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northbankboy68 11:38 Wed Nov 29
Team for Man City
Perm any 11 from 30

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Mex Martillo 7:12 Tue Dec 5
Re: Team for Man City
I was looking at the heat maps from the game and it looks like we played like this

Zabaletta Rice Ogbonna Cresswell
Fernandes Obiang Masuaku
Kouyate Lanzini

Kind of interesting that Moyes is determined to have Kouyate playing “foward” to both break up play and attack

Willtell 12:44 Sun Dec 3
Re: Team for Man City
Reid was doubtful and out according to Twitter report. Noble injured too...

J.Riddle 1:46 Sun Dec 3
Re: Team for Man City
I agree that Nordtveit was never replaced, should have been Calvalho but that was all spin by the 2bobs. Nordveit had a excellent game v Everton at home then I think the buffoon Bilic dropped him. We are clutching at straws though as he was rubbish in all the other games he played, Spurs away?

He was one of a gazillion dog shit signings made by our director of football and his yes man manager over the past 2.5 years. Payet was a pure fluke and even that honeymoon was over before it got started.

clem132 1:43 Sun Dec 3
Re: Team for Man City





Trott, Fernandes, Obiang, Arnie, Martinez, Quina, Cresswell

skunklauncher 1:24 Sun Dec 3
Re: Team for Man City
I quite like these two but I think it might not matter.



moorethanjustananon 11:59 Sat Dec 2
Re: Team for Man City
Zabaletta Kouyate Rice Ogbonna Cresswell
Antonio Obiang Lanzini Arnautovic

AVOR 11:53 Sat Dec 2
Re: Team for Man City
If carroll is injured again Ayew slightly behind...

AVOR 11:51 Sat Dec 2
Re: Team for Man City

claret on my shirt 11:20 Sat Dec 2
Re: Team for Man City
I use William Hill and had a look at the odds on us tomorrow, 22-1 to win, in about 20 years of betting i don't think i have ever seen odds that high for a premierhsip game

Keep dreaming 6:56 Sat Dec 2
Re: Team for Man City


Vexed 12:22 Sat Dec 2
Re: Team for Man City
I forgot about Zab. One of the few with decent attitude, shame he's shit now.

brick_lane_batty_boy 12:18 Sat Dec 2
Re: Team for Man City
10 nil city is 301/1

Definitely worth a fiver

Sir Alf 12:08 Sat Dec 2
Re: Team for Man City
terry-h 11:21 Fri Dec 1

The mind of the Dildos is something I do not want to see or know about :-)

They do not see what is happening their vision is masked by the pound note signs constantly in their eyes.

Always amazes me why multi millionaires and billionaires want more and more money. Especially old ones. They ain't gonna spend it ( as we know). I suppose its about power and feeling good about yourself if like little Dave you have spent your life feeling small as well as looking small.

Anyway back to the team:

Vexed team as good as any. Although the one with Zab in midfield might be worth a try as there are literally no options. Zab and Noble. They would be slow but at least try.

Vexed 11:24 Fri Dec 1
Re: Team for Man City

---------Kouyate -------Rice----------Oguseless

Fucking horrendous. Negative as fuck. Options minimal.

Cheers dildos 1 and 2, fat Slag and Swan eating cunt.

terry-h 11:21 Fri Dec 1
Re: Team for Man City
Sir Alf 11:00

" sold the Turk"

You mean " sold the Algerian to some crap Turkish side."

I know Sir Alf, it's getting late and we are all confused at what's going on in the mind of the two dildo brothers.

Vexed 11:17 Fri Dec 1
Re: Team for Man City
I'd be packing out that midfield and praying for a set piece up the other end.

Jose+ 11:04 Fri Dec 1
Re: Team for Man City
We've conceded 8 goals in a game once in our history and twice lost by 7 goals to 0.

I predict all records are about to be broken.

Sir Alf 11:00 Fri Dec 1
Re: Team for Man City
Not that nordtveit was any good but we did not replace in the squad. We loaned out Snoddy ad sold the Turk. None replaced.

Sir Alf 10:59 Fri Dec 1
Re: Team for Man City
Centre mid is the area of most concern and has been for some time. Centre backs the next issue although Rice might be better than Reid against the tricky City forwards whereas Reid would be better against bigger, physical players or aerial threats.

The central midfield squad options:
Noble, Obiang, Fernandes, Kouyate.

Therein for me lies the biggest problem we have and have had for some time. There was a blind spot . We sold Nordtveit and did not replace.

Stubbo 10:40 Fri Dec 1
Re: Team for Man City

---Kouyate Rice Ogbonna

Antonio Zabaleta Lanzini Cresswell

Arnautovic Sakho Masuaku

We need to do something to change it up. Get the two Argies in centre mid. Brute force down the right with Arnie and Antonio. Sakho the nut case leading the line. Masuaku has to play to try and keep pace with their right hand side. And just hope Adrian has a worldie.

terry-h 9:46 Fri Dec 1
Re: Team for Man City
With Reid highly doubtful and Collins and Fonte out, we are left with the dodgy Ogbonna and inexperienced Rice at CB.
We have a midfield that won't be able to live with Man C and a powder puff attack probably led by the mentally unhinged Sakho.

If the home city take pity on us, we might escape with a defeat similar to the one inflicted two nights ago.
Could be more embarrassing though.

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