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Zammo 10:43 Thu Sep 7
Can someone please explain why, after 7 weeks of annual leave, on the first week back they have two days teachers training?

Is there an actual reason for this? Why could it not be done during the 7 weeks?

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bruuuno 1:32 Fri Sep 8
Re: Teachers
most teachers are total cunts, all the same. My sister is one

Fifth Column 12:22 Fri Sep 8
Re: Teachers
I did teacher training for a year, accepted a job in a school before the end of that training year... then unaccepted it and thought Fuck this for a game of soldiers.

Horrid job, shitty hours, awful system to teach in and if little Johnny doesn't do well then it's the teacher's fault - not the parents' fault, not little Johnny's fault for being a little cunt.

No idea why anyone would want to do that job.

I went back to being responsible for bringing in enough money for my employer to keep dozens of people in work... far less stress than teaching. Anyone who thinks teaching profession is easy is a fuckwit.

Mumm-Ra 12:20 Fri Sep 8
Re: Teachers
Haha, Jim - I've just seen those emails...

Dear Mr. Sullivan,

I'm not feeling the love anymore as a teacher and I am seeking a new position.

1 sick day in the last 5 years
Happy to work during school holidays
Rarely moan
Average pay

Please inbox me.

Yours faithfully,

Mumm-Ra the ever living (unless I'm teaching 'til 68 in which case I'll die pretty quickly)

Jim79 12:03 Fri Sep 8
Re: Teachers
Mum-ra I suggest you pitch your rate higher for DS given the net spend. He's deco got some wedge hanging around at present.

JAC 11:56 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers
Teachers+farmers=whingers....why become a teacher if you are going to moan about the pay etc?

Mumm-Ra 11:50 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers
Jim - Yep. Plenty of children requiring tutoring in my area for the 11+ grammar school exams. £25 per hour. Think that's the same rare as 10 years' ago.

Sven Roeder 11:43 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers
What exactly does an assessor in a Health & Beauty department do?

Do you get a whistle to blow if you see a poorly constructed CURL?
And is too much mascara a yellow or red card?

Jim79 11:42 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers
Weekend work you say?!?!?!

Don't suppose you could round to Sullivan's and help him with his English Lit and Lang as recent emails have illustrated just how poorly he is performing in that area.

Nice bit of cash in hand tuition.

Mumm-Ra 11:37 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers
I've been teaching for 7 years (plus one year abroad) and previously worked in the motor trade, for the Royal Mail and a stint in the city so feel I can, at least, speak with some experience.

I clear about £1800 a month. Yes, the pension is generous but most men quickly die after retiring from teaching! Have no problem with the salary for what I do. Not all of us are on London rates. My hours are generally 7.30am - 5pm with a few hours at home over the week and during the holidays. Again, normal hours for most. The holidays are definitely a bonus but not the reason I entered the profession.

RE: moaning all the time and 'milking the system'. I cannot think of one place where I have previously worked where someone HAS NOT moaned all the time or been sick for long periods. I agree, especially being off for long periods, is a piss take. We've had someone off for the best part of a year on 40+k a year.

To give you all some idea why some teachers moan, my classroom was judged on a score out of 20 on the first day back. I achieved a steady 17.5... The half mark was because the 'x' on the cursive (joined) handwriting display was not the correct school font. The other deduction was because the teacher's assistant desk was not high enough for her. I'm sure my class have been caused much distress around my 'x'.

The kids are largely great and most parents are too. But decisions usually come from above (management and politicians) and it's teachers who get the bashing. Take, uniforms for example.

Most teachers I work with do work hard. Some are selfish but few get away with being lazy now.

This will be my last year teaching as my first child is due in December and childcare alone would be £1000 a month. I'm deciding to put my money where my mouth is and be a stay at home dad and work on the weekends.

Duncan Donuts 10:45 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers
Smirking about someone doing a job they enjoy and in which they are well-experienced.


HairyHammer 10:22 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers
Northern Sold 5.53

I do not believe a word of that silly hate tirade for the simple reason that you missed out Gypsy's .

No Gypsy,s no way, you Northern are just a tease that loves every human on the planet I can see right through you.

kirok1 9:30 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers
Ours was only one.
Yet it covered all the shitbthat society has decided is down to teachers rather than parents,
Safeguarding, FGM, neglect, every form of abuse. E-safety and how parents doing fuck all to supervise their kids and the tech they give them has seen an explosion in sexual abuse and hate crime. Goddamned depressing how many cases of horrendous detail there were.
As for the days, kids have a set minimum days. Training accounts for a set number of days. Teachers service is set on that number of days.

Dicko75 9:28 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers
Could always try increasing the term time by two extra days steveiron....there's an idea.

ray winstone 9:04 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers
Leftie cunts the lot of em.

steveiron64 8:57 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers
Because 2 days training equates to about 12 hours of input. Done during terms that could be 6-8 sessions.

Inset days are not at the expense of pupil time - they are scheduled before pupils return to school.

BRANDED 7:52 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers
mine cints me iff

Your mum 7:51 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers
Keep yer curlers in Brentford!

Mad Dog 7:51 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers

I don't moan about my phone
I do love my phone. But the autocorrect posses me if ( off it helps)

13 Brentford Rd 7:41 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers
And Dr Moose, I have no idea what you are rambling on about?

13 Brentford Rd 7:35 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers
Would love to know what amazing jobs the arrogant lemmings that laugh at other's jobs do?
I bet they work for some shitcunt corporate.

ooooh Morley Morley 6:42 Thu Sep 7
Re: Teachers
Hair & Beauty Technician


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