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steveiron64 1:29 Thu Sep 21
Embarrassment of our FA
So... "Come on you whites!" is now racist. Dear God. On top of their balls up concerning Sampson ...


A "Super White Army" banner was covered up during an England football match after a picture of it was shared online by one of the team's top players.

The sign at Tranmere Rovers' ground was obscured by the FA for the Lionesses' World Cup qualifier on Tuesday, hours after Lucy Bronze shared it online. Her post received criticism and praise.

Tranmere Rovers Supporters' Club said it did not know why it was covered, adding it was "not remotely racist" and referred to their team's shirts.

England's Lionesses had been embroiled in an ongoing row before the match over discrimination allegations made against the team's manager Mark Sampson, who has since been sacked over an unconnected matter.

The FA confirmed it took down the banner at Prenton Park but said it would be making no further comment.

Supporters' club chairman Mark Bartley said the banner had been on display at the ground since the summer, but the words had "been our motto for years" and the decision to cover it "was a one-off [which] will have no impact on us".
"We are proud of our club colours, as are all fans up and down the country... and will continue to use the chant at our games going forward," he said. "It is not remotely racist - it is simply a reference to the white shirts that our team wear."

Tranmere Rovers FC declined to comment.

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Razzle 5:43 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA

Nope cant have one of them...might offend someone.

Cannot mention anything about colour as it might offend someone as they might relate it to their ethnicity. Baa Baa Black sheep, have you any wool? None for you, bloody racist!

Daz makes your washing whiter..your a bloody Far right Nazi if you use that detergent you racist!!

Don't even think about mentioning toilets...You wont be able to use the word fluid, for the gender fluid population..

You can take all your fucking whining and fuck off - sticks and stones and all that. Grow up, you have a spine, you're not invertebrate use it. Pardon me did I just offend invertebrates....

Takashi Miike 1:28 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
*do gooder*

Takashi Miike 1:28 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
the FA gave this bird's argument oxygen from the beginning and are now regretting it. they should have backed the manager and said there was no case to answer. now you have every do golfer on the bandwagon, not doubt agenda pushers advising the player and shitbags like henry winter making a mountain out of a molehill. you know the minute the scumbag politicians want to get involved that this is out of control

13 Brentford Rd 1:24 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
It's not racism.
Probably a poor taste joke that he shouldn't have said, tellingly she says her reaction was to laugh. She is even asked by the interviewer if it could be seen as an offensive comment but not racist and she says no it was racist because her family are African.
It's time the term was defined legally, again, as the term is bandied about far too often and is an insult to those that have suffered real racism.

Willtell 11:17 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
The FA are complete idiots but embarrassed? Yes they bloody well should be for caving in to a young lady that really does believe that what her coach did was racist.

Well if you haven't actually seen or heard what racist comments were made then judge for yourself here by watching her interview for a minute or two on the BBC. If that is what is now deemed to be racism then I truly am glad that I live abroad now...


Excellent comment HR to put things into perspective.

Eindhoven Hammer 11:15 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
The NZ football team are called the All Whites and they're captained by a non-white player in Winston Reid 😂. On another note, women's football is shit. Anyone, I mean male, who watches it or even worse, paid to watch it, is a grade A cunt.

Hermit Road 11:12 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
what we need to accept and have a frank discussion about in our society is that we are a deeply racist country. look at our education system. 33% of whites go to university of higher education, 36% of blacks, over 70% of asians, nearly 80% of chinese.

Deeply, deeply discriminatory. People of colour should hang their heads in shame at this oppressive, institutionally racist country that they are creating.

BRANDED 10:51 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
They need a womans FA funded by women.

Lee Trundle 10:14 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Sampson is going to take the FA to the cleaners, isn't he?

Seems like he's got every right to.

twoleftfeet 9:07 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Aluko and Sanderson are just nasty, bitter pieces of work who played the race card when they got dropped.
Has the team done better without them? Yes

Were they disruptive influences? Yes

Sampson made a joke at their expense years before but they decided not to report it at the time, Aluko seems to think she should be in the team because she won the golden boot, so what?
She was playing for the dominant team against very weak opposition, she can’t even get in the Chelsea team now!

A couple of bitter black ladies with massive chips on their shoulders.

Crassus 8:59 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Not fit to run a whelk stall mate and no disrespect intended upon those engaged within the purveyance of fine quality seafoods either

Sven Roeder 8:44 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Was reading that as part of this new investigation the 6 people at a meeting when this HORRIBLE THING was said were asked about it.
3 of them recalled 'something' like that was said.
Presumably the other 3 plus Sampson didn't


On another note it does prove that the FA is as unfit to run football as it has ever been and needs to be binned in favour of a proper commission to run the game.

On The Ball 8:24 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Lianne Sanderson is on the BBC now.

It all changed for her after they "forgot" to acknowledge her 50th cap. You poor little thing.

She was "never told I wasn't good enough" after not being picked any more. Yes, because that's what they say to dropped players. "Hello Lianne. We're not picking you anymore because you're shit".

"It's important to remember that this didn't happen to everybody" - seems to me that it 'happened' to two players who were dropped.

On The Ball 8:19 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Yes. They saw a bus coming and Sampson was standing near the kerb.

LeroysBoots 8:10 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Has ANYBODY stated anything along the lines that Aluko ain't good enough to.play for England ?....or is that racist as well?

Sven Roeder 7:52 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
I presume part of Sampson leaving was a payoff and a non disclosure agreement to not talk about his dismissal

Am still curious that the previous enquiries ‘proved’ he didn’t say THEM THINGS (or dem tings according to the goalkeeping coach) and now they are ‘proved’ and being apologised for.
Is there any explanation of this change?

icwhs 7:28 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
All banter

Every cunt needs to get a grip

zico 2:37 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
What's interesting is that Sampson himself has kept very quiet on all this. Maybe the FA themselves might end up with a wrongful dismissal claim.

North Bank 12:50 Thu Oct 19
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Seems odd this as the Keeper coach mocked Aluko by talking to her in a Carribean accent knowing full well she's of African descent, Glenn then appeared to blackmail Aluko over a contractual payment due stating they'd only release it if she exonerated the FA by saying they weren't institutionally racist

Clarke then bizarrely stated that his job is career death and that no-one wants his job, what a fucking idiot he and Glenn surely can't survive this, but if Gordon Taylor can ride out a storm I'm pretty sure these two imbeciles will try

To cap it all Sampson is suing the FA for unlawful dismissal on grounds of not being racist or a bully

On The Ball 11:59 Wed Oct 18
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
It would have been racist if her family hadn't been travelling from West Africa - where the Ebola virus was rife. If they lived in England or were from anywhere else - racist. But they didn't, they lived in West Africa. As Infidel said, it's not in the slightest bit funny, but it's also not based on her skin colour.

The problem is, now they've sacked him they're happy to lump all of the blame on him. It's amusing that they sacked him for having a relationship with a former player(s?), yet his replacement is married to one of hers!

Sven Roeder 11:50 Wed Oct 18
Re: Embarrassment of our FA
Has it actually been confirmed that Sampson even said these things?
I thought they were denied and the video evidence of a meeting where at least one was meant to have been made proved it didn't

From my reading they have ignored actually proving anything and jumped to apologising for it

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