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madeeasy 4:03 Tue Dec 5
Who are your favourite comedians.

Been to see a few this year and its interesting how some people really like some and hate others.

Micky Flannagan was good live.

Glee club are good nights out with a decent variety.

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Swiss. 12:20 Thu Dec 7
Re: Comedians
Big fan of Bill Hicks.

cheeses cruyf 11:29 Thu Dec 7
Re: Comedians
Don't know if she's funny or not but I'd love a go on Aisling Bea

arsene york-hunt 3:42 Thu Dec 7
Re: Comedians
Robin fucking Williams funny? Your having a laugh.

The only time I laughed with anything involving him was when he was playing a DJ with verbal diarrhoea in some Vietnam war film. The senior officer listened to him for a few seconds and then said "Shut your fucking hole". a sentiment I entirely agreed with.

claret on my shirt 1:50 Thu Dec 7
Re: Comedians
I find David Sullivan very unfunny!

Babelman 1:27 Thu Dec 7
Re: Comedians
Robin Williams then Billy Connoly

nerd 10:56 Wed Dec 6
Re: Comedians
I like loads already mentioned. Has anyone said john Moloney
Seen him live a number of times and he has been excellent every time.

Far Cough 10:21 Wed Dec 6
Re: Comedians
Robin Williams was superb but I feel his lightning delivery was too fast for most people, you would sometimes get his point long after

Bungo 10:09 Wed Dec 6
Re: Comedians
neilalex 5:50 Tue Dec 5

I agree. Saw him at The Comedy Store years ago when it was in a basement off Leicester Square.

I remember standing with a drink near the door, eavesdropping while he had to convince the doorman to let him in as he was on the bill, and the doorman didn't recognise him.

Alan Davies was on the bill that night too.

Going to see Stewart Lee in January. Didn't really 'get' him for years but do now.

Takashi Miike 9:53 Wed Dec 6
Re: Comedians

Northern Sold 8:54 Wed Dec 6
Re: Comedians
Ones I love watching on TV

Chris Rock
Eddie Murphy
Richard Prior
Amy Schumer
Lisa Lampaneli
Sarah Silverman
Jeffrey Ross

Ones I have actually seen live...

Billy Connolly
Lee Evans
Billy Connolly
Russell Kane

Unfunniest cringe fest ever

Frankie Boyle.... he actually went off to muffled silence

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 8:49 Wed Dec 6
Re: Comedians
Any 'comedians' who do right-on or political stuff can go fuck themselves. Including American ones. Especially dead American ones. And women. And most especially of all Jeremy Hardy.

mike hunt 8:04 Wed Dec 6
Re: Comedians
any mentions dennis leary? i cant be arsed to scroll back
jim jeffries
sean lock
lee mack
bill hicks
louis ck.
not in any specific order
so many more that i cant be bothered to think of

Gavros 5:47 Wed Dec 6
Re: Comedians
i went to the BOAT Show Comedy club on the tattershall castle a while back and saw Paul Tomlinson and Lee Mack. Both surprisingly very good. Tomlinson slayed a few poor bastards in the audience.

Grumpster 5:44 Wed Dec 6
Re: Comedians
Saw Omid Djallili a few weeks ago actually where he was trying out some new gags at the Backyard Club.

Cracked me up, loved him.

Basically the Backyard is the only place I ever go, as it's free to get in generally on a Thursday (always people giving tickets away in London) and is easy to get back home from after.

See some excellent acts in there and some utter gash, who are normally women. For some reason, that sex are mainly unfunny.

HairyHammer 5:05 Wed Dec 6
Re: Comedians
Pryor Robin Williams, Carlin, Hicks, Ken Dodd Chapelle Wanda Sykes Chris Rock Omid djalilli .

I did enjoy Bernard Manning his timing was second to none the fat racist bastard Jim Davidson made me laugh too.

The terrible thing is that women are not too prominent in my lists Joan Rivers was funny a long time ago too.

Claret Badger 4:33 Wed Dec 6
Re: Comedians
Jarrord Carmichael
Bill Burr
Jim Jefferies
Doug Stanhope

Mitch Hedberg
Bill Hicks
Richard Pryor
Louis C K

arsegrapes 3:52 Wed Dec 6
Re: Comedians
Jimmy Jones, Jim Davidson

Mad Dog 12:03 Wed Dec 6
Re: Comedians
Saw romesh ranganathan a couple times. He's pretty good live too

Mad Dog 11:59 Tue Dec 5
Re: Comedians
Nerd. agree the gun control thing is brilliant

Mad Dog 11:58 Tue Dec 5
Re: Comedians
Gary Delaney is fucking superb live. Probably my favourite these days.

Used to like Stewart Francis (the canadian one) but he's not changed his act in years.

Data o Brian superb live, as are micky Flanagan, Sean lock and Tim vine

Vexed 11:42 Tue Dec 5
Re: Comedians
Paul Foot is a genius. I just don't know why he's not more famous.

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