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claret on my shirt 9:22 Fri Oct 20
Sullivan Sky Interview
He said 95% of fans love the stadium and Bilic has a 3 year contract, he's entitled to 3 years and unless something desperatly goes wrong he will see the 3 year contract out (so end of this season). He followed up by saying they will decide at the end of the season if he gets a new contract or not.

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ludo21 3:59 Tue Oct 24
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
I put my head in the sand at ten to ten on Friday night and haven't bothered with any football media since that debacle.

Can someone clarify... did Bilic offer to resign?

If I was him I would just walk, he's only got 7 months left on his contract (though he probably has an 'avoid relegation' bonus built in that he's clinging on to).

, 3:55 Tue Oct 24
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
Whatever threat fans can put on the owners it pales into insignificance compared to what they see as a threat to their investment due to the possibility of relegation.

In that respect us fans and the owners have a common very big fear.

B6NY B 3:53 Tue Oct 24
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
Johnson 7:33 Mon Oct 23
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview

Bang on, if Simon Jordan knows what a cunt he is to deal with so does everyone else. The Sporting fuck up would have highlighted this again.

He got pulled up in the car park after WBA away in the cup and a few called it out of order. Man is fucking disgusting, he goes above Ince and Lampard for me. CUNT

Pub Bigot 3:49 Tue Oct 24
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
And he's hedging his bets again by hoping for a makeshift Spurs team making our chances of winning at Wembley increase and a win at Palace to.

An independent fan movement is the only way we'll wobble these charlatans. At the moment we're Charlie Magri in with Waldimir Klitschko. By creating an independent supports body, we can put pressure on the board.

Takashi Miike 3:39 Tue Oct 24
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
I agree, the little midget cunt thought we'd batter Brighton and the manager question would be put to bed until the new year

Ashy 3:34 Tue Oct 24
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
By being his usual mouthpiece for rent and agreeing to be interviewed he has royally fucked himelf and the club up.
No interview means he doesnt say Slaven wont be sacked and doesnt put the club through another few weeks of embarassment and turmoil as he tries to save face sticking to his word.
No interview and that shit result could have seen Slav gone and the club move in a new and better direction, as any board that is even remotely running their club properly does.

North Bank 9:15 Mon Oct 23
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
"he doesn't know what his best team is"

What a damning comment by the the Chairman about the Manager and despite our worst start since our last relegation, the West Ham hierarchy have adopted the actions of Nero, it's a fools errand make no mistake

chim chim cha boo 8:10 Mon Oct 23
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
After Grant went Sullivan said something along the lines of 'in a way I felt sorry for Avram (didn't stop you firing him in the tunnel at the end of the last game though) as we didn't invest enough in the side. It's not a mistake I'll make again'.

...and here we are after a massive summer net-spend of about 4 million.

Hermit Road 8:08 Mon Oct 23
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
Hirtchmoe and nearly everyone else has got this geezer bang to rights. Snipey little fucker can’t stand people thinking I’ll of him so can’t resist hanging the manager out to dry with things go tits up. Now, if he was throwing ridiculous amounts of cash at the manager to sign the next in the world, it would still be out of order but at least he’d have a point, as it is, he just does it in a vain attempt to make himself look good.

Yarmouth 7:52 Mon Oct 23
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
Eric Hitchmoe 7:23 Mon Oct 23

Point taken mate but whether he believes or hopes Billic will keep us up, the end result is the same. He'll hang onto him rather than pay out to sack him.

Just my opinion.

Johnson 7:33 Mon Oct 23
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
I suspect the odious liar is struggling to find people willing to work for him as well, which was why given we were on the cusp of going to the OS - which was supposed to help us attract better than what we had - he had to settle for his fifth (FIFTH) choice.

Eric Hitchmoe 7:23 Mon Oct 23
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
"IMO it's really that simple."

Except it's not, Yarmouth. I very much doubt that he 'believes' Bilic will keep us in the PL, but rather hopes he will. He is prepared to play Russian Roulette in the hope that Bilic will keep us up by the skin of our teeth and he can then release him for free at the end of the season. Except this season could well turn out to be the chamber with the bullet in it.

Yarmouth 7:16 Mon Oct 23
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
He currently believes Billic will keep us in the prem and that is his and the clubs only priority.

If, and sadly I think it will happen sooner rather than later, Sullivan believes we may/will go down under Billic, he'll sack him.

IMO it's really that simple.

Eric Hitchmoe 6:45 Mon Oct 23
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
Whilst this devious little cretin has been at the club, he has publicly undermined every manager under his employ. This must be well known within the game and it is no wonder why we cannot attract anyone decent. So yes, we do appear screwed.

Mr Wendel 6:43 Mon Oct 23
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
There is no-one who can 'sack' the board.

The Kronic 6:18 Mon Oct 23
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
The more I read about the creepy cunt the more repulsive he becomes. And no manager who is decent enough to have a choice of clubs will want to work for either him or his two equally revolting sidekicks.

hornchurchsteve 5:15 Mon Oct 23
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
Who in their right mind would want to work for this cunt. We're well and truly fucking lumbered.

13 Brentford Rd 4:56 Mon Oct 23
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
Is there any other club who wouldn't sack Billic now after the shit served up last season and this season sitting in 17th place?
I think not.
Sullivan is obviously a massive (little) cunt, but common sense alone says we need a lift if nothing else.
It's like watching a car crash.

under the thumb 4:45 Mon Oct 23
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
Sullivan showed his colours straight away when he sacked Zola a decent human being who didn't deserve the treatment he had from the owners irrespective of his ability to manage.

The clown then employed arguably the worst manager in my opinion this club has ever had in Avram Grant. Forgetting my disgust at Grant's ability to manage, just look how he treated him with the handling of getting in Martin O'Neill halfway through the season.

BFS was a good appointment at the time and the man did what he was bought into do and get us promoted and established ourselves again as a premier league club. However yet again he was a dead man walking in his last season with Sullivan always mouthing off to the press or feeding them snippets of information all the time.

Now Bilic is being made the scapegoat for Sullivan's ineptitude to run a football club. Who the fuck would want to work for a man who's track record with his last three managers has been nothing short of a disaster

terry-h 4:10 Mon Oct 23
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
I agree Johnson. Our biggest problem is not Bilic's inability to manage the current squad, but who the hell thats any good would want to work for the three individuals running West Ham United.

Johnson 2:32 Mon Oct 23
Re: Sullivan Sky Interview
That's a much bigger issue as who is realistically going to want to work after his behaviour with the last three managers in his employment and the Carvalho debacle?

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