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selecta 10:59 Sun Nov 19
Poor Arnie...
Such a shocking injury, full on body twitching, almost David Busst level!

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Any Old Iron 12:04 Wed Nov 22
Re: Poor Arnie...
No break. The scan showed only bruising.
Just shows what a fucking tart the bloke is for such a massive over-reaction.

franksfat&slow&wank 6:14 Tue Nov 21
Re: Poor Arnie...
was playing decent tbh imo

seemed up for it whereas others just simply looked not good enough despite trying

kouyate I would walk to even china to get rid, blokes been shit for 2 years

Obiang cant pass wind

neilalex 5:49 Tue Nov 21
Re: Poor Arnie...
I thought he was playing ok prior to coming off, and certainly looked up for it. If his head and fitness are right I think he could be decent for us. He seemed one of the few with some energy on Sunday.

I've had the misfortune to dislocate a thumb and it does hurt like fuck. Nearly 40 years on I can remember coming off a moped and doing it, and the sheer pain of it, traipsing down A&E. But I don't think it warranted that thrashing about. He looked like he'd stuck his hand in a light socket.

Krap not Pu 11:42 Tue Nov 21
Re: Poor Arnie...
woeful lack of a tackle cost us the first goal...missed an absolute sitter....set a gilt edged chance up.Don't get a lot for £25 mil it seems these days.

chim chim cha boo 9:25 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...
Some seriously strange cunts on here.

Have none of you ever hurt yourselves? I've only got to stub my arthritic toe and I'm hopping round the room shouting every swearword I can think of.

I knew he'd really hurt himself when you could see him involuntarily kicking the grass. Weirdly, when you REALLY break something like your tibia and fibular (like David Busst and also unfortunately me) it hardly hurts at all.

Say what you like about Arnie (and fucking hell you do) but to me he was the least shit West Ham player out there yesterday and I'm sure he can take a few knocks. As someone else said when they moved him off the pitch he could be quite easily be heard asking Moyes not to sub him.

Tomshardware 9:06 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...
Yesterday was first time he's looked decent, he was at least trying and got involved in the game.

simon.s 8:23 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...
It probably was his best game

But let’s be honest, he hardly set the world alight. Looked a bit more committed, moved a bit quicker, found his man on a few occasions (shock horror).

He’s our most expensive player by some distance. It’s a shame the effort wasn’t there for the Manager who signed him in the first place.

cambsiron 8:15 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...
Dislocations will hurt like hell and the look of the thing would be enough to shock anyone into the type of reaction he gave.

I like Arnie. At least it looks like it matters to him. He's very strong and looks like he has ability. Just need him to be playing is a cohesive team where he can do some good. Ummmm

Shinguard 5:43 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...
Also unlucky not to get an assist when Kouyate blazed over and a goal after Gomes mage a great double save. Needs to get more involved but probably his best game so far.

El Scorchio 4:49 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...
For all my slagging off of his performances, he tried to tell the bench he didn't want to come off yesterday.

There's been a lot to criticise with him this season, but the legitimacy of this injury and his attitude to want to get back on the field afterward cannot be argued against.

Gaffer58 4:47 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...
If it had been a rugby game they would have just splashed some water on it and the player would have carried on, he's a footballer so doesn't need a thumb to play, wimp.

El Scorchio 1:32 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...
Stop it with the ridiculous conspiracy theories.

COOL HAND LUKE 1:31 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...

Yeah... it was so bad, it took him a good five seconds to decide which hand was injured...

It didn't require all those acrobatics, that's for sure.

El Scorchio 1:27 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...
If it's only a thumb, then you'd hope he'll be back in a week or two. Regardless of how he's playing, we need everyone fit and available.

Dr Moose 1:25 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...
Ronald_antly 1:54 Mon Nov 20

He's going to be, as he's one of the first out the door in Jan to raise funds. He probably realises that he wont get a move to a top 6 side based on his performances so far.

Percy Dalton 1:17 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...
An acting career beckons I hear they're making Saving Private Ryan 2 Just a thought.

Westham67 4:17 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...
He broke his thumb, but when he was flapping around like a grounded fish I thought he'd snapped his shin

nychammer 3:01 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...
Half the squad need a taser gun shoved up their arses.

icwhs 2:58 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...
Was shown here in another angle, his thumb was out of socket bent backwards, looked,like ir hurt a lot..

First West Ham medic on bent it back in place..

Takashi Miike 2:55 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...
the way he was shaking I thought someone had shoved a taser gun up his arse

claret on my shirt 2:39 Mon Nov 20
Re: Poor Arnie...
broken thumb, not sure why he was flipping his legs, guess the pain must have from his thumb all the way down to his toes!

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