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collyrob 3:42 Sun Oct 1
Catalan referendum

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Mex Martillo 5:25 Tue Jul 2
Re: Catalan referendum
3 catalan MEPs not allowed to enter EU Parliament.

Voted by over 2M voters to represent Catalonia in the EU Parliament.

Catalonia not properly represented in the EU Parliament.

What democracy is that?

Mex Martillo 9:20 Fri Jun 14
Re: Catalan referendum
Spanish justice has blocked an MEP from Catalonia taking his position as an MEP.

One of the elected MEPs is in prison, but has not been found guilty of anything and is waiting in prison for the result of the trail. The Spanish justice system has ruled that he cannot sign the papers as he is in prison. The papers cannot be signed in prison and he cannot be released for a few hours and escorted to sign the papers. As he has not been found guilty of crime (yet) he completed all the requirements to stand for election as an MEP and was voted in by over 2M voters.

Fucking disgrace!

Mex Martillo 7:43 Thu Jun 13
Re: Catalan referendum
The trail of the Catalonian political prisoners finished yesterday, but the judges will now take months to give a verdict. The verdict will probably be in October, which will be 2 years in prison without being found guilty of any crime. I guess there is the remote chance they will be found innocent and freed.

The Catalan MEPs have not been allowed to take their seats in the European Parliament. Due to this problem, no Spanish MEPs have been allowed to take their seats. All Spanish MEPs must go to Madrid for a ceremony before being accepted by the EU as MEPs. If the 2 exiled Catalan MEPs go to Madrid they will be arrested. The 2 exiled Catalan MEPs were voted by over 2M voters.

Crassus 2:32 Sat Jun 1
Re: Catalan referendum
You are not wrong there mate, France would be effected by Catalan and Basque seperatism, as they hold territory for both, it won't stop with Spain

And thats before we get on to Italy and Belgium

threesixty 1:40 Sat Jun 1
Re: Catalan referendum
"This is exactly why Scotland will never be allowed to join the EU."

If Scotland left the UK legally (via a referendum) what would be the problem?

twoleftfeet 12:14 Sat Jun 1
Re: Catalan referendum
This is exactly why Scotland will never be allowed to join the EU.

Spain would reject it and possibly France as well.

The last thing they need is their regions demanding the same as Scotland.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:03 Sat Jun 1
Re: Catalan referendum
They aren't all in prison. Two of them were refused permission to enter the building when they tried to collect their credentials.

bruuuno 11:10 Sat Jun 1
Re: Catalan referendum
Maybe if they are in prison they might not be able to perform their MEP duties?

Crassus 11:10 Sat Jun 1
Re: Catalan referendum
It's the EU mate - they do what they want
But by the same logic, why allow the SNP and Plaid C meps in ?

On account of them making up their rules as they go along - Brexit is the way, fuck the shit show

goose 10:52 Sat Jun 1
Re: Catalan referendum
How can they block an elected MEP?

Mex Martillo 10:12 Sat Jun 1
Re: Catalan referendum
Newly elected Spanish / Catalan independentist Members of European Parliament were not allowed into the European Parliament when other newly elected Spanish MEPs entered without problems.


Voted in by over 2M voters! I have never been a brexiter, but I am getting there

Mex Martillo 4:06 Mon May 27
Re: Catalan referendum
I am not following the trail of the political prisoners very well, but it is still going with no obvious conclusions.

With all the elections recently there have been some interesting developments.

The political prisoners were legally allowed to stand in the Spanish elections as even though in prison they have not been found guilty of any crime. All prisoners got good support and were elected to the Spanish parliament. The authorities would not release them to take there seats and referred everything to the Spanish superior court saying the a situation where prisoners are members of parliament should not be allowed.

A similar situation has now resulted from the European elections with the leaders of the two independentist are now members of the European Parliament. Carles Puigdemont who is exiled in Brussels can I guess take his seat. The other leader Oriol Junqueras is in a Spanish prison for the on going trial, so it will be interesting to see what happens there.

Lastly on a strange aside. A young lady who went the final of the Copa de Rey in Madrid, between Barcelona and Valencia was forced to remove her top as it said free the political prisoners (in Catalan) and the police kept it. She was left to go to the game with no top wearing her just her bra. Does that seem normal behaviour of the police? She is trying to prosecute the police.

goose 10:20 Sun Mar 3
Re: Catalan referendum
Thks Mex I’ll see what I can find online.
Maybe an independent Catalan will lead to an independent Basque Country.

Mex Martillo 9:55 Sun Mar 3
Re: Catalan referendum
When all this political shit is going on, it is very good to see Barca beating Real Madrid in Madrid twice in 4 days to end any hope of Real having domestic success, league or cup.

Mex Martillo 9:15 Fri Mar 1
Re: Catalan referendum
Guardiola take on it all, minute 4:20

Mex Martillo 8:12 Fri Feb 22
Re: Catalan referendum
Joe, that may be a tricky one. Espanol play at the same time, actually you are very close to the ground if you want to see Espanol. You need to find a bar that prefers to put the Premier compared to the local team? Get into a bar early and ask them to put movistar liga de championes channel number 50. If your hotel is quite and they have movistar it may be your best bet. For sure you see it in the Ramble for the cost of a taxi. I’m going to watch it at home as I know my local will prefer to put the Espanol game.

Bruno, they lasted 20 days when they called it off, just before Chritsmas.

Goose, its just a bit of yellow ribbon with a safety pin. Although, now you can buy metal and plastic pins, but in the UK may be tricky?

bruuuno 12:46 Fri Feb 22
Re: Catalan referendum
Are they still on hunger strike? Or is that only doing working hours ? (10-2)

joe royal 10:52 Thu Feb 21
Re: Catalan referendum
I’m looking for a pub to watch the game in the L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, area .

Can’t be bothered to get the train to the ramblers .

goose 11:37 Thu Feb 21
Re: Catalan referendum
Where can I buy one of those little yellow ribbons to wear like Pep?

Willtell 11:01 Thu Feb 21
Re: Catalan referendum
I'll bet the judges aren't Catalans...

Coffee 9:13 Thu Feb 21
Re: Catalan referendum
Where's Graham Greene when you need him?

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