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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Yarmouth 1:37 Sun Oct 22
What is our identity right now?
What is our identity as a football team? I’m sure that like me most of us watch MOTD and you can see how other teams are set up and how they play. They have a pattern, a method and use the players they have to carry out these things.

Man city, to an extent Chelsea, sadly the yids, all have flare players in abundance and you can see what they are capable of – turning games around, controlling games, and in Man city’s case demolishing teams with their skill, but most other teams, Man U, with all their talent included, have a format, a method and by and large stick to it.

Some are counter attack, some pack a strong midfield, some are purely attack minded, or rely on pace and aggression so my question is –

What the fuck is our strategy and strength because I’m fucked if I can work it out.

I love this club, have never been able to think about supporting any other, would rather quit supporting a club than ever contemplate switching, but this is just another utter shambles in a long history of despair.

I’m realistic enough to know that we are never going to be a top four club without massive investment. We never have been so I’m not pissed off about it.

But what I am pissed off about is that my club, our club, has been ripped up and thrown into the garbage and nobody who is in a position of influence, apart from Billic, seems to give a fuck.

I say apart from Billic because he clearly cares but sadly is not competent enough to change it, but the others? Where the fuck are their principles about our club.

They destroy our home and move us to this dump with no connection whatsoever to our roots yet expect us to turn up week in, week out and watch this shit.

As a team we have no passion, no pace, no structure, no pattern, no style, no comradeship and seemingly no idea how to change it.

In short – what is the current West Ham way? What can other teams expect when they play a current West Ham side. We were once renowned for playing stylish, attacking football and it was accepted that we’d probably lose more than we’d win overall but at least we watched our players trying fucking hard and trying to play good football. That’s kind of all we asked for – but now? Even a style, a signature, a ‘West Ham way’ has been demolished.

We have no idea what to expect from our side from one week to another and that, above all else, is the worst thing.

We have totally lost our identity as a club. And that, for me, is probably the worst thing I have seen at our club in the 54 years I’ve been supporting us.

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Electric Retro-pants 5:03 Wed Oct 25
Re: What is our identity right now?
Can we make up some alternative badges- our identity is where this is!


Northern Sold 1:59 Wed Oct 25
Re: What is our identity right now?
Sir Alf… It’s called Apathy… started when the Walrus was on board… I think everything has just knocked the stuffing out of people… players don’t care… board don’t care… and the fans don’t care… Apathy United

Sir Alf 1:00 Wed Oct 25
Re: What is our identity right now?
Ur right comma

Only sites like this seem to have fans with forthright views agree with them or not. WHO is only a fraction of the fanbase and most fans will continue to sleepwalk into the championship without a whimper

It's why we will never hear a majority letting the owners know what they think of th false promises they were given?

Most seem to just accept it's our turn yet again or think Bilic is a nice bloke so we should stick with him?

Gawd knows if I can work out why fans have not given the owners grief

, 12:52 Wed Oct 25
Re: What is our identity right now?
The identity of a club is set by us fans.

Right now apart from the majority who remain quiet the rest can be divided into constantly moaning groups who blame the owners, manager or individual players for all our ills. There are loads of ST holders who do not engage on WHU social media outlets, listen to low IQ radio like talksport pray heed to TV pundits. They make and take their views from what they and the fans around them see.

Sir Alf 12:42 Wed Oct 25
Re: What is our identity right now?
Same old West Ham... a yoyo club

Next level my arse !

We were conned or at best sold false promises but until the fans turn on us he owners vocally nothing will change

The other trigger for change would be the inability to sell out season tickets

Neither of these things will happen sadly

Northern Sold 11:39 Wed Oct 25
Re: What is our identity right now?
I dunno about West Ham LONDON... I think Brady should look to call us West Ham APATHY

Ayris 11:29 Wed Oct 25
Re: What is our identity right now?
Have a look at what happened to Leeds, they’ve had a number of shit owners who were fecking up the club, then eventually a lunatic Italian owner who changed managers every two days – however, he did manage to stabilise the finances, clear debts etc.. and buy back Elland Road, now sold to a new owner another Italian, who is slowly gaining the trust of the fans by communicating with them regularly and doing a lot of clever things, they may not come back up this year ; but they seem to be getting back playing decent football to what the fans expect and what they want from the legacy of their old days……compare that with the total screw up our lot have made and it puts it all into perspective….

HairyHammer 5:06 Wed Oct 25
Re: What is our identity right now?
Put it this way we are long past Ron Greenwood and John Lyall so that Identity is gone a bit like the dream in bubbles although that is not to say in bits and bobs the football is not decent .

Our Identity used to be for me anyway whatever the score however piss poor the performance I always felt the players every one of them cared for the club and us the fans, these days and for quite some time it has not been that way.
Money coming into football with the Premier league has been very average for most teams sadly West ham are one of those clubs that have not got a grip of things.
So with respect the identity without Upton Park is a new one whatever we want to believe it has no other way to go, it's up to the younguns, to be honest they are now the flag bearers the castle is gone too on that old flag we loved so much the Hammers remain so thank God for small mercies.

White Pony 4:05 Wed Oct 25
Re: What is our identity right now?
All this fucking hand wringing over a football team is really fucking embarrassing.

Alfs 3:12 Wed Oct 25
Re: What is our identity right now?
I was pro move to the OS, though admittedly I'm an armchair fan. I swallowed the bullshit that G & S fed us and expected, finally, greater things. And, in the first Bilic season it all seemed to be going to plan. Then...

Well, we all know. Then... never happened. Unless Then... meant putting little square pegs into ginormous round holes, under investment in the team and a board that puts personal profit above everything else.

The experience has been like marrying a virginal Kate Upton, then on your honeymoon night finding that she has a massive cock.

Like the virginal Kate, all along the board planned to fuck us up the arse.

I was planning to go and watch a few games at the OS this season but after the Carvalho debacle decided not to put a penny in those shysters pockets.

The club is a joke right now. And not a very funny one.

normannomates 2:51 Wed Oct 25
Re: What is our identity right now?
Silver surfer
Bilic wanted Arnie and Hernandez..and Tore..and Feghouli.
Reckon sullivan was involved in the rest...what a carry on

SilverSurfer 2:43 Wed Oct 25
Re: What is our identity right now?
As usual Billic will have had his hands tied, then blamed when it all goes to shit, I doubt if he had much of a say in our transfers.

normannomates 2:23 Wed Oct 25
Re: What is our identity right now?
A fan Base that has allowed this to happen..
1.you wanted the move

2.you allow it to continue

3.you will allow them to continue.

In summary..you're fucked..and deservedly so

gank 1:42 Wed Oct 25
Re: What is our identity right now?
It's the same as it ever was but with added sense if entitlement. Like Tottenham 10 years ago.

We're pathetic. Needs sorting out. The stadium move didn't help but we have loads more fans now and most of them are cunts.

Boycie 1:40 Wed Oct 25
Re: What is our identity right now?
we are a shithouse

Yarmouth 7:56 Mon Oct 23
Re: What is our identity right now?
Russ of the BML - another well said post mate

Yarmouth 7:54 Mon Oct 23
Re: What is our identity right now?
Branded - well said mate

Russ of the BML 4:50 Mon Oct 23
Re: What is our identity right now?
We have no current identity on the pitch. Off the pitch our identity is still very well known and respected.

Problem is many people I know now just go to have a few hours out the house and a few beers with the boys. Nothing wrong with that but it does breed complacency. You go 1 down and it's "Here we go again". Go 2 down and it's "I'm off down the pub" because, to be honest, that's the whole basis for going anyway. That's why when we go behind there's no fucking noise to push the boys on as most people have fucked off.

You have to start by reinventing the purpose of going. And to do that people genuinely need to go to be entertained. People need to want to stay in the ground. They have to have something to stay for.

The new breed of fans and future generations will not come in their numbers if we keep being shit and dollying around in the bottom six.

These are dangerous times for West Ham. The move raised expectation. Not to the extent that we are going to win the league but the fans want to see more investment, better players and a genuinely decent squad that will excite and make the fans proud.

The longer the shit drags on the worse it will get and the club can't afford to keep squandering season after season as they will end up with a maximum home support of about 20k in the bowl.

steveiron64 3:48 Mon Oct 23
Re: What is our identity right now?
BRANDED - well said.

BRANDED 3:45 Mon Oct 23
Re: What is our identity right now?
Its mostly about a culture. All budinesses have a culture which is driven by the people at the top. Older fans see through bullshit marketing but are desperate for the team they love to do well. Younger fans will buy the marketing but are confused by failure.

Our culture is marketing over a sound footballing culture.

What we need is a footballing culture.

It needs to start from a long term view on football as entertainment by players who respect the fans and fans who respect the players. After that everything slots into place.

steveiron64 3:37 Mon Oct 23
Re: What is our identity right now?
A great question.

I used to see us as flowing football, play through midfield, notoriously suspect defending (especially away) but recently much better.

Now? Brighton summed us up, for me, for quite a while. No apparent strategy, very little movement, individuals not a team. Not the West Ham I used to know.

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