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madeeasy 12:01 Mon Dec 4
Ex WIves and kids

I know a few have been through it and a few are going through it and that it isn't easy in a lot of cases.

I have been fighting for 3 years so far and i will continue to do so.

However today i got a little bit of good news and can take my boys skiing in February for their first holiday with me since we split. It took me 18 months to even get overnight contact where her and her solicitor have played every trick in the book to stop all contact.

Anyway the Judge a few weeks ago wasn't happy to say the least that we were in front of her and made us go to mediation, which was a waste of time and we got nowhere. The judge threatened to get social services involved and remove the kids due to the mental harm mum is doing to them.

Anyway after me threatening to go back before the judge with an emergency application she has emailed today saying i can have them.

Still along fight and wont be the end but today is a day where i have won rather than come away frustrated again, my boys are going to be so excited.

So a little message for all dad's, keep fighting i know its hard and we feel like murdering, i have planned a beauty btw if you want tips, but don't do it just do the right thing and keep fighting for those kids as they know what we do.

I would also like to thank the other whoer's who i have never messaged before on here or any of the post's but have taken the time to send me messages in the past and help keep my head straight. They really were appreciated.

Keep fighting for your kids, you do get there, don't ever give up.

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madeeasy 4:26 Wed Dec 6
Re: Ex WIves and kids
haha Hatred I can't possibly divulge.

It just wasn't going to be quick and painless though...!

Leonard Hatred 3:25 Wed Dec 6
Re: Ex WIves and kids
What was this murder plan then?

Just out of curiosity.

Whomail me.

madeeasy 3:21 Wed Dec 6
Re: Ex WIves and kids
Charley. the main thing is mothers do not want a father to have a relationship with the dad.

If there was a 50 50 from day one and that be the law then the parents would have to sit down and sort anything different. if of course there were reasons why that shouldn't happen then it should be in front of a judge within 14 days.

Cafcass having 14 weeks and mothers being allowed to put things off and put things off is simply wrong but the courts allow it.

Fathers for Justice have a 10 point charter which they want implemented which isn't that bad on the face of it. I have no idea why the laws in this country are so archaic and anti father.

As i say its taken me 3 years just to get to this point. kids aren't kids for young and that's a large part of their life she has kept me out of. Its wrong.

charleyfarley 2:53 Wed Dec 6
Re: Ex WIves and kids
Well done madeasy sounds like a nightmare, we need to catch up in this country i believe in the USA a father has as much right to visits custody etc; providing he hasn't done anything bad.

madeeasy 1:11 Wed Dec 6
Re: Ex WIves and kids
Hammer n nails.

2 things. one where you are now living i'm guessing doesn't have a load of sports channels so you don't have to have the emotional abuse of watching west ham on Saturday.

secondly you're now living in a houseful of fit american uni students. can we have a link please. just don't let your daughter catch you with too many of her mates, but i'm sure they will offer a shoulder to cry on...

Joking aside hope it works out for you mate. keep your head straight and do not put yourself in a position where you can be accused again, have someone with you or video it. i had to do this for all pick up and drop offs for a few months due to the ex wife going to the police with lies.

Hammer-n-nails 11:34 Tue Dec 5
Re: Ex WIves and kids
Got arrested and charged with spousal assault last night after crazy bitch of recently seperated wife claimed I had attacked her.
Being in Canada the system is totally different to UK.
You are basically guilty the moment an allegation is made and the it is up to you to prove your innocence.
I was given a court date and immediately banned returning to my home or the family pubs and contacting her or my youngest son.
I am effectively homeless , now crashed on basement floor of daughters university rental ! Fucking unbelievable !
All from bullshit story .
Quoted $2-5k legal fee to fight it. And unlikely ever to get my house back !

claret on my shirt 2:16 Tue Dec 5
Re: Ex WIves and kids
Went thru it years ago, but we get on pretty well now my son is older, all i'll say is yes we suffer and yes we get so caught up in it all we forget how much it hurts the kids. BUT every dad has a right to see his kids and our society believes in a world were every one is shouting for female rights us fathers should still be treated like shit.

I don't know you but congrats and i hope you and the kids have a great time.

Pagey 12:45 Tue Dec 5
Re: Ex WIves and kids
Without sounding like a prick, don’t be surprised if she lets you pay for the holiday and then stops the kids from going. It’s what the psycho bitter twisted mental nut jobs do.

I really hope that it’s just coming to a peaceful conclusion for you, but in my experience bitter women are capable of doing absolutely anything and everything.

Jim C 9:23 Mon Dec 4
Re: Ex WIves and kids
I do not rememebr reading this before and have never met you mad but a genuine massive congratulations. I have not been through it personally but a good mate of mine has so I understand how heart breaking it is. It's outrageous that some women do this and get away with it.

I of course know that some men are total arseholes and/or are a danger to their kids who do not deserve to see them. Apart from that every dad has a right to see their children and as some have pointed out already, if they have a loving and caring father then it is important for the childs well being that they have that relationship.

Have a fantastic ski trip.

Mart O 9:05 Mon Dec 4
Re: Ex WIves and kids
She likes a good ride, for sure ;-)

Infidel 9:02 Mon Dec 4
Re: Ex WIves and kids
Does your ex-wife like going to the funfair?

madeeasy 5:00 Mon Dec 4
Re: Ex WIves and kids
Infidel can you play tennis?

Infidel 4:51 Mon Dec 4
Re: Ex WIves and kids

Watch the film 'Strangers On A Train'.

Just for entertainment and relaxation you understand.

Not for any other reason.

FrancoisVanDerElst 4:22 Mon Dec 4
Re: Ex WIves and kids

FrancoisVanDerElst 4:14 Mon Dec 4
Re: Ex WIves and kids
That's great news mate dead things are moving forward

Nutsin 3:17 Mon Dec 4
Re: Ex WIves and kids
I have an ex who is a total cunt! Luckily she has a social calendar that is more important to her than our kids. So she has them Mon, Tue, Wed evenings, I have them every other night and all weekend. Makes it hard for me to get my nutsin but I love hanging out with my boys.
Anyway, glad to hear your news pal. The memories your kids will have of you on holiday will become some of the most important memories in their life! Enjoy and good luck to you!

madeeasy 3:13 Mon Dec 4
Re: Ex WIves and kids
Lily, yes that's right i did have a boy in hospital a couple of years back. Good memory. Lily I marginally have more warmth in my feelings for Moyes than my ex wife,although not a lot i must admit.....!

Garth i forgot to add that we had interim orders in place during this process and she broke those orders and admitted to breaking them in court. However she wasn't punished. The magistrates, just told her not to do it again.

The magistrates have been worse than useless, that's why this time i have pushed for a District Judge and she really isn't taking any shit.

That's why she is starting to play ball as the Judge threatened all sorts to her.

Sniper 2:59 Mon Dec 4
Re: Ex WIves and kids
Really pleased for you mate, that's great news

Women should not be allowed to get away with some of the shit they do in these circumstances - and they can be just as terrible as a parent as dads can. It's such a waste of courts time and money unnecessarily sending stuff like this through courts, not to mention the damage it inevitably does to the children involved, all for the sake of being petty.

Hope you have a fantastic time away - wouldn't blame you for not coming back!!!

Swt of course

Lily Hammer 2:52 Mon Dec 4
Re: Ex WIves and kids
All this after you did a lot of good work a couple of years back for one of your kids who was sick, if I remember correctly, FFS.

Glad you've had a bit of a result, mate.

Now, will this put you in a better mood and make you feel a little more charitable towards the manager's tough task?


Garth Algar 2:34 Mon Dec 4
Re: Ex WIves and kids
Why on earth have these false allegations gone unpunished?

There are at least two reports where the children have been proven to be unharmed in spite of her allegations.

She must be very confident in your good nature is all I can say.

LeroysBoots 2:14 Mon Dec 4
Re: Ex WIves and kids
It staggers me that women can be so selfish in these situations.

The only people being hurt are the children

I've been there, done it with my kids, luckily for me my ex was only too willing for me to have them.

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