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claret on my shirt 7:17 Sat Sep 30
Is this guy the worst £20m player ever?

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HairyHammer 1:36 Sun Oct 1
Re: Ayew
For ten minutes he looked good yesterday, then he started jogging back like a ballet dancer, he has potential of sorts but he obviously does not apply himself with any want.

Crassus 1:19 Sun Oct 1
Re: Ayew
'He doesn't give a fuck about our club, he's a prideless cunt purely in football for the money'

And for what ever reason, there lay the rub

Eerie Descent 1:15 Sun Oct 1
Re: Ayew
Crassus 11:32 Sat Sep 30

There is a world of differences between the two, firstly one cost £20mil, he has also been given many opportunities in his favoured position, and he is a fucking coward, which sets him apart from anyone else.

Private Dancer 12:35 Sun Oct 1
Re: Ayew
If you saw this fraud walking down the street you would go against the grain, if you see a West Ham player walking towards you, and would either cross the road or tell him that he's shit.

I think with cunts like this, Snodgrass and now possibly Arnie they are ok at smaller clubs in backwaters of shitholes like Swansea, Hull, Stoke etc, but once at a club like ours they can't handle the extra pressure and scrutiny that it brings.

He doesn't give a fuck about our club, he's a prideless cunt purely in football for the money.

Infidel 12:28 Sun Oct 1
Re: Ayew
Late in the second half yesterday Lanz went on a brilliant run through the middle to set up a counter attack with Swansea backpedalling, laid it off for Ayew ....who under no pressure passed it straight to a Swansea defender

Two minutes later an easy pass was sent over to Ayew on the wing and it went under his foot and out for a Swansea throw in.

These mistakes have nothing to do with playing out of position. These are problems of basic control and passing which any professional footballer in any of the four leagues should have mastered just to be on the pitch.

£20M for Ayew is an utter disgrace.

Crassus 11:32 Sat Sep 30
Re: Ayew

I get that, and agree entirely why you have boiled your piss with him

You with Nordveit me with Ayew perhaps, but there is or was a player in there, We signed the current African player of the year (fresh from ripping us a new one and perhaps there is the reason why we did) who was severely injured and subsequently has been a bit part player in various positions, mostly not his natural one

Like the cunt Nordveit, Ayew was never ever going to work for us, whatever abilities they held, they were not compatible with our style of play

Best to get shot of him asap, shame the Kitchen market has gone wobbly, still a chance that the Arabs will return our investment given his African profile

pdbis 11:27 Sat Sep 30
Re: Ayew
That awful miss against Pool last season sums him up as a footballer.Fuck off back to Swansea or somewhere else please in January.

southlondonhammer 11:22 Sat Sep 30
Re: Ayew
The problem isn't the players anymore, it's the manager.

gph 11:19 Sat Sep 30
Re: Ayew
"There is not a football system the coward cunt would look good in."

What a load of bollocks.


Hammer and Pickle 11:18 Sat Sep 30
Re: Ayew
Last 15 minutes replacing Hernandez is the only way to play Ayew.

Sarge 11:15 Sat Sep 30
Re: Ayew
Eerie Descent 11:04 Sat Sep 30


I hated LBM

This guy is worse by a considerable margin

Eerie Descent 11:14 Sat Sep 30
Re: Ayew
There is not a football system the coward cunt would look good in.

southlondonhammer 11:13 Sat Sep 30
Re: Ayew
Didn't do himself any favours today but not helped by being used in a system which doesn't suit him. He's not a wide man in a midfield four and never will be.

Eerie Descent 11:04 Sat Sep 30
Re: Ayew
I think some of you are misreading what being LAZY on a football pitch means. Because he runs around and pretends he's working hard, doesn't mean he is. He is lazy because he shirks out of doing the real hard work on a football pitch, he is a fucking lazy coward cunt and I would be ecstatic if he never wore our shirt again, and was given away in January.


jim@chickenrun 10:30 Sat Sep 30
Re: Ayew
He thinks he's a lot better than he really is,today he was terrible,and has been in my opinion from when we signed him.

franksfat&slow&wank 10:27 Sat Sep 30
Re: Ayew
Absolutely the worst ever value for money signing
Terrible player

gph 10:19 Sat Sep 30
Re: Ayew
I don't have a brother, but I'm pretty sure that if I did I'd be aching to beat his team. If he couldn't motivate himself for this, I'm surprised he's got the energy to get out of bed.

ribs 10:07 Sat Sep 30
Re: Ayew
I don't think he is dogshit or particularly lazy. Just never a leftwinger and tactically poor. When Antonio swapped sides he never got or was told he should swap as well.

Fivetide 9:11 Sat Sep 30
Re: Ayew
Second rate Vaz Te

chim chim cha boo 9:10 Sat Sep 30
Re: Ayew
There isn't a lazy footballer in the Premier League- that's just stupid.

He just looks like he's constantly having a stinker out there and the more he tries to turn it around, the worse it gets. I'd say whoever scouted and bought him is the lazy one.

A panic buy after a terrible summer window shoehorned into a team he doesn't fit purely because he cost so much money.

If he'd cost nothing and come through our academy he'd never get a sniff of first team football.

Last week he was warming-up on the touchline and I was wracking my brain trying to remember his name- that's how much I rate him.

Eerie Descent 8:52 Sat Sep 30
Re: Ayew
Never said thus before about one if our players, but I hope he gets injured up till the point that we can sell him.

Fucking gutless cunt.

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