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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

swindon hammer 11:10 Wed Nov 29
RIP West Ham Utd
Bye Bye

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Westham67 3:11 Fri Dec 1
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
Pulling pants up and getting on with it time. Fuck all the shit from others clubs "Supporters " I'm West Ham and proud of it

Lily Hammer 2:44 Fri Dec 1
Re: RIP West Ham Utd

Are WE not still here?

The we live on.


theaxeman 1:47 Fri Dec 1
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
My old man is 82 been west ham all his life and is a season ticket holder, said to me today he didn't want to go anymore even though he has paid for his ticket and I quote 'this ain't west ham anymore'. He sounded really dejected because it means a lot.

Club killing cunts

Johnson 1:32 Fri Dec 1
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
Brown tried to get involved properly and help fund development so it suited us, as did the Icelandics.

BERKS Inc are quoted saying they always wanted to rent it.

These cunts are the worst owners we’ve ever had by far.

Takashi Miike 1:19 Fri Dec 1
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
*was there*

Takashi Miike 1:19 Fri Dec 1
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
neilalex, I'm not sure if the same option was the in Brown's days that he wouldn't have hesitated to do the exact same thing as these cunts. they're all cut from the same cloth

mike hunt 1:15 Fri Dec 1
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
we are fucking council tenants

JAC 1:04 Fri Dec 1
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
Nelialex...I guess you are right.....I give up...its only taken me 44 years or so to seet he light.I give up....Im done.


Arko 1:02 Fri Dec 1
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
The problem with alienating your loyal traditional football fans, driving them away from the club and the game is that once they're gone they won't return.
The only way to truly establish a global brand is to have a fantastic product, in our case a team with great players, winning games, fighting for trophies.

IF you continue to spend next to nowt your product will suffer and your global brand fans will switch to a more exciting brand.
Who will buy tickets and support the club then ?
IF you drive away fans and replace them with customers you need to spend a lot of money to keep the customers entertained and happy.

I doubt the board are capable to keep customers or fans happy.

neilalex 12:47 Fri Dec 1
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
The irony JAC is that they don't actually want blokes like you. This is a heart and soul battle, an existential thing. Brown etc was simply money. He didn't want to fundamentally alter the nature of the football club, and most importantly its fanbase. These people do. This is about what West Ham becomes and looks like going forwards.

ChesterRd 12:43 Fri Dec 1
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
LOL! Yes there is always one idiot who comes out with the classic go and support Spurs or Chelsea shit.... to people who were up at Everton last night and will be up at City on Sunday.

The whole point is this is not WEST HAM. Wake up you fucking mug.

JAC 12:33 Fri Dec 1
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
Yes its shit,yes its embarrassing,yes even Millwall are laughing,get a backbone u cunts....its WEST HAM.....or lets just bitch about the stadium etc.

Move on and try to support the team.

Keep the (blind) faith.Or support chelsea/Spurs

ChesterRd 12:19 Fri Dec 1
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
Anyone who thinks this is just like the shit we've had in the past has their head in the sand.

The Stoat 12:04 Fri Dec 1
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
swindon hammer 11:29 Wed Nov 29

God help us if we do :-(

Any Old Iron 11:34 Thu Nov 30
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
Unfortunately I've lived through all our previous relegation struggles but I don't remember ever feeling as rsigned to us going down at this stage of the season as I do this time. Not even when we were led by the totally incompetent Grant.

But it's not just the fear of relegation that depresses me, but the fact that this time it will be accompanied with the prospect of playing Championship football in a half-empty athletics bowl.

So in terms of what the club meant to me up until May 2015
it does feel as though the club is now slowly dying.

joyo 8:00 Thu Nov 30
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
Only third of season gone,don't chuck the towel in yet!Any three of bottom ten could go down!
We are shit but still along way from RIP

franksfat&slow&wank 10:34 Thu Nov 30
Re: RIP West Ham Utd

not ott imo
never felt this low before tbh

pulhampete 9:43 Thu Nov 30
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
Sydney - yes we've all seen worse teams with equally appalling managers, but at least we saw it in a proper ground with a proper atmosphere.
These cunts have sold us down the river.

I don't go to every home game but when I do it costs me the best part of 200 quid with travel for me and my lad. Well fuck 'em, not a penny more shall I give to those cunts.

Johnson 7:26 Thu Nov 30
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
Our cheapest home ST is £589 for 2 seasons Billy.

Sydney_Iron 5:05 Thu Nov 30
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
Bit OTT isnt it?

Its hardly the first time this sort of thing has happened is it? remember Uncle Avram or Glen Roeder, and lets not forget how Terry Brown Raped and pillaged..........and a whole lot of shit in between at times, how long was the Walrus in charge!.

Fucking soul destroying at times i will give you that but RIP???? do grow up.

Westham67 4:34 Thu Nov 30
Re: RIP West Ham Utd
Never RIP for me

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