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Mr Anon 6:18 Mon Sep 11
Owners want out
Heard from an ex player, so may or may not be true , but apparently the owners are absolutely desperate to sell but no one's interested at the price they've set.

How much is left in the WHO fund?

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Hammer and Pickle 4:50 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
I sent them an email offering them 850 million Belarusian roubles and a midget submarine.

Johnson 4:48 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
How is the legal action the liar Sullivan is taking against Sporting going?

Side of Ham 4:47 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
Red Bull gives..........it bollocks.

roltrader 4:47 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
NB. "tentative offer" perhaps, but not from Red Bull

simon.s 4:47 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
Unless I'm missing something, surely Sullivan wants to hand the cash cow, sorry, West Ham down to his kids. I think he's said as much himself. Cant see him going anywhere anytime soon

goose 4:43 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
Red Bull laughed off the idea that they had made an offer.

not like our owners to bend the truth.

North Bank 4:41 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
roltrader Sullivan said in his statement on the OS

"We did have a tentative approach to buy the Club for £650m from external investors in August this year,"


Side of Ham 4:40 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
They'd have to love West Ham to want to buy the stadium up, there's probably some love there but they love their money and sticking to their frugal business plan more than they will ever love the club and what it's about hence all the changes and the move in the 1st place. We thought (except for a few who knew their MO) it was to build a better quality SQUAD that's able to soak up injuries/loss of form and still be able to give good teams a game. They've seen it as opportunity to carry on as was but with a larger 'customer base' to suck money from.

Treating any Sport like a business opportunity is the beginning of the end of what it was supposed to be about.... competing on a level field to see who wins out.

These two stand for all thats wrong, they got us at a time they would have had never had a chance otherwise and PR'd their way to making themselves out to be the messiah's.

North Bank 4:39 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
Gav yes Jack on his twitter account after the Sun ran that we'd turned down a £200 million offer in December, he said it was bollocks as it was actually £650 million and in August

That led to an official statement by the dwarves

roltrader 4:38 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
Red Bull never made an offer

Gavros 4:36 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
want it Junior who intimated that they had rejected an offer?

North Bank 4:34 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
Johnson I can no longer keep up with their bullshit, did they deny it then as it was on the official website?

Johnson 4:31 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
The offer from Red Bull they LIED about you mean?

North Bank 4:22 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
The owners won't sell out, if they had any interest they would've accepted the £650 million offer from Red Bull last season, let's remind ourselves what the clueless idiot Sullivan said on the official site in January

"But I want to reiterate that we, the current owners, have NO DESIRE to sell the club unless it is to somebody like the King of Saudi Arabia who can take it to a level we cannot ourselves hope to reach."

Gavros 1:33 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
Goose, I'd imagine that the said liabilities of maintenance, insurance, employing personnel, shifting the seats about etc etc and given the current rent means that the price acceptable for sale would be significantly negative, which is politically impossible. Perhaps if there wasnt a requirement to host the athletics something could be done but until then...

ludo21 1:30 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
Gavros 1:24 Thu Oct 5

Agreed... I can't see G&S ever buying or redeveloping the ground.

They currently pay 2.5m pa which enables them to sit back and rake in all the money. Why pay multi millions to buy the LS and then hundreds of millions to redevelop it.

Will never happen... not in my lifetime (and I've hopefully got 30+ years to go).

goose 1:27 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
depends on the price doesnt it Gavlar??

Gavros 1:24 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
why would they want to buy the stadium at an inflated price which at the same time would create a liability in terms of maintenance, insurance etc etc etc? Theyve already got a fantastic deal and the only real reason they'd want to have the freehold is some vague idea about owning the land its on. From a business perspective it makes little sense.

J.Riddle 1:14 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
I mean development could begin at the earliest in 2022 IF the 2bobs pull their fingers out.

goose 1:14 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out

my own school of thought is that they will sit tight until the company running the day-to-day of the stadium faces some serious financial problems. at that point they'll hit them with a low-ball offer to take it off their hands.

J.Riddle 1:13 Thu Oct 5
Re: Owners want out
Even IF the LS was purchased in the next year or two prior to 2022 Athletics use would still be required until then. In theory a buyer could be found in the preceding years and redevelopment of the LS could begin. IF they can find a multi-billionaire who wants to take the project on..

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