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Worst Case Ontario 1:32 Thu Oct 19
The Tragically Hip
The front man of this Canadian rock group, Gord Downie, passed away the other day from brain cancer at the age of 53.

The nation has been in mourning since..

I have long wondered though, outside of Canada and parts of the US, has anyone even heard of him and the band?

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mashed in maryland 6:09 Sun Oct 22
Re: The Tragically Hip
Snow is Canadian. Who made Informer.

The Weeknd is Canadian as well.

Up til a few seconds ago I always thought Canibus was Canadian.

ironsofcanada 4:27 Sun Oct 22
Re: The Tragically Hip
The Canadian bands that I liked of my era tended to not be popular outside the country (The Tea Party, Our Lady Peace, Big Wreck, Big Sugar and the Watchmen) or did some very good local stuff but got very repetitive and unoriginal once they achieved big success (I am looking at you Nickelback, Kroeger said himself, he studied huge amounts of other music to make his songs popular, I guess he achieved that, whatever else he did.)

However, the music I grew up listening to was mostly Canadian from my mom's generation and were pretty famous in the States at least. So in addition to some mentioned there was Steppenwolf, Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot (The Edmund Fitzgerald still gives me chills), The Band (and their work before that name backing up Ronnie Hawkins and Dylan) and Buffy St. Marie.

I honestly have not paid much attention lately. People mention Drake all the time, but not sure if I could tell you one of his songs.

Far East Hammer 3:50 Sun Oct 22
Re: The Tragically Hip
Wasn't the original PiL drummer Canadian, too?

Sven Roeder 7:56 Sat Oct 21
Re: The Tragically Hip
& Alannis Morrisette

White Pony 7:38 Sat Oct 21
Don't forget Justin Bieber.

Bungo 7:11 Sat Oct 21
'Kin hell.

The best band that only old farts like me know are/were Canadian..


Sven Roeder 7:06 Sat Oct 21
Re: The Tragically Hip
Neil Young
Joni Mitchell

Far East Hammer 7:01 Sat Oct 21
Re: The Tragically Hip
Canadian music to me means:
NoMeansNo (one of the best, tightest live acts I've ever seen)
Skinny Puppy
Men Without Hats
The Guess Who - (albeit to me, the band that did the original American Woman which I got to know (and like) via the Butthole Surfers cover)
Celine Dion
Brian Adams
April Lavine
(and there might be others that I hadn't realised were cannucks)

So no, I hadn't heard of the Tragically Hip, until the frontman snuffed it. And even then I thought the band was called "hip" and that it was "tragic" that he'd died in his fifties...

gph 1:14 Sat Oct 21
Re: The Tragically Hip
I quite like Guess Who?

That said, I didn't know they were Canadian when I started liking them...

ironsofcanada 12:19 Sat Oct 21
Re: The Tragically Hip
Some quintessential narrative-based and quietly patriotic (and therefore niche) songs like:

Wheat Kings (about a huge Canadian news story, but again not really known outside the country)

Hundredth Meridian

Ahead by a Century

and Blow at High Dough

And to that Downey put on a show according to everyone I knew that saw them live. That said, a whole lot of their work I thought was overrated and we were force to listen to because of CAN-CON.

As for Trudeau, one of the best reason I have for living in England.

lowermarshhammer 11:36 Fri Oct 20
Re: The Tragically Hip
I've never heard of them so I'm afraid I'm going to have to be heavily influenced by my default position on such matters:-


Don Ravioli 11:23 Fri Oct 20
Re: The Tragically Hip
Only good thing to come out of Canada is Linda evangelista.

geoffpikey 8:47 Fri Oct 20
Re: The Tragically Hip
Kelly Jones of Stereophonics loves them and started off in "music" playing Tragically Hip covers. This is quite possibly the most worthless information I've amassed in my entire life. You're welcome.

Tanglefoot 6:00 Thu Oct 19
Re: The Tragically Hip
Alex Bunbury

Worst Case Ontario 5:39 Thu Oct 19
Re: The Tragically Hip
Which songs, MiM? Your assessment is fair for a fair bit of their work.

But they're a bit like Paul Weller and the Jam - loved in their own country, relatively not as well known outside.

Gavros 2:57 Thu Oct 19
Re: The Tragically Hip
Mike Myers is Canadian.

Lee Trundle 2:17 Thu Oct 19
Re: The Tragically Hip
Some bloke I'd never heard of cries over a bloke dying who I'h never heard of, who was a lead singer of a band I'd never heard of.


Northern Sold 2:12 Thu Oct 19
Re: The Tragically Hip
I'll be honest I don't even know a famous Canadian... does Dudley Do-Right count??

Northern Sold 2:11 Thu Oct 19
Re: The Tragically Hip
goose 1:37 Thu Oct 19
Re: The Tragically Hip
thought it was a thread about Gavros.

* high 5's Goose *

Darby_ 1:59 Thu Oct 19
Re: The Tragically Hip
I've never heard anyone that wasn't Canadian mention them.

mashed in maryland 1:57 Thu Oct 19
Re: The Tragically Hip
Just listened to 3 of their songs.

Wouldn't say they're shit, there's obviously talent there etc.

Just extremely fucking dull and sterile.

Makes a Neil Young and REM collabo for a cancer charity sound like a drum & bass rave.

No surprise no one from outside Canada has ever heard of them.

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