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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Justin P 10:08 Wed Sep 20
Team v Spurs
Tough call to bring Arnautovic back into the side?

Moving Zab into the back three where he went when Collins went off could do it?

Fonte Reid Zab
Antonio Obiang Kouyate Cresswell
Hernandes Carroll Arnautovic

Yes I know Antonio is back as RWB but its not RB is it?

Or play Ogbonna where Collins did (more of a natural fit) and bring Arnie off the bench.

Fonte Reid Ogbonna
Zab Obiang Kouyate Cresswell
Antonio Carroll Hernandez

Going to be a nightmare fitting Lanzini in!

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Pee Wee 9:26 Sat Sep 23
Re: Team v Spurs
I think it'll be that except Arnie for Carroll so we'll see Hernandez back in centre

Ironside 3:35 Sat Sep 23
Re: Team v Spurs
He will play:

------Fonte Reid Ogbonna------
--Zaba Noble Kouyate Cress--
---Antonio Carroll Hernandez---

GreenStreetPlayer 12:36 Sat Sep 23
Re: Team v Spurs
First on the team sheet, the fans.
They won this fixture last season.
There was a different air walking to the game. The hostility was transmitted to the players. They knew they had to deliver, we would not let them fail.

The arena became a coliseum for this game last season. The fans were baying for blood. Same again please.

daveyg 11:34 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs

Zab Reid Ogbonna
Antonio Noble Kouyate Cresswell
Arnie Hernandes
I'd rather see Rice in there protecting the back 4 instead of
Noble or Kouyate .
Sakho instead of Carroll


Yarmouth 11:23 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs

Yarmouth 11:20 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs

Jasnik 10:02 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs
Has anyone seen Anautovic smile every picture they show he seems a right miserable sod

D Scully (eire) 8:48 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs
Imagine how up for it Chicarito will be after what happened in Mexico.
Late winner, Emotional message on tshirt. NAILED ON.

Pee Wee 8:45 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs
Hernandez isn't dropped you spastics

Stubbo 6:46 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs
Agreed. I will do. A right cunt. I'll also have neck ache from watching the ball sail back and forth at great height!

Private Dancer 6:23 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs
Stubbo - If Carroll has a blinder tomorrow you will look a right fucking cunt.

Stubbo 5:33 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs
I don't see why anyone would be surprised...he has a full on lob on for Carroll does Bilic.

To be fair, and whilst I don't agree with going for Carroll, picking one of Carroll or Hernandez is the right thing to do (since Arnautovic was bought to play wide left and so should play there as he's better at it than Chicharito).

I'm almost willing the pony tailed lump to get injured again just so we can have our best striker back in the team.

Bet Sullivan will be spitting...130K highest wage earner and the 20 a season striker we've craved for the last 10 years, and he's been dumped after 3 games in his proper position, firstly out of position, and then to the bench in favour of "a big lump up front".

Bilic really does need to get a grip!

Megatron 5:25 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs
Chicharito dropped apparently.


solidbond 2:22 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs

_______fonte. Reid. Iggy

_____zab. Kouyate. Noble. Cress

_____antonio. Sakho. Arnie

-[Rasta]- 1:47 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs

boleyn8420 1:28 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs
Deal. Were at home so why not. tactical genius, they wont be expecting that. Anyway at least we have 11 on the pitch, if and I expect he will we not only end up playing with 10 players and a passenger we also keep giving the ball away. So yes 1 CM and 4 attackers. COYI

dealcanvey 12:54 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs
boleyn8420 12:49 Fri Sep 22

1 CM and 4 attackers?


boleyn8420 12:49 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs
Exiles team has Noble and Rice in it, so that's me out. Lets see what happened the last time those two started, oh yes 3-0 to Newcastle. Why did Obiang go and get injured FFS.

Fonte Reid Ogbonna
Zabaletta Kouyate Cresswell
Antonio Anautovic
Chico Carroll

Which does not fill me full of hope to be honest, lets hope those cunts have an off day and we have a great one

dealcanvey 12:48 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs
We will sit back and to be honest, spurs always struggle when teams do that.

dealcanvey 12:47 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs
----Fonte Reid Ogbonna----
Zaba Noble Kayoute Cress
-------Antonio Sakho---------

ludo21 11:38 Fri Sep 22
Re: Team v Spurs
Exiles team but with Sakho in for Carroll.

I've seen enough of Rice to think he should be a permanent fixture in the team... he will grow into a monster player for us.

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