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Texas Iron 6:32 Wed Nov 15


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Pancho 7:03 Wed Nov 15
Re: Untitled
Isn’t it about time you went gently into that dark night?

You stupid geriatric cunt.

gph 6:50 Wed Nov 15
Re: Untitled
Someone should help these ultra-religious types out.

Put a loop of fishing wire around the North Pole, and declare the North Pole to be outside the World Eruv.

Then they can push wheelchairs to their hearts' content anywhere except inside a region too small to get a wheelchair in.

Claret Badger 6:45 Wed Nov 15
Re: Untitled
*pulls mong face*

Lee Trundle 6:34 Wed Nov 15
Re: Untitled
One of your finest this, Tex.

And this story is almost a year old!

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