 1:08 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
Just going back to this, aside from maybe Ali I can't see any of this England team cut it in any league abroad.

The PL is amazing to watch but our kids lack skill & awareness that is learnt abroad. It is changing but very slowly. I'm not saying we should lose that physicality but that doesn't win games on its own.

Iron2010 11:21 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
Add another one to the list backing Rashford. He looked a class above last night.

wansteadman 11:18 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
We havnt got one player who would get in the 98 team and they won fuck all

Sniper 11:11 Sat Sep 2
Re: Malta v England
Agreed Sven - the ox was bad but Sterling was so awful in the first half I think he almost blocked out the shitness of the rest of the team

I can't ever figure Kane out - he seems to have no ability at all other than getting his shots away! But his finish for his second was awful, the keeper should have stopped it

What we need in games like this is carroll - if the box is packed you need a big lump to win you some headers and try to force the opposition out a bit. He'd have lived it last night. Similarly Antonio would have been perfect (like the home game against them when he should have at least come off the bench) - quick, strong and can win a header. It's sad that we have no striker capable of winning a ball in the air and yet still insist on crossing. We don't even have a threatening centre back from corners any more!

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