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Gary Darkness 8:25 Sat Oct 7
Supercar driving experience
Has anyone ever paid to drive a fast car around a track for fun?

And if so, could you recommend a place to do it?

Want to get it for the wife as a gift (true). She likes driving fast, she says.

Don't really care what car it is as long as it's faster than our Skoda Fabia.


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Cheezey Bell-End 8:42 Mon Oct 9
Re: Supercar driving experience
One of the youtube channels I watch is from a guy who works at a hotel by the Nurburgring that rents cars out.

There's also some good clips about the ring taxis that take you out for a lap in a high end Porsche driven by a racing driver. I'd rather do that than drive myself.

Stepney.Ammer 8:08 Mon Oct 9
Re: Supercar driving experience
Sxboy_66 12:39 Sun Oct 8

Did this a few weeks back - absolutely the dogs bollocks!

I managed to spin the F3 onto the gravel on my 2nd lap, which was the end of my race...gutted was not the word!!

The instructors actively encourage you to not hold back and to push it to your limits, which I wasn't expecting at all beforehand.

Tomsdad 7:57 Mon Oct 9
Re: Supercar driving experience
I did one a while back and I did a couple of laps, I pulled over, the bloke that runs the thing comes over and said - Oi no professionals. I took my helmet off, I said I'm not a professional. He said - you're not a profesional? I said - No, he said - well you should be, if I was you I'd take up Formula One, and if you drive like that you'd probably be the best in the country! I said - I'm not interested I'm making shit loads out of Importing.

True Story!

FruityBoots. 6:14 Mon Oct 9
Re: Supercar driving experience
Got the boy a "driving experience" in a Lamborghini last year off Groupon. It was ok but they did try forcing an extra insurance on us of about £40 when we got there by showing us a small section of black plastic grill no bigger than 6" x 12" with a crack in it caused by hitting one of the cones on the course, telling us it was £5000 worth of damage that we would have to fork out for if we didn't insure the driver.

Hammers1993 5:15 Mon Oct 9
Re: Supercar driving experience
I did one at Oxford, can't remember the name of the track but it was through Red Letter Days. You could pop into Bicester after as well if it is a bit of a journey, makes more of a day of it.

One bit of advice is I would purchase as many laps as possible in your budget that you would want to spend, I went out in 3 cars with 3 laps each and then the Ariel Atom for 2 laps at the end and it doesn't last long.

joe royal 9:37 Sun Oct 8
Re: Supercar driving experience
A mate did a red letter day Ferrari drive that consisted of not going above 4000 revs and getting into top gear asap and then not to exceed 3000 rpm.

Went faster in the 200sx he had at the time.

Double check exactly what you get , ad it may well say 10 laps in a Ferrari but if you can't go above 60 mph it's a bit pointless.

zico 3:18 Sun Oct 8
Re: Supercar driving experience
I did Brands Hatch some years ago. Think it was a Rally Car I went round in first and that way great because you could really out your foot down with an Instructor sitting next to you. Then had a go on I think a Formula 3 or 4 if that exists, single seater. Unfortunately the seat didn't move and I am 5 ft 5 so off I went and because I couldn't quite reach the accelerator my experience was to drive round like Driving Miss Daisy!! Getting the speed results in front of 7 total strangers who joined me on the track was quite embarrassing as I reached the peak of 42 miles per hour!!! On the upside my Mrs managed to get a really nice clear photo of me in that car of which she said wasn't too difficult because I was in shot for quite some time!!!

Bungo 2:55 Sun Oct 8
Re: Supercar driving experience
Bit of an aside, but my wife once entered me in a Formula Ford single seater novice competition with people who had no track racing experience, but many had done other forms of motorsport successfuly.

Long story short, I was absolutely nowhere (having previously dominated friends at karting etc). This demonstrated to me that anyone that has a pop at racing drivers (even the back markers), thinking it's all about the car, has absolutely no idea how skilled they are and how difficult it is.

Bit of a wake up call that one.

neco 1:06 Sun Oct 8
Re: Supercar driving experience
These have some deals going at the moment, used them for gifts for family before, always gone well....


Sxboy_66 12:39 Sun Oct 8
Re: Supercar driving experience

I did this last year. I've done similar things in the past but this was the best by a long way.

A decent amount of time with an instructor in an Aerial Atom, a Caterham 7 (circuits and time trials with tricks and flicks), then alone in a Formula 3000 single seater (undoubtedly the most fun thing I've ever driven).

Also got to be a passenger in a Le Mans Jaguar driven by Jolyon Palmer for a couple of flying laps. It was proof positive that F1 drivers are 'wired' differently (and he's one of the slower ones!)

A truly enjoyable day out.

zebthecat 11:30 Sat Oct 7
Re: Supercar driving experience
Not a super car experience but had a single seater driving day at Brands Hatch a few years and it was brilliant fun.
Piling round Paddock Hill bend with your foot flat on the floor will bring a smile to anyone's face.
It is, however, in Kent

bruuuno 11:26 Sat Oct 7
Re: Supercar driving experience
Have you got any pictures of your wife? Preferably of her minge

MTC 11:26 Sat Oct 7
Re: Supercar driving experience
Went with the wifes uncle to do one at Thruxton a few years back.He loved it as he’s massively into anything to do with motor racing.Apparently its the fastest track in the country.After you had done your particlar driving experiance they had a range of other super cars you could drive for a price.They had the latest lambo for 100 quid for 3 laps.

Hugh Jampton 11:03 Sat Oct 7
Re: Supercar driving experience
I drove an Aston round Longcross nr Chertsey a couple of months ago. Was ok but couldn't get up a lot of speed. Also drove a dirty great big truck there, whi h I preferred.

LondonE3 9:12 Sat Oct 7
Re: Supercar driving experience
Had a track day given as a 40th birthday gift a few years ago and got to drive a boosted Porsche 911, Ferrari 458, Lambo Gallardo, some Maserati that was boring as fuck and a single seater Ariel Atom which was easily the most fun.
I'm not really into cars but I didn't stop grinning all day.

Spandex Sidney 8:59 Sat Oct 7
Re: Supercar driving experience
My cock is faster than your Skoda Labia. She can have a ride on that if she likes.

£150 for the day and I'll even knock up a corned beef sandwich for you while I'm doing her.

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